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17 thoughts on “When YOU should pick Shen

  1. These are amazing. Love the concept haven't seen it like this before. It's short but insightful. Only things you might add are for example when you talk about Darius as in avoid picking shen into it. What do I need to pick instead
    Overall amazing vid, keep up the good work

  2. Hi wickd,
    I am in euw. Seekerfufu ign. I just know how to play Darius. I can hit silver at max. I know low elo and all that. What champ should I pick as a second pick.
    Currently 88 games with Darius – 63 percent winrate and 2.88 kda. I am just prettyy much terrible with macro gaming part and two of my hardest matchup are fiora and vayne.
    I would appreciate your help if any.

  3. I think a guide on how to properly use teleport would be sick. I think my biggest weakness as a laner is just using tp in kind of awkward times and then, for instance, not having it for a dragon fight.

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