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Before he had cookies or an island or a….universal gravitation, Before he even had his own story, he was just…Yoshi. Today on Ninchronicles, we’re going to take
a look at Yoshi. Yoshi is a puzzle game that had a dual release
for the NES and Game Boy. It originally came out near the end of 1991
in Japan under the name Yoshi’s Egg, then a couple months later it came out here in
America as simply Yoshi. Then a couple months after THAT it came out
in Europe retitled as Mario & Yoshi. Got all that so far? Good. Yoshi stars Yoshi, uh…wait I mean it stars Mario & Yoshi, I mean it stars Yoshi’s Egg? *sigh* This isn’t working out is it? Anyway… The game stars Mario’s pal Yoshi who had only just debuted in Super Mario World a year and a half earlier. You might be surprised to learn that this
is an early title from Game Freak. That’s right, the Pokemon people! Well I guess you could say this game is about
Mario catching monsters. Goombas, Piranha Plants, Boos, and Bloopers fall from the top and land on one of these trays at the bottom. This is where you come in. Mario can flip the trays around to try and make a match. Sometimes it takes a while
before the right pair shows up and that’s when you start
having to manage what’s on your trays. There is a quick way to take care of that. Sandwich a bunch of enemies between some egg
shells and Yoshi appears! I dont think this is how Yoshis are born…. The more enemies you stuff in an egg, the
bigger the Yoshi is! I really don’t think you can hatch from
an egg as an adult…. The bottom half of the egg is treated
just like any other game piece, but the top half cracks if there’s no bottom waiting for it. Alright that’s the basics of the game down. Let’s take a look at the modes. A-type is an endless game. You keep going and going until you hit Game Over. If you manage to hatch at least 10 eggs
before you get a Game Over, a bonus chance appears! Hit A right when these eggs hatch
to make a Yoshi pop out! The better your timing, the bigger the Yoshi. If you miss, then something else from the Mario series will show up. Hey, Bob-ombs?
I didn’t know you guys were in this game! B-type is split up into levels. Clear the screen to get yourself a win. In between levels, you get a nice little cutscene
of Yoshi eating something for bonus points. This changes between levels too and will give
you more points as the game goes on. There’s also some other settings you can
fiddle with when you start up the game as was common with Nintendo puzzlers at the time. You can adjust the speed of the falling characters
and pick one of three tunes to listen to while you play. Personally, I’m a fan of the Star song. The level setting is different depending on
what mode you’re playing. In A-type it makes enemies fall faster, which if you already set the speed to high,
is gonna make things more difficult. In B-type you start out with larger stacks
of enemies. If you play these from the beginning,
you’ll hit these high levels eventually so it works if you want a challenge right off the bat. Finally, let’s look at the 2 player mode. Luigi gets to join in a versus match against Mario
to see who can clear the screen first. The first one to do it three times becomes the winner! “Oh no” is right, Mario. You better pull it together! If you trap a bunch of enemies between egg shells, they’ll be sent over to the opponent’s side as garbage blocks. Yeah! Take that, Luigi! Before you begin, each player can determine
the level and speed they want to start out with. So both of you can be on even ground or one
of you can adjust the challenge to your liking. Oh wait a minute! I’ve just been showing
NES footage the whole time haven’t I? Well, let’s look at the Game Boy version before we go. Released roughly the same time
as the home console game, this portable edition of Yoshi has a few differences. Notably the amount of stuff you can stack
on a tray has gone down from 8 to 7. On top of the tighter gameplay, this also
changes the Yoshi evolution chart a bit. Also the cutscene that plays when you clear
a level in B-type is a bit more plain. It just has Mario & Yoshi running around in THE VOID. You also won’t be sharing the same screen
in multiplayer, so to compensate there’s a counter on the side here showing how many
enemies you and your opponent have left. Otherwise it’s still pretty much the same game. If this puzzle game from the past
has piqued your interest, there are a number of options available
for you to grab it. At least if you want the NES version. Woah! That’s a big table. Hey you can even play it right now if you
have a Switch online subscription! The Game Boy version though has yet to see
a digital release, but I’m thinking you’re gonna want to
stick with the NES for this one. The larger playing field that allows for more
stacking is a pretty big point in it’s favor, I feel. Well, regardless of which version you pick up, I think we can all agree that this game raises far too many questions about Yoshi biology. Hmmmm…. Also if you manage to hatch
100 eggs before you get a Game Over, then Yoshi will do a little dance for you! Go Yoshi! Go!

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