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Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

if you want to get a frame rate hight can only set the frame on smooth Redmi Note 8 already has a gyroscope smooth settings with frame rates hight I found game play very, very
very very smooth yes guys 😂 without any obstacles the slightest lag what are you doing? Well Where are you ?
Where are you going ? I try to use Gyroscope what are you doing? KNOCK right !? oh yes, this is me and also record the screen, guys noob battery i think quite durable what statue is this? like free fire if there’s no free fire, there is also this what are you doing? aim me GG right? Hahaha rise up…. to the top of the mountain tall … tall … very … come on guys, let’s go up first I play on the cell phone guys yeah it’s natural, .. never play on cellphone usually only play on the emulator from the beginning playing PUBG I used to only play on the emulator TERJUN ….. hihoooo …. high oh yeah guys for the price of Rp.2 million hp is quite good because what’s improved isn’t just the quality of the camera for playing PUBG mobile smooth hight settings without the slightest obstacle if you search a handphone price of Rp. 2 million along with a decent camera spec there is no lag game either this is recommended wow how come guys stuck haha where else is the enemy? feel you come on .. come on … where are you? Where are you going ? Where are you ? just hit it get the chicken by hitting it where is the enemy Hey come here, hey i hit you a gunshot Wow, where are you going? Wow … where was that Come on, come here oh, there he is come here
come here
ignite you
what are you doing? i got chicken guys o’clock o’clock guys look at that !!!
CONGUEROR’s guys hahahahaha OK guys, that’s all the video review XIAOMI Redmi Note 8 is to play PUBG mobile wait for the next video guys for that please SUBSCRIBE and LIKE this video along also share with other friends See you at another time

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