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Hi everybody how’s it going? Welcome back to GTA San Andreas and our 100% playthrough
where today we will be taking on the
first of the Wang Cars missions which is
called Zeroing In and you can also see
our finally updated CJ’s clothes after
well way too long. We were in the car valet uniform.
I’ve finally changed it up a bit now
that we’re back in San Fierro and yeah
we’re gonna go ahead and do this. We have to buy this for $50,000 which is you
know a lot a lot of our money but we’ve
got the property and it will generate
money for us eventually. Property bought
and now we can take on the first mission
here you may remember we actually
unlocked this quite a while ago with
Caesar but we are we’re going to do
these missions. We’re going to see worse
like I think we actually go back to our
garage to start the first one but now
that we’ve got it we can do it and these
are if you’re just playing through the
game just to play the story they’re
optional if you’re trying to get a
hundred percent then you have to do it
yeah this is zeroing in the first in a
set of missions for Caesar and Wenger
cause all about worthless lives want to
get in this was supposed to be a foot on
the ladder we were gonna make this place
work hey it might look like we playing
cars but we actually plan it don’t worry
sweet baby
we’re about to go get our first project
at last it works what works oh just a
simple bit of electronic wizardry and
intellectual bombast that hacks into the
state-of-the-art satellite
immobilization technology on board our
target vehicle I don’t know what he just
said put his song yes it’s odd
wait what’s on
it’s all we’re gonna see we’ve got to
get ourselves a car cellphone signals
each time she makes a call it will give
you the new location you have to stay
close if you’re going to get an updated
position though okay so that’s the
target car Michelle good look and see
and that’s the car we’ve got a going gap
so we can’t let the trail go cold so
you’ve got to stay within sight to some
extent we’ve got to keep going to the
red areas use the pit technique from the
driving school so you take the car out
which we’ll do eventually
go next location and basically it’s a
case to follow in these markers until we
find the car which is quite good because
actually is going to do a little bit of
work for our driving skill level which
we will need for some of this stadium
races and also some of the street races
as well so doing this is going to be
beneficial for two reasons it’s going to
give us some of our percentage idiot and
it’s gonna give us some driving skill as
well so definitely worth doing and who
makes this many phone calls in this
short space of time as well I don’t know
maybe people do I’ve never really be one
been one for talking on the phone and
we’re often sort of texting and talking
in person person but you know each to
their own and all that there’s the car
I already see it so we’ve got to use the
pit technique which you might remember
is the one in the driving school where
we had to take out the police car or we
were in the police car we had to take
out the other car
I can’t remember exactly the details of
it this woman drives really fast it
turns out
but it’d be nice if I could have chosen
a car
via basically for a crash into the back
but every policeman flip her back end
and spin her out of control that’s what
we’ve got to do where’d she go geez
she’s driving like a maniac
oh really
hi it’s very annoyed
come on land we need to get a bit of an
open road I think that’s where we’re
struggling here
wait whoa slow down there some noise
okay now we’re on a bit of an open road
hopefully we’ll be able to get a bit of
a run up there oops don’t tip my car
over goodness sake do I have to be in my
car no I don’t think we’d make another
one but there’s not another one here oh
why game she’s gonna disappear now I
know it’s going cold turned my flippin
car over geez
Cave caught for a lot quicker this time
hopefully do this
and I’m trying to keep the backend
it’s difficult though on these windy
little streets there we go that’ll do we
didn’t do that perfectly out sleeper we
got the car and that’s the main thing
let’s drive it back to the garage in San
Piero it means a bit bashed up but
nevermind least we didn’t destroy our
own car again which could have been
horrible and quite annoyed
see yeah let’s get this back to Caesar
and the garage and then we can complete
this mission
so here we go we’re nearly there now
final Street boom we can patch it up I’m
sure take it to a pay and spray or do it
you can now modify Street racing cars at
this mud shop in Ocean flats the cars
you still for the garage business can be
found in one cars showroom so any cars
that we Nick we can actually use those a
street racing modify them and turn them
into really cool racer cars so that’s
another reason for doing this for when
we do the street races later on but that
does it for this one guys so let’s look
up some pitch you’re up to forty eight
point one three percent nearly at that
fifty percent mark now maybe another
couple of videos I guess it would be at
fifty percent so guys as a waste thank
you very much for watching if you
enjoyed the video click on that like
button it really does help the channel
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haven’t already done so and I’ll see you
all next time

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  1. They're going to have to salt the earth wherever they burn your old clothes :X 3.15 pedestrian panics at passing car and dives onto road. Solid logic o_O Mass phonecall spam is more of a teenage girl thing. 4.11 girl even shouted "watch out!" before diving in front of your car hah. The police at 4.46 watched that go down and were totally unbothered.

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