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Yong Bin: Hello everyone Yong Bin: Today I’d picked up 4 most fun
arcades activities that Koreans enjoy nowadays Yong Bin: Then first, shall we go and enjoy the VR? Yong Bin: Hello Yong Bin: I’m here by myself for a VR play Yong Bin: I gotta pay for adult price, right? Staff: Yes Yong Bin: Okay, then I’ll get a free pass ticket Staff: It’s 29,000KRW Yong Bin: Okay Yong Bin: If I get a free pass ticket, this means that
I can try all the VR activities? Staff: Yes from 4th to 7th floor, you can enjoy
any game you’d like to play but within 3 hours Yong Bin: Okay Staff: Is this size okay for you? Yong Bin: Yeah It’s fine Staff: Please face forward and hold onto the handle.
Okay, here we go Yong Bin: Wait, I’m scared Yong Bin: What’s this? Yong Bin: Oh my, Yong Bin: Hi Yong Bin: Wow, it’s so high up here Yong Bin: Wait, is this going to drop me? Yong Bin: Oh I’m so dizzy Yong Bin: My heart rate is beating so fast Yong Bin: It keeps falling off when I wear that(VR) Yong Bin: So I think I need to check on this. Okay Yong Bin: Oh, this kinda makes me look lit Yong Bin: Oh my I’m so dizzy, it’s giving me a headache Yong Bin: What’s he talking about Staff: Okay the game ends here Yong Bin: Excuse me for a sec Yong Bin: My head is spinning so fast that
I can see that hundreds of stars Yong Bin: Okay Yong Bin: What is this Yong Bin: Wait, are you in my team? Yong Bin: Oh man, Yong Bin: Die Yong Bin: I thought VR was just for fun,
but it’s actually a workout Yong Bin: This really makes you sweat Yong Bin: Wait, I’m stucked in the elevator Yong Bin: it goes under 90th floors? Yong Bin: Yeah, VR is really good for diet Yong Bin: I think VR should be catagorized as a sport Yong Bin: Hey, don’t you have a grenade? Yong Bin: What’s this? What’s this game? Yong Bin: Wait, do I have to just walk? Yong Bin: What’s that? Is it an ant or a spider Yong Bin: Why’s this elevator not working Yong Bin: Oh it has an experience floor.
Oh no wait, it doesn’t Yong Bin: I think I got trapped. Someone said that
this game is just about picking up something Yong Bin: Hello Yong Bin: How do I pick up this call Yong Bin: Who’s it (x2) Yong Bin: Who pushed me Yong Bin: Did you push me director? Yong Bin: Did you…? I mean someone pushed me Staff: Yes…but it’s not me. Really Yong Bin: Not you? Staff: No, I didn’t Yong Bin: Okay, your eyes tell me the truth Yong Bin: Wait am I still alive? Yong Bin: Someone said that this game is
about picking things up Yong Bin: But instead of picking something up,
it seems I’m about to die… Yong Bin: Dying game (x2) Yong Bin: Oh wait, I have to clean this place up Yong Bin: Oh 1,000won. I have to pay
1,000won for the big size dolls Yong Bin: Actually, it’s always more fun to have
several trials when playing claw machine game Yong Bin: Will this work? Yong Bin: I need to stamp in doll’s forehead Yong Bin: Maybe this time, I’ll pull this side up Yong Bin: You know the skill, the skill where you
wrap over the legs and fall upside down Yong Bin: Oh man, Yong Bin: I got it Yong Bin: Everyone, you need to know that Yong Bin: You’ll get into this dilemma time when you
make too much investment on something Yong Bin: I got it. Really, this has to work Yong Bin: Hey, you’re Nana right? Yong Bin: I were able to meet you by paying 4,000won Yong Bin: I’ll try to break the highest score
of this game in front of Nana Yong Bin: I just realized that I have no power to
overcome the highest score Yong Bin: The thing about arcade game zone is that Yong Bin: I could play a match with the person
in front of me if I place this coin in Yong Bin: Since I haven’t played for a long time, I lost Yong Bin: Oh man, I used to be good at this game Yong Bin: With this 1,000won I will kill the vibe Yong Bin: Wait, I had a good start but Yong Bin: What the Yong Bin: Do I already have only 2 more bullets to go? Yong Bin: I mean, you know that a person
cannot be good at everything Yong Bin: I’m sorry. I’ll practice the shooting more
and come back next time Yong Bin: This is the PC room that I visit often Yong Bin: This PC room’s foods are so good Yong Bin: Look at all of these food visuals Yong Bin: There are a lot of PC rooms that
have delicious foods, Yong Bin: but this PC room also has a diverse menu Yong Bin: But for today, I must have ‘Iris hot dog combo’ Yong Bin: Since I love soccer so much, Yong Bin: I love to play soccer games too Yong Bin: Usually I make myself believe that
I’m the owner of the club and play the game Staff: Here’s your food Staff: Should I place this next to you? Yong Bin: No it’s okay. I’ll eat first Staff: Enjoy your meal Yong Bin: Thank you Yong Bin: Indeed, these kind of simple hot dogs
are the best to have in PC room Yong Bin: I cannot pick this up Yong Bin: Oh, it’s a shame Yong Bin: I don’t know why but I’m nervous Yong Bin: Oh? Hey! Yong Bin: I’m gonna win this match Yong Bin: Calm down (x2) Yong Bin: Turn it, take it, hit it Yong Bin: It’s a tie Yong Bin: Something just came up on my mind Yong Bin: There was an event going on our channel Yong Bin: to share thoughts about
what kind of things you’d like me to do Yong Bin: So I have read all the comments Yong Bin: And found comments with busking,
another busking Yong Bin: Bungy jumping? Yong Bin: Sing a song Yong Bin: Oh yeah and actually after playing at PC room,
I have to go somewhere Yong Bin: I believe the place that I’m planning to go
will let those people Yong Bin: who wanted me to go for busking
to be satisfied Yong Bin: And with the comments that you guys
have shared, I’ll try to challenge myself with fun contents Yong Bin: Call it as ‘Hon-Co-No’.
Which means going to Coin Karaoke Alone Yong Bin: This ain’t busking but through
my singing in this coin karaoke room, Yong Bin: I’d like to give some joy to you guys Yong Bin: 1,000won for 2 songs, 5,000won for 10 songs Yong Bin: Wait, this is just the same Yong Bin: (singing) Yong Bin: Cannot always make perfect score Yong Bin: It’s okay, this is good enough Yong Bin: It was my first time ever singing this song Yong Bin: Oh, I’m done Yong Bin: Finished Yong Bin: Then I’ll get a free pass ticket Staff: It’s 29,000KRW Yong Bin: Okay Staff: The card says you exceeded your credit limit… Yong Bin: Who’s card is this

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  1. I came here again to thank everyone behind inssaoppa and especially yongbin oppa for always making a way to make us happy and grant our wishes. May this show always have great feedbacks and continued success! ❤️

    ps: i’m still in awe because of yongbin’s singing😭❤️

  2. Seeing the notification for this episode just after Yongbin's IG live ❣️ definitely made my day— my week rather 😍

  3. Watching him react like this makes me feel guilty that I suggested him to ride extreme amusement park rides or going on a haunted house 🥺

  4. Eu não entendo nada que o Yong Bin fala, só estou aqui para admirar a beleza dele! MEU DEUS QUE CARA MAIS LINDOOOO!!!!! Ele também é tão fofo iti malia ♡♡♡☆☆☆

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