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100 thoughts on “WHY have over 800 People PAID $350 for this ‘Gaming PC’….!?

  1. Had a someome in a discord im in post he bought this and we face palmed that he bought a first gen 2 core 4 thread i5 pc…

  2. People read the specs and don't know what they mean. They just see a bunch of numbers and letters and go "ooooooo, PC things!" You could say it has an Intel Pentium II and a Voodoo Banshee and these idiots would still think it sounds badass. Plus, no console gamers know anything about FPS, so they could chuck any number in there and it would sound impressive.

  3. This video has (at the time of this comment) about half a million views. That leaves about 221.5 MILLIONS adults in the US alone who haven't seen this video. And trust me, I interact with many people on a daily basis who have absolutely zero clue about PCs, CPUs, core counts, thread counts, GPUs, VRAM… NONE OF IT. They will buy whatever looks like a "good deal" and clearly this seller has figured out how to disguise these retired office computers as just that. Some cable management and some RGB lighting evidently go a very long way.

  4. Ahaha that's why you do your research on a budget and focus on specs over aesthetics then over time make it look better

  5. This kind of thing really bothers me when it rips off clueless people. Like parents, grandparents, etc. They're trying to get their loved one something nice but have no clue how to shop for it and think they can trust the seller's descriptions. Reminds me of when my mom bought me a smart phone from Amazon and it was an international version that was totally useless here in the US, info that was buried in the description but she had no idea what any of that technical jargon meant.

    I wonder how many of you scumbags that are siding with the seller in the comments would feel the same way if your doctor started doing the same thing? Do you know everything there is to know about cancer to know if he's lying or not about a treatment? Or do you think you should be able to trust his word? Guess it's all on you since you just have to go to medical school for eight years to "get informed" about what you're buying…

  6. This is little more than a basic desktop PC with pretty lights. It's even at the low end of that. Web surfing and watching Youtube, maybe playing video files. Basically, it's the same as the little SFF Dell Optiplex 380 I got for $50 5 years ago. …But no pretty lights.

  7. Bruh rn you could get a ryzen 3 2200G, a 240gig ssd, an rx 570, a decent motherboard and power supply all for bout 400 dollars. Fuck is this lmao

  8. Must be console pesants trying to switch to pc , and guess what ? They will came here and say always consoles are beast xD

  9. Hey man i was looking for a pc and i checked one out with specs 16gb ram
    1.5tb and 120ssd
    amd fx 8350
    gigabyte rx 460 4gb
    which cost 280 pounds for full pc

    Or i can spend almost 400 pound for
    i5 2600
    gtx 1050ti
    16gb ram
    1tb hdd and 128ssd

    which one do you think is more worth it??? or can you suggest me a good build for 400 pound?

  10. I lay you dollars to donuts this is mostly bought by clueless parents/grandparents and cheapskate stepparents. 😂

  11. $30 mobo, $10 CPU, $13 GPU, $10 PSU?, $20 RAM, $20 case?, $50 for building, and $172 RGB lights. Using ebay.

  12. $AU90-120 for a hp elite with 8gb ram, more recent quad core i5 or even i7, usually less HD space but really, HD's are dirt cheap, enough space for a few small upgrades, Win10 license, chuck in another $90 for a low profile GT 1030 and you've got a machine for over $100 less than this, that might not have flashy rgb lights, but will shit all over the "gaming pc" in this video, with a bit of research and bargin hunting, you could probably even shave another 30-50 bucks off, you can definitely get a crap ton more power for your money than the dude on ebay is offering.

    But…. at the same time, guys like this exist and will continue to exist because theres a big enough group of people out there who are happy to stay stupid when it comes to anything technology, and therefore will fall for shit like this time and time again, if these people pulled their heads out of the fucking sand and even watched an hour or 2 of youtube on the subject before they clicked the buy button on ebay, they'd look elsewhere, so until these technophobes wake up and realize knowing even a small amount about how a computer works, whats inside it and what specs you actually need to do the things you want to do, these listings will continue to be all over the internet.

    its almost 2020 people, computers are an every day part of our lives that we rely on, you know a general amount about everything else you use on a daily basis. enough to not get ripped the fuck off blindly, why is your computer any different.

  13. They're all buying this for the RGB because all the tech channels spend so much time on pretty water cooling and RGB setups. So I say it's your fault.

  14. It is sad because the person who buys this PC. Probably has little or no money and still wants to give his child a PC … to be able to go along with the rest of his friends. single mothers or grandparents or something .. The moment he installs everything and then comes to the conclusion that it is not good ..
    is very sad for the child and worse for the parent. Who may have put his last savings in it..To give his child something that he doesn't feel completely disadvantaged. It's sad

  15. i bought it because i am disabled and could not afford anything better……so far its running the games i play <wow, EQ, oblivion> with ease, why ask such things when you know good and well not everyone is able to save up for or afford anything more?

  16. Im wondering if anyone can give me a hand.
    I am having just a hellish experience with whats going on.
    Currently my graphics card (msi radeon Rx580 8GB) keeps restarting my system.
    I assumed it was overheating, so i took off the lid and added in a external fan to increase flow. The card STILL runs about 37 -41 Celsius. I didnt think that was too hot, but after the whole escapade with installing proper drivers after messing up the first 20 times(radeon settings didnt match since i updated in device manager).
    I now have my drivers up to date the 19.5.2 i believe and can access radeon settings no problem.
    My system keeps overheating when i play either skyrim or run my video editing software(shotcut).
    So i installed msi afterburner and turned the fan speed up to 85% and confirmed they turned on.
    Still overheated started at 27 Celsius before i turned on my shotcut software.
    -so i updated drivers
    -turned on the fans
    -added an external fan and left lid off
    Any advice to how i can make this stop happening?

    I spent about $500 total for my first gaming pc build.
    Case: cooler master
    Processor:AMD A8-9600 radeon R7 3.90 GHz
    Ram: 16 GB Ryzen GEIL dual channel EVO spears
    Board: ASUS brand.

  17. I got a gaming pc on eBay in the UK for £369. Gtx 1050 ti 3GB. 8gb ram. 1tb. Overall really good for what I need. Wanted a vr ready system

  18. Your suggestion of putting the pc is missing the shipping clearly the case is over 100. Total missing is around $162 that you did NOT add in your calculation

  19. Here's a listing near my haha

    For a grand total of 450 euro's this guy offers: i5 4690 CPU, 12GB corsair vengeance memory, 650watt unrated psu from generic brand and a gigabyte b85m mobo. For only 15 euro more you'll get a keyboard and mouse too!

    And yes. You read that right. There's NO GPU and NO storage.

  20. Hahaha… even back in that era my bottom line for gaming is HD X650 or X670… HD X4XX only for light office stuff, it's a basic upgrade from intel integrated graphic.

    And even in local market, this kind of stuff still around. Because Nvidia are stronger brand here, usually they sell PC with this kind of CPU (1st gen i5) with GT 710.

  21. can someone tell me if this is a good gaming pc? I really want a cheap pc but I have no idea how to build my own

  22. I’m asking my mom for a pc for my birthday so this was one that came up on amazon it’s cheap but I want one that’s also good anyone have any suggestions I know nothing about pc I want 1 that not too expensive but can also play fortnite mid settings 60+ FPS and stream

  23. Great video once again!

    I am puzzled though why you don't recommend buying a windows 10 key on eBay. They go for around $10 USD and I've bought dozens of them myself with no issues. The activation watermark is an annoyance I can't stand.

  24. Buy an old office PC for pennies, put it in a fancy case with some LED's or even better RGB's and sell it for a fortune. Pretty good recipe for ripping people off that one. Seen so many of them on ebay but do you know why they sell so many? because most of them are bought by clueless parents whose kids have asked for gaming PC's for their Birthday or Christmas. Parents just write it off because they didn't know what they were looking for. Fact is most parents haven't got time to look on youtube or ask on forums etc. I've had so many people come to me after they've bought what they thought was a Gaming PC. They always say we should have come to you first……. Fact is that the people who build / sell PC's for the love of it wont generally rip you off.

  25. Come on what are you guys in the comments talking about,this is perfect value because

    1 RGB led: +15 frames

    See I told you it's perfect value

  26. I got so scared cuz I have a custom PC with that case and my face just got red and angry cuz I thought I got scammed then remembered I have a i7

  27. Yes I have brought one wasn't happy at first but I changed to a 500w power supply and a 1050 ti that my mate gave me and it was pretty impressive and motherboard

  28. I regret purchasing this pc so much, only after a few months it stopped booting, it turned on still but just stopped booting. Nothing on the screen was being displayed at all

  29. Me and my father have been for months trying to get a oculus VR gaming set up and then we found this and bought it, we ended up finding out it didn't have the right graphics card so we tryed changing it, it wouldn't turn on when having the better graphics card (1660 Ti) so we are now taking it back and now we have to find a ways to get some cash out of this PC and but another, while having a oculus VR box that currently can't be used

  30. Is this a good pc

  31. I got scammed when i was 12years old. I bouht 1050ti i7 3770 with 16gb ddr3 rams and 275w psu. I payed 650€ for this.

  32. Nobody:

    eBay sellers: RGB

    40 year old Facebook moms: hmmm yes Timmy will like this, * reads description * I-3 what? I don’t speak alien, 2 gigawhat random access what?

  33. To put this into perspective, you know how bad Intel's integrated graphics is? Well…. Intel HD 620 is lightyears stronger than the dedicated GPU in that PC…..

  34. Is this good for £380? Gaming PC i7 3.4 Ghz new 240 ssd 16gb RAM 4GB GTX 1650 windows 10 wifi that's what it says as a title

  35. I bought a gaming PC off this website for only $300 and it can run Fortnite max settings 80-100 fps! If you are on a tight budget I recommend this site!

  36. I sold a gaming laptop for $500 AUD that had an RX 560 and Ryzen 5 2600 so that could give people a good experience so this PC is just ridiculous

  37. Anyone have a link of pc parts that work together withing the 120 to 250 price range for a gaming pc? Preferably from amazon. Thanks in advance.

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