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Okay, so you’re wondering what exactly is
We’ve got you covered.
Stadia is an all-new way to enjoy your favorite hit video games.
Only you don’t need an expensive console
or PC to play.
Stadia streams games directly from Google’s
data centers to your devices.
It’s kind of like streaming music or TV
shows, but with high quality video games.
To play on your TV, plug in a Chromecast Ultra,
and setup your Stadia Controller
using the Stadia app on your phone.
Once you’re set up, you buy the game you
want, then you play it.
You don’t have to wait for it to download,
Seconds after you press purchase, you’ll
be streaming your game directly from the Internet
to your screen.
And since it’s powered by Google’s data
centers, your games can run at premium specs.
Up to 4K resolution and 60 frames per second
with high dynamic range colors.
But it doesn’t stop with your TV.
You can bring the same incredible gaming experiences
to just about all the screens in your life.
Your favorite games on your laptop, desktop,
and select tablets and smartphones.
Is your roommate interrupting your game to
watch a show?
Switch over to your laptop and pick up right
where you left off.
On a trip?
Stream games on your smartphone.
Anywhere you’ve got WiFi, you’re just
a click away from buying the latest titles
and instantly playing your games.
Which also means you’re always a click away
from playing with your friends.
The Stadia controller connects directly to
the Stadia servers to give you lightning fast
response time when playing wirelessly.
If you’re in love with another controller,
or a mouse and keyboard, you can use those
to play Stadia on your computer.
Stadia Pro is our premium subscription.
It gives you up to 4K resolution, with 5.1
surround sound, and free games regularly.
The longer you’re subscribed to Stadia Pro
and the more free games you claim,
the larger your collection will be.
Now you’re an expert in all things Stadia,
coming to all kinds of screens everywhere.
For the latest updates on Stadia, follow @GoogleStadia
or visit

100 thoughts on “What is Stadia and How It Works – Everything You Need To Know Before Launch

  1. I assume this will save me some money from buying new Nvidia GPUs every year. I could play on my garbage laptop too. That's a fact!!

  2. You don't get to say we can "buy" games until we actually own them. There is no "buying" games on stadia , it's only a renting service .

  3. Remember, with that thing you:
    – You can't mod your games.
    – You can't play offline
    – You down own anything, you are just renting content
    – You'll have a inputlag
    – You'll have an overall pretty bad graphic quality, way worst than what a standard consol or midgame PC can give you, unless you have a top of the line internet connection and are paying the premium fee.
    – You give even more power to the corporation over your properties.

  4. "You don't need an expensive console"….

    Except that consoles will be cheaper in the long run. Example- You could buy two consoles for $499 each (let's say the next two generations are 6 years each) and you buy one console for the first 6 years at $499 and then spend another $499 (assuming they price it at that amount) the following generation another 6 years so 12 years total…you're spending $1000 in consoles over a period of 12 years. Now let's look at the stadia pro subscription. $10 per month multiply that by 12 to get $120 per year. Now multiply that by 12 (for 12 years) and you'll get just over $1400. So actually consoles are a much better investment over the long run.

  5. Like a LOT of things there is ALWAYS a catch (that video is NOT saying) you need to have at LEAST 25mbit/s internet connection!

  6. You really dropped the ball by foregoing gyro control. It works so well on the Switch. And it should be blasphemy for not introducing bottom triggers like on the SCUF. That should be the future of all controllers. Missed opportunity all around.

  7. "Your favorite games are on your desktop, laptop and select tablet and smartphones."

    No, they're on Nintendo Switch and older consoles.

  8. Every question i ever had on STADIA has been locked on REDDIT, doesn't give me much faith where I see basic questions asked but mine always seem to be locked down.

  9. I still have tons of questions, I would love STADIA to answer if they monitor the comments here. 1. STADIA buddy pass can my friend do everything I can do? Does it not work on their TV without that chrome plug-in? 2. What does the STADIA ecosystem look like, in this video you just see a side scroller with games, is there a INFO page with a community forum for each game? Will it populate with youtube videos that have let's plays or video reviews on that particular game before purchasing it? 3. I've never seen a console launch without an exclusive title so far everything is third party games that have been available or will be available on other platforms, is there any info on First party IPs?


    GenerationStadia, The best channel for Stadia focused content.

  11. I so excited for Stadia! But I have a question about the Buddy pass? Does your friend need to purchase an extra controller and Chromecast?

  12. I’d give this a go if I didn’t already have a decent PC. I signed up for PS now a few days back and it’s a bit rough at 720p but it’s at least reasonably responsive

  13. It's going to be weird going back into Destiny 2, I haven't played since Black Armory first came out and last I checked my Guardian was at LL 600something lol.

  14. It says you will need to set up Stadia with your smartphone. Will the Stadia App come to iPhone??

    I definitely want to be a Day 1 Buyer.

  15. I was streaming games on Twitch today and had my internet cut out on me twice. I was on the Switch and just kept on playing anyway, but if I had been on Stadia I would not have been able to play.

    Streaming games has no audience.

  16. Awesome presentation and a cool logo at that too. Looking forward for it to be released in other countries outside of the US

  17. Cant wait for stadia kids losing in online games blaming console/pc players of using cheats.
    Because .. you know .. latency is a thing.

  18. It might work fine with single player and coop games just fine, but I seriously doubt competitive multiplayer will be enjoyable, there will for sure be input lag and general delays. Even with multiplayer games being meh, it'll still be a system with a large userbase though. Imagine a shooter with like 0.25sec extra delay on the top, that can somewhat be fixed with lag compensation, but being on the receiving end there is very frustrating if it's overdone (client side hit registering with delay = getting shot when you've been behind a wall for 0.5sec+ already).

  19. まだ日本発売未定でマルチタイトルでは売れなくて他のメーカーと同じだとハードは普及は可なり本当に厳しいですよ いかに凄く話題性高い沢山に大量投勢い良く入AAA独占タイトル開発必要不可欠でオンリーワンゲーム比率は高く出せないとほとんど売れなく厳しい事態で期待度も凄く薄いですね

  20. I feel like the sub model is wrong. If this is a games streaming service it should have a catalogue of games to play for free and the only difference between tiers should be resolution.
    I just wouldn't want to buy games on this, knowing it will probably go the same way all the other games streaming services do and get shut down, with all my games gone as a result.
    That, along with the obvious drawback of input lag, I don't see how this offers any value over a Playstation or Xbox, which will obviously be far cheaper in the long run, as well as let me keep and sell my games.


  22. There should be a free/demo game without subscription just to make sure my WiFi modem/phone hotspot is capable to stream High end games?

  23. 4K, 60FPS, 5.1 Sound … until you read the fine print and realize – no. Not at all. Unless your ISP loves you like, really loves you, insanely. This service is for a limited audience with fibre last mile access and no (hidden) bandwidth cap/throttling. Have fun, you "one percent" of one in 100 million Internet users.

  24. I really like the idea but my country probably won’t be up to the standards of stadia in terms of bandwidth and service availability for my country. Oh and I also must confess that I’m not really a fan of the part where you didn’t mention “some titles won’t have cross platform with all the platforms, and some titles will have only stadia platform to play with” caughs destiny 2 caughs

  25. Hey, and what's up with that input lag? And to high price for platform that don't work to well… Even if this will be work well in future it will be not worth price you want for it 🙂
    We gonna wait for PlayStation Now and xCloud xD and Nivida Games for somethink 🙂

  26. Biggest issues are…

    You pay full price for a game you will never actually own since its neither physical or digital, only streamed, and you still pay full price for it. Massive deal breaker right here.

    How long can you play before you hit the limit on your internet provider? Comcast currently has a 1 TB limit for most users and you'll hit that in about 65 hours.

    Both of these issues alone will make stadia a never buy for me

  27. There is literally no infrastructurethe world over for streaming video games do to data caps in the way the FCC conducts itself

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