The Theft Protection

Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

Hey Alex!
Wow you look really sporty in that new outfit.
You look really HUH!?
Volley ball!
Out of bounds!
T-Pose dominance
Where am I? Huh?
Where that weird sound coming from?
Hey what are you doing!?
I’m being an evil witch! *more like a crazy person
Hey! Why are you tickling yourself with those feathers.
That’s pretty weird
Because it’s amuses me! Here try it!
Ah! Hey! Uh… Do you know how to make potions?
Yes of course I do. I’m an evil witch. I know to make all sorts of evil potions. *Nose action is very amazing
Can you make a love potion?
There’s this girl that really like me but she doesn’t know it and how to express it.
She probably doesn’t like you
NO! SHE likes me
She just having trouble expressing her love for me. See I’m trying to help her!
I’m a good person!
Who is charming and amazing and Alex will really love me
Wow that sounds very evil and messed up.
Ok I’ll help you
Great! HAHAHAHA! *evil laughing
Here you go! I’m finished
Wow that was really fast
Just be sure she drinks it then she will fall in love with you maybe.
Also it works like a traditional minecraft splash potion
Great! I’ll go do it now
Hey Alex!
Wow did you try this new …. ah… strawberry soda?
It’s really good! Here you can try this one
It’s really good! *be careful of what you consume
Try it! Just a little bit come on
It’s glowing because it’s really good!
Oh no she’s not drinking the potion! I guess I have to splash the potion at her
Steve : Huh!?
Herobrine : I like strawberry soda.
Ah the love potion hit you and not Alex!
I only had one of those!
I drink you like strawberry soda
Get away from me! Get away!
Straws are for beverages!
That was so evil kinda. I love doing that!
I should give him more potions in the future
What I didn’t give him an evil potion to throw at you. I’m innocent. You should trust. I’m a good person.
You transformed into a monster what kind of magic is this!?
Alex! I didn’t mean to throw that love potion at you. The witch made me do it!
Wow you’re so evil! We should totally be friends or something.
Ah you are shaking me while dancing. What kind of cruel activity is this!?
wow you are so evil in this love story! We should totally friends or something.
Minecraft crafting bench
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100 thoughts on “Witch Love Story – Minecraft Animation Life of Alex and Steve

  1. Hope you guys enjoy this funny animation! Let me know what you think! Have an awesome rest of your day/night <3 Yes I am working on next Annoying Villagers 🙂 working hard!

  2. Mrfudgemonkey make a annoying villagers 40 were steve's body player is back and alex meet him and null and entity_303 work together to defeat them

  3. MrFudgeMonkeyz can make the characters dance, but this is something new and I couldn’t stop laughing 4:18

  4. wait 😮 I noticed this is the last annoying villagers, the players mouths are bring inside, why isnt it shaded? :OOO

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