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Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

When you have ancient cultures all over the world Who are describing non-human entities in the unseen Which is almost? What isn’t unseen to the humans in the way that I’ve just described many taking a reptilian form and That has passed through the ages and Then you meet people in places like America of course once you start talking about this you become Someone that people will give information to because they can see a way of getting out to the public arena Because you won’t think they’re crazy and They telling you the same You know people who’ve been in mind control projects people who’ve been in government Projects, who’ve interacted with these entities in in underground bases And they’re describing what the ancients described When you’ve got this this managed unfortunately just died in his 90s William Tompkins writing a book in 2015 Describing how he was seconded in 1942 into a top-secret Naval intelligence operation in America based at the Naval Base, San Diego where He is his role of the role of that organization was to interact with non-human entities and He produced his documents. He produceds pictures of people he was with to support what he claims and He’s saying world governments that could control by a reptilian non-human race I’ve been saying that since the 90s, but he’s What well let let’s look at how it works First of all these entities operate in the unseen overwhelmingly in the unseen Because we like I said earlier live in a frequency band a band of frequency Anything beyond that frequency we can’t see we’re not aware of and you know People have no trouble accepting that the old analog system of radio and television stations Our different frequencies sharing the same space without interfering with each other unless they’re really close on the dial you know the analog system BBC one and ITV and CNN, they’re sharing the same space, but they’re just on different frequencies and the The television picks up different frequencies as you change the channel Well in the same way Worlds of, or realities of.. it’s a better term. are Sharing the same space without interfering with each other and still so very close on the dial At that point where they’re close on the dial and and and and there is some form of interaction That’s what we call ghosts and paranormal activity and so these Not just reptilian, but other non-human entities are operating just outside of the human sight and They Have to have vehicles within our frequency band within our world that represent their interests that are basically vehicles for them to manipulate our society and so Particular bloodlines were created That are hybrids part reptilian not not always reptilian but reptilian but part human Which is the origin of the Royal …. bloodline a whole order of the ages You know the ancient Chinese emperors used to claim the right to be Emperor because of their descendents from the serpent gods and the reason that these Royal bloodlines and aristocratic
bloodlines have Incessantly obsessively interbred it’s because they’re holding this hybrid genetic program and For long time They ruled because they were the special bloodline What is it? Just down the road from us now in London. We have a head of state even today Who is head of state because of her bloodline the? Queen if she was a different bloodline she might be cleaning the throne not sitting on it. This is the nonsense of it Why are you queen because someone had sex with someone and and and and that person was born first therefore their the monarch. Sorry, I thought we lived in a civilized society with some form of intelligence What’s going on, but across much of the world as? Humanity started to awaken a bit more from its civility to To these Royal bloodlines They couldn’t sustain it any longer and so the Royal in-your-face control started to disperse it’s still around in some areas like we still have a monarchy in here and the Commonwealth countries, but Lots of countries had disappeared, but these bloodlines didn’t and their sense of being special and being quote royal never ended either and so they moved into the dark suit professions of banking of politics of what all the dark suit professions government administration, etc and they’ve gone on running the show ever since While not being overtly royal and of course what happened with the so-called British a great British Empire these other European empires is these bloodlines went all over the world and they imposed themselves In the North America in South America in Australia all over the world And they’ve gone on controlling ever since, but when you look at the situation from from just a you know general population perspective everything seems to be Unconnected people seem to be unconnected, but when when you go deep into the shadows they’re not unconnected Continue watching this fascinating conversation For free by clicking on the link below to visit our website learn from the best minds in the world and connect with a community Of passionate people building the best versions of themselves Just click on the link below, and I’ll see you on the inside


  1. They’re just Jinn (demons) messing with Icke… He doesn’t have the real knowledge about Jinn, so they lie to him and he thinks they’re reptilians or whatever. It’s mentioned in the Quran chapter 6, verse 112;

    And so We have appointed for every Prophet enemies – Shayatin (devils) among mankind and jinns, inspiring one another with adorned speech as a delusion (or by way of deception). If your Lord had so willed, they would not have done it, so leave them alone with their fabrications.

    They inspire lies and delusions to one another (Jinns & humans). Their main objective is to weaken or annihilate your faith/connection with God.

  2. You ever wonder why spem under a microscope look like slithering baby snakes, think about it. It's deep… The Bible tells us that after Adam and Eve did what they did, the DNA of man kind changed…. think about it

  3. As a mislim – this absolutely does not contradict islamic doctrine of demon's (jinn). Al Ghayeb – unseen in arabic. For all who interested I warn you this is QUITE shocking.

  4. Kelsang Gyatso leader of the worldwide New Kadampa Tradition aka NKT – Cult is Definitely Reptilian. Its horrendous what he's doing around the globe, people please Watch: 'An Unholy Row' BBC Documentary, NetWork East. 1998 getting many people to follow & worship a Demonic Entity.

  5. There are only about 100,000 Reptilians on earth. We far outnumber them. They make you think you are looking at a different shaped being. They don’t shift their shapes. They shift your perception of them.

  6. I believe this guy blindly, he predicted so many things, i m an architect and an engineer, but when this guy speaks I just listen.

  7. As much as I want to disagree with this guy but I can’t he is telling a f**king truth .🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  8. I saw something that changed form everytime I looked at it it was slightly different🎲👤.. the last time I looked it had reptillian features, gills etc👤👹👽.. I swear to God this happened and it scared me🎯.. I'm almost sure that thru gangstalking and targeted individual programmes the powers that be have asked me indirectly for info about this, either that or they are tryina silence me about it🤔.. I do not consent to any of this interaction and want nothing from the state that pretends to protect and serve us🌍🌌🌐.. I do not deny my creator and wage war on all forces of darkness in our world👹.. no surrender 🕊🕯📿🕆

  9. Humanity is actually under the control of dinosaur-like alien reptiles called the Babylon Brotherhood who must consume human blood to maintain their human appearance.
    it's hard to accept but can be real.

  10. David Icke is not a real threat. First time I think he might be one of them.His body language suggesting it a bit. He is cool.

  11. Iv jus learned about David icke now I js knew him by voice thank God now I know him, his very logical, smart and his the truth!

  12. I once read a guy astral projected and saw these reptiles. I honestly think astral projection and lucid dreaming is the safest way to see them but don’t come in contact with them. Don’t

  13. Remember that interview with wogan in 1990 that was embarrassing. Atleast one man emerged from that as a truth teller, true insight and opening our eyes as sheeple. I want to thank terry wogan for being that man

  14. Reptilian shapeshift. Ok
    Trump isn't one of them soooo there aree 10000's of reptilias who are opposing just because he is human

  15. reptilian test
    these are questions to answer if the person is reptilian or not. lets go through this with icke.

    "predominance of green or hazel eyes that change color like a chameleon, but also blue eyes"
    – ive seen video of his eyes change color. if you slow down his video to .25 and put it up on your tv screen and zoom in to his yes you can see his pupls adjust. and move around like a shapeshifter.

    "piercing eyes"

    – check his eyes are very piercing

    "true red or reddish hair"
    – nope

    "a sense of not belonging to the human race"

    – absolutley

    "low blood pressure"
    – he has low blood pressure issues

    "deep compassion for fate of mankind"


    "keen sight or hearing"
    – his glasses are fake so yep

    "physic abilities" (probably meant "psychic")

    – how else would he know all that he knows.

    – not that ive seen

    "unexplained scars on body"

    – yes he does. also look at his hands and how they look like reptile hands.

    "UFO connections"
    – yep

    "capability to disrupt electrical appliances"

    yes hes had some camera issues but you dont see it much

    "love of space and science"

    "alien contacts"

    conclusion David icke is a reptilian

  16. About serious something here I could say this only… "You came into the job of the ANOTHERS…" (Jesus). Interesting question – "it is", or – "do not..?" 🙂

  17. Reptilians, hmm… what family sent 5 sons into important cities all around the world to open banks? Hmm, I wonder???

  18. Yes and these entities are demons and only your Creator, who stands above all, even those entities, can help and protect you! Turn to Jesus or be lost forever in eternal damnation

  19. His basic understanding of different creatures occupying different frequencies but sharing the same space matches what we are told in the Islamic tradition. We refer to this as the world of the unseen. 1 race that we know of that exist in the world of the unseen are the jinns, and among them are the demons, and satan is the supreme king of demons.

  20. He's definitely making sense on many subjects, but this reptillian stuff is just a fantasy theory with zero evidence.

  21. What if reptillians created the human race from Neanderthals. Seems plausible, we are a weak specious who loves too serve. People always bring up the God thing, who really cares about that. The human race makes up alot of lies as a whole. The God title enslaves people to servitude of ideologies. We live and we die and the universe is filled with life. We are just a lower tier class of what the universe has too offer and soon the destroyer Hercobolus will wipe most of our specious away with climate disruptions.

  22. From what i have seen in the world there is something definitely wrong with our civilization. This guy is spot on. Even the old texts speak of watchers. History has been hidden from the human race.

  23. Humans are easily mind controlled and are daily. Apparently humans are desposible, look at all the wars. All you need is false information via propaganda to manipulate our emotions then the weak minded will murder the innocent.

  24. If Reptilian stands for Jewish then yes…they seem to have some satanic blood and hatred for humanity…specially blonde blue eyed aryans

  25. How is David not a Christian? The bible explains all of this . Demons , the hybrids, and Satan’s attempt to deceive and enslave the nations !! I pray Jesus would open his eyes to the whole truth

  26. Sounds like the nephilim blood line, Just recently Martha Louise of royalty Norway told the magazine People that she ruled in Egypt in a past life.. It was that about the bloodline 🤪

  27. I'm not buying this. If it wasn't for old Britain he wouldn't exist. What he's talking about is bullshit the queen is there because oliver Cromwell put them there. So yes the queen isn't legit but it's too late now. Everybody needs to put down their knifes and guns. And let's have an end to world violence

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