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If the shoe fits, you’re not gonna want to
wear it when you find out what’s inside it. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (intro music) ♪ Good mythical morning! Mythical beasts, your questions are like
little saplings struggling to survive the winter and we’ve got just the manure
answers to spread all over their roots. We asked you to ask us questions about
gardening and you came through once again! Starting off with a question
from an-alluringlife who said: Mm, long day in the garden. Well uh, it
pretty much comes down to what type of shoe you’re wearing. Now, you want a shoe
that is comfortable, that’s durable, and that also uh, feels okay when you got some
stuff up in there ’cause you know, you’re – a seasoned gardener, I don’t have to tell you–
– Yes. – gunk’s gonna get up in there.
– Okay well the best way to figure that out is to play… Welcome to the What’s In My Shoe Zone, the only
place to determine the best shoe for gardening. What we’re gonna be doing is we’re gonna
be presenting pairs of shoes filled with stuff to each other and just by placing
our bare feet into those pairs of shoes, we have to guess what is that gunk inside
of the shoe. If you get it right without any hints, you get two points and if
you require a hint, you get one point. (makes ‘sad trombone’ sound) The loser has
to give the winner a manicure for the feet. – Yeah, otherwise known as a pedicure.
– Let’s do this. (Announcer) Wet tea bags. – Okay Link, your shoes are in place.
– Okay. Do not down ’cause you know you can’t look
down when you put your shoes on while gardening, you’ll get bit by a snake or
something. Now just sort of feel your way into the – yeah. You can see that
you’re very high in the back. – Oh, ooh yeah. Oh, my foot’s too big, man.
– No, you can– Hold on, I gotta – oh! That’s definitely
a high heel. Love to garden in those. It’s – so mushy down in the bottom, I can’t tell anything.
– Move your feet around, move your toes around. – I can’t, man. I’ve – I’ve compacted it into the bottom.
– You wanna bring the heel out and move – your toes around?
– Uh this one maybe – yeah. – Yeah now just feel around there.
– Ooh it’s coming apart. – Uh oh.
– Oh now I’m getting (inaudible) – Maybe you’re getting a clue now!
– (laughs) Okay. Not really. I know it’s wet. – Bingo.
– And maybe leafy? I think it might be wet underwear. Which find their way
into my shoes all the time. – Okay do you need a hint?
– I need a hint, dude. This is really tough. – And uncomfortable.
– Link, your hint is: This earl is grey. – Ooh. Okay. Uh…a tea bag. Tea – tea bag.
– (Rhett & crew laugh) – Tea bags.
– Let’s see if you’re right, Link! (crew laughing) – Please don’t hurt me.
– It’s harder to stand up when I look down. Okay. – Ew. That is what that is.
– No Link, it’s actually feces. (crew laughs) – (Link) Nope, that’s tea bags.
– (Rhett) Yeah it’s tea bags. – It’s tea bags but – ugh!
– It matches my pants. – Okay, one point for Linkster!
– Yes! (Announcer) Deflated balloons. Alright here you go. Just step to the right
and left on the board there and then– – This is…this is a sport in and of itself.
– Look into your camera there. – Just another day in the garden.
– This doesn’t feel like something you’d – find in a garden.
– Those are stylish, first of all. – Just kinda – give it a nice little…
– You know what? – a garden dance.
– Can I look down now? – Yeah. Give it a gar–
– Woo look at those! – Give a garden dance.
– That is a – this is a really good look – just, can I pause just for a second?
– You don’t look as good as I did but you – look okay.
– No but with the capris and then the white shoes like this, it’s poppin’.
I would walk like this everywhere. Are you getting a sense of the
ingredient in these shoes? A little– – Yeah.
– Yeah. I feel like – uh they – it feels like
something that the ladies use to smooth – out their leg region.
– Right. – Uh huh. Yeah, it does.
I’m not talking about Nair. – (both laugh)
– It feels like pantyhose. Does it make you wanna garden,
I think, is the operable question. Oh I always garden in pantyhose. – It make you look tan.
– I like a smooth tan look. – Right, right.
– When I wear a skirt, I want people to be: – Dad gummit, her legs are so tan.
– Right, yeah. So are you zeroing in on a – guess or–
– I need a hint. – You need a hint?
– I was stalling. – Really?
– Hoping you’d slip up. I thought this one was gonna be obvious.
You’re not – you don’t have a sense of it. – I already told you it feels like pantyhose.
– Makes for a sad birthday clown. Oh… It’s deflated balloons. Alright, have a look. See if you’re right. – Yes. Yes. It is deflated balloons.
– Look at that. I’m gonna bring it up to my nose and
my face. Ha, no I can’t do that. Okay. – One to one.
– Otherwise known as pantyhose. (Announcer) Shucked oysters. Okay Link, the shoes are in front of you
and you’re not gonna need any help with – these. You’re gonna slide right in.
– Ooh. Ooh, that’s cold. – You know what kinda shoes these are.
– Oh it’s a Croc-a-licious. – (laughs) That’s right.
– Ooh! Ooh! It’s not gonna bite me, is it? – It’s smushy, man.
– Wow look what’s – look what’s happening – with the holes.
– Oh goodness. – Goodness gracious. Oh man. (Rhett & crew laughing) – No! Oh my goodness! Do not look down.
You cannot look down, not because you’ll – cheat but because you’ll throw up.
– (crew laughing) The Crocs really put – oh, put it over the
top. You just look like you’ve given birth – to like twelve alien babies.
– Oh really? – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– Okay so it comes out– – They can only be – they can only be grown in Crocs.
– It’s pretty uniform in consistency. – (singing) Going into the garden.
– (crew laughing) – (singing) Gonna see what I can grow.
Gonna go into the garden. Here I go. – Alright, just–
– Here – whoa. – (crew laughs)
– Less of the dancing, please. (normal voice) I bet it’s gross. I’m like
looking at people’s faces out here. – I need a hint because…oh man.
– You sure you need a hint? I feel like – you should just go for a guess.
– I’m starting to smell something. I’m gonna guess…dang it, y’all. Alright I’mma
guess, I’m just gonna go for the gusto. – Liver.
– Final answer? – Final answer.
– Take a look, Link. – Ugh! What is that? It’s not pig anus, is it?
– (Rhett & crew laugh) – No, it’s not pig anus, Link. It’s oysters, man.
– That doesn’t look like oysters to me. – Well it did until you squeezed it through the Croc holes.
– Oh gosh, man. Okay, no points for Link. (Announcer) ChapSticks. Alright Rhett, step to the right and left. – And then…
– You really made a mess, Link. I’m sorry. – What? It’s a space boot.
– You know what a space boot is? – It’s slimy but it’s beady too. It’s like little pods.
– I like the look, it really throws off – the proportions like…
– (crew laughs) You know what, I haven’t been in the
market for anything like this. But I am now. You’re kneading up what’s ever in there.
What – what’s your experience like? They were in whole form when I stepped in
but I’ve mashed them into nothing. So it was something that is almost like a bean.
But you know what, one of ’em is really really, really staying strong in
there like a bean that won’t bust. – Bust that bean.
– I can’t bust the bean and that’s what worries me. Smelling something now. Are you
wearing a new fragrance? Is that you? – Oh you fanned it. It’s like a bubble gum. – That’s my deodorant, man.
– You got bubble gum deodorant on? – Maybe.
– Where’d you get that? – My armpits.
– I’m gonna need a hint, Link. I just… – Your hint is: My lips hurt real bad, gosh.
– What? What is the gosh part? It’s part of the hint. – What’s this, a bunch of lip balm?
– Final answer? Take a look. Goodness, can’t get the– – Lip balm! I did it!
– (laughs) Yeah! I was right! (Announcer) Boba balls. – Okay Link, the shoes are in place.
– Okay. – Oh man. You’re about to go up to the next level.
– What’s this? Got a little lace action here. – There’s so much going on with these.
– Oh, there’s something a little mushy down there. Dang, y’all.
Y’all like to give me mushy. – Y’all like to give me the mushy.
– Hold – hold on to the tongue and the – back and I’m just gonna–
– I’m like a cobbler. – I’m gonna jump in the canoe.
– Cobbler, a name for a shoemaker. – It’s mushy but it’s also – kinda undulates.
– Okay. – And then…
– Yeah? – Ooh. This is–
– What do you think of this one? – I wonder if this is also food.
– Oh gosh. – Oh gosh.
– Can I look down? Uh, yeah you should be
able to look down now. – Oh look at me!
– They’re cleats, man. – Oh wow. You could kill a man with these!
– Look at the bottom of those. They’re a – little big for you but you got quite a foundation.
– Oh gosh there’s so much stuff in the end. – Oh but I’m – I’m not getting that much. It’s like–
– Try to do something delicate. Do – be delicate. – Be delicate toes.
– Be delicate toes in my cleats. – Just be delicate toes for just a moment.
– (singing) Delicate toes. (normal voice) I need a hint ’cause I don’t have
much to go on, here. I gotta have the hint. – It’s tapioca. Did you know that it’s tapioca?
– Is that a quote from something? That’s the conversation that usually
happens when this is being consumed. Boba. – Let’s see if you’re right.
– Final answer. – Let’s see if you’re right, Link!
– (singing) Boba in my football cleats! (normal voice) Ugh! – Look at that! Ah!
– It was boba! (Announcer) Doll shoes. Alright, there you go.
(singing) Going into the garden. (normal voice) Mhmm. Grab your hoe, grab
your rake, put your feet into that…shoe. – Didn’t rhyme.
– Oh, is that – is it a jelly shoe? – It’s a bedroom shoe.
– Feels like it’s gonna hurt me. – Is it gonna hurt me?
– Aww I’m sorry. – It feels like it’s gonna hurt me.
– Sometimes you get hurt in the garden, – man. There’s a danger.
– This is some hard stuff. This is some – hard but gelatinous, not butt gelatinous.
– Ew. (laughs) – This is some hard yet gelatinous–
– This is not a gateway shoe, this is the – hard stuff garden shoe.
– This is something you would pay – pay for somewhere. Still don’t look down ’cause there
might be like something peeking out. – You know what I’m learning today?
– What, Rhett? – One of the things is that–
– What are we learning? that your feet are not made for feeling.
Feet ain’t for feeling. – They’re for gardening.
– Feet are for gardening. – Feet are for gardening, fingers are for feeling.
– I’m really doing what I can but it’s just – it just feels like something
I can’t put my toes on. – Can’t quite put your toes on.
– But if I could my finger on it, I could – put my finger on it. You know what I mean?
– Right. Alright, you need a hint? – I definitely need a hint. This is embarrassing.
– Okay. Your hint is: Petite feet. – That’s not a hint, man.
– Hints get harder as the rounds get longer. Little, it’s a bunch of little feet? Is
there a pill that makes your feet little? These are pills that make your feet
little and I’m stepping all over ’em. – Yeah but what’s that pill called?
– A little foot pill. Like, not the generic drug but like the –
the expensive version of the drug. – Foot-a-sol?
– How’d you know that? – Am I gonna feel stupid?
– You don’t already feel stupid? (laughs) It’s a little toy feet. Little
toys. It’s toys. It’s toys. Final answer. – Toys, that’s not an answer. That’s like a–
– It’s toys. Just all toys. – Toys? That’s like saying groceries, man.
– Uh…it’s– – Not that it matters.
– It’s little plastic feet. – Final answer?
– Yeah. – Take a look.
– Oh, little plastic shoes, man! Those are feet. No, they’re not feet. Feet go in the shoe.
Petite feet. The clue can’t be the answer! Petite feet was the clue, you gave me the
clue as your answer. But we’re tied up going into the lightning round. Okay, Chase and Alex are gonna bring in
shoes filled with stuff. Without looking, just feeling with the feet, we’re gonna
guess and the first guy to get it right – you can guess as many times as you want,
first you gotta get it right – gets a point. And if – Drew, if you think we need a
hint you can throw one out if we’re just – completely flailing.
– (Drew) You got it. – (Link) Go!
– (Rhett) (inaudible) – (Link) Okay, where’s the–
– (Rhett) Oh marshmallow fluff? Oh that feels good. – Whipped cream.
– Whipped cream. – Shaving cream!
– Shaving cream! – (Drew) Rhett.
– Dang it. – Smelled it. Now I got shaving cream on my foot.
– This is gonna be interesting. It’s a – rubbery shoe–
– Woo that’s je– – Whipped cream.
– Uh that’s– – Splat! Plat – Splat, that sup–
– Caulk! – That stuff that you–
– Peanut butter! – (Drew) Link!
– Oh that’s peanut butter? – Mhmm, I eat it.
– Oh wow I wanna eat my foot right now. – My feet have been nourished.
– Uh whoa, oh high. Is it high? – Hi there. Oh that’s mushy.
– Uh – oh but there’s balls in there. – (Link) Oh it’s got–
– (Rhett) No there’s not. There’s not, my – foot came all the way through.
– There’s some consistency which I’ve – eradicated for the most part.
– Pudding. Jell-O. Creamed corn. Pie. – Cake.
– (Drew) Link. – Cake?
– Yes! – That’s cake? That’s the
slimiest cake I’ve ever taste– – It’s got some peanut butter on it.
– tasted with my foot. – Here, you wanna eat some?
– No. – It’s right there, eat it.
– Alright. – (Rhett) Oh, high boots.
– (Link) Hi boots. Oh! – Ice…water.
– That’s cold. – Good gosh I can’t get my foot in there, it’s so cold.
– I can’t feel anything anymore. – Oh gosh, my foot’s numb. It’s over.
– Cold water. – Oh, ice – ice water.
– Cold coffee. – Ocean water.
– Cold soda. Cold juice. – (Link) Frozen…yogurt.
– (laughs) Cold liquid. – Frozen…woo.
– (Drew) Hey, let’s go the the Sev afterwards. – What? Is that a Canadian term?
– (Drew) The Sev – the 7-Eleven! – A freeze–
– A Slurpee! Slushie! (Drew) Link. – I said – I almost said freezie.
– (both laugh) – Freezie!
– It’s a freezie! And the winner is? (Drew) Link. – Boom!
– Congratulations, Link. I get a foot-icure. Thanks for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. Ugh. You know what time it is. Hi, my name is Erwin and I’m from Berlin, Germany
and it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality. We have the perfect items for the garden
that is your face, my beastly but balanced beard oil and Link’s peculiarly perfect
peanut butter peppermint lip balm. Put ’em all over you face! Well, put ’em
on the lips and the beard. Yes. Click through to Good Mythical More.
We’re gonna open your mail and Rhett’s – gonna give me my pedicure.
– We’re gonna figure out what that is. – Is this a prize for me?
– Rhett loses his mind over cheese. – Hey, hey, hey, hey! Have you seen it?
– Hey. Have you seen it? It’s a – it’s a big –
it’s a cylinder! It’s got wax on it! And you go inside of it and you just – you
stick your face in there! And it’s just – it’s made from cows! The crazy thing is
it’s made from cows! And sheep and goats! And even sometimes human breast milk
if you get the right store! And it’s all incredible and there’s a surplus! Have you
seen it? Have you seen it – you know what I’m talking about? – Cheese?
– Cheese! Captioned by Lovely Luna
GMM Captioning Team ♪ (outro music) ♪

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