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Stubbornness is the guiding spirit that keeps
developers trying to make a Terminator game work. Our next, best hope is Terminator: Resistance,
a brand new experience from Polish developer Teyon. Here’s everything that you can expect from
the upcoming title. “Now don’t take this the wrong way, but
you are a Terminator, right?” “Yes.” Terminator: Resistance is set to release on
PS4, Xbox One, and PC November 15th in Europe and Australia, but in a strange twist of fate,
it’s the poor Americans who have to wait this time around, with the North American release
date being December 3rd. Probably the even bigger surprise is that
both release dates mean the game will miss the lovely synergy of dropping right alongside
the actual new Terminator film, Dark Fate, on November 1st. “I can see you’re very upset.” On the other hand, North America might have
it a little better. Terminator: Resistance is releasing there
at the very end of the AAA post-Black Friday apocalypse, with only the final Life Is Strange
2 episode and a new SaGa title as direct competition for precious time and attention. Nov. 15 puts the game in the long, dark shadow
of Pokemon Sword and Shield and Star Wars: Jedi – Fallen Order. Good luck on that one. In a real change of pace, there doesn’t seem
to be any hint or trace of anybody with the last name “Connor” to be found in this game. Instead, Terminator: Resistance will be following
someone new, a low-level soldier named Jacob Rivers. He’s like everybody else, really: just trying
to survive, stay fed, and not get murked by walking deathbots. However, that may not be an option after he
finds out that, for reasons unknown, Skynet has singled him out specifically for termination. That’s usually reserved for those aforementioned
folks with the last name Connor, and occasionally, Sam Worthington. “Noooooo!” So without a doubt, that’s reason enough to
wonder who, and/or what exactly Jacob Rivers is. Either way, the Resistance thankfully got
to him first, and is just as hungry for answers as he is. So, who are the lucky folks who will be taking
a swing for the cybernetic fences this time around? Well, the game will be developed by Teyon,
a Polish studio that’s mostly been pumping out a gargantuan mountain of shovelware for
a number of consoles. Their most notable titles are the Heavy Fire
series of rail shooters on the Wii, a remake of steampunk shoot ’em up Steel Empire, and
that Rambo video game from a few years back. The game’s publisher, Reef Entertainment,
has a smaller but similar resume to speak of. They published a couple of indie titles for
the DS, Boulder Dash XL and Alien Chaos; a few ports for the Wii, including Ubisoft’s
PS2 Free Running game and the first Sniper Elite; and the aforementioned Rambo from 2014. Hopefully, this will be the big break that
both companies are likely hoping for. Terminator: Resistance will have you engaging
each endoskeletal Skynet drone in amicable conversation about their hopes and dreams. Upon parting, both player and enemy will have
come to a deeper understanding about… nah, just kidding, you’re gonna be shooting a lot
of homicidal robots. As you might expect, Terminator: Resistance
is a first-person shooter which will have you engaged in fast-paced fights for your
life against Skynet’s deadliest machinery. On top of that, apparently there’s going to
be some stealth action as well, which makes sense when you’re going up against machines
that don’t die all that easily. You’ll also be doing some crafting in the
field, because a weapon made of three TV antennas and pre-chewed gum is still better than nothing. But Reef’s description of the game also mentions
that you’ll have choices in dealing with various members of the resistance through side quests
that may have an effect on how the story plays out. There truly is no fate but what you make here. Normally, there’d be plenty worth tiding you
over until the big release day arrives, but, well, the fact of the matter is that the Terminator
franchise hasn’t exactly had the best luck getting translated to video games over the
years. But, there are gems to be found regardless,
if you have the ways and means of playing them in 2019. There’s the Sega CD game, which is a perfectly
serviceable action side-scroller, with even some snippets from the actual film spliced
in, but it’s also got one of the absolute greatest soundtracks ever composed for a game. That alone justified the price of a Sega CD
by itself. The second is a wee bit easier to come across,
and that’s Robocop vs Terminator on SNES and Genesis. “You are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent.” “F*** you!” No real justification here. It’s Robocop vs all the Terminators. That game basically sells itself. Fortunately, it’s an okay game, albeit on
the difficult side. Fingers crossed that Terminator: Resistance
forges a similar path. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more SVG videos about your favorite
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84 thoughts on “Watch This Before You Buy Terminator: Resistance

  1. We should give this game a fair chance, not only because the last movie Dark Fate totally ruined the classic vision of future war, but also because this game has actual, true respect to the first two Terminator films. I dont need the best looking graphics, all I want is good gameplay and connection to the original movies.

  2. I guess the 27 people who like this video never play a Terminator game good luck to whoever buys this one I'm hoping for the best looking for the worse there is no good Terminator game out there

  3. Hopefully it's different this time around but given the past Terminator games that's a hard one looking forward to the movie though

  4. I hope for the best I don't want people to spend their money and they get this game home and it's very bad because I know I'm not spending my money until I see what's really going on I played a lot of Terminator trust me I know a lot of wasted money even when I was a kid the games are just bad

  5. I planned to buy this game before even watching this video, I will pay money for this but will not spend a penny on Dark Fate.

  6. I gave y'all a fair warning because I've been through this game could be good or bad but I would not spend my money on this game until I do some research y'all don't want to do the research when this game comes out only thing I can say I hope it's good for your sake because I know how bad these games are

  7. It's to bad that there is no online I mean imagine humans vs terminators team deathmatch, a game mode were the resistance have to keep John Conner save from the terminator team which is the enemy players. It's a shame.

  8. its a shame the companies involved dont have these ideas that some of you have suggested in the comments, this sounds like a cash grab from fans of the franchise to tie in with the movie, kinda pisses me off, if the game was any good why would it need a queue from a movie ? this could be just another generic FPS game, onlyway to make a game stand out and have longevity is by being sandbox OR having different modes whether solo or multiplayer/co-op OR unlockables such as weapons that can be used for replayability like RE4… if this is neither of these and just a campaign.. well it better be a good and long campaign because otherwise its not going to stand a chance and people in their droves are going to be trading it in within the first month… im not trying to be cynical here, with most things i hope its good, i hope someone succeeds that they made something great, but if it becomes apparent its about money because it feels lazy and buggy then i hope it crumbles to the ground..

  9. I hope the game will be good. So far I don't see anything new for the genre. Bad frogger hacking game, another boring sneak level which has been done 1000 times better already, no multiplayer so the longevity of the game can be counted in campaign duration.
    I had a lot of fun with future shock and SkyNET back in the day though. I will await the reviews first, and hopefully I am wrong.

  10. Holy shait theyre behind that crap piece of garbage Rambo and yet behind the first Sniper Elite…now im confused as fuck.

  11. It's no harm done not released in conjunction with dark fate, this game already looks 100x better than dark fate is a movie

  12. If this game will have as DLC soundtrack then I would buy it even if it is dog shit. If the rest of the tracks are as good as their version of Terminator Theme from the trailer I am totally sold 😀

  13. Looks promising. It looks quite linear. I hope there are some large open areas to explore, scavenge for supplies and pick up side missions.

    And how can you mention old Terminator games and not mention Future Shock?

  14. Terminator salvation on 360 and ps3 was ok.Also the arcade game with the mounted gun as a controller was also cool.

  15. This game looks awesome. This is what I hoped the latest terminator movie would be like. Oh well. I preordered this game and just take a wait and see approach with Jedi Fallen order. Too many bad examples for failed EA games, Anthem being the latest example. And Battlefront 2 campaign was mentioned as too short.

  16. If this is anything related to Dark Fate. Then keep it.. if it sticks to the story from Terminator 1, and 2. I will buy this the min it comes out..

  17. Only blind AngryJoe fanboys will hate this game with no apparent reason. Some of world famous game studio also been producing crap and dud once in a while, believe it or not.

  18. The trailer says this game is releasing on the 10th of December but everywhere I look online says it releases on the 15th of November, Which is it? Lol

  19. You are John Conor leader of the resistance , nope , you are a terminator sent to protect John Conor , nope , you are Joe nobody , yip and you have PS2 graphics, you lucky bastards lol

  20. Man this game looks refreshing compared to past Terminator games. I mean usually your playing as a T-800, Kyle Reese or John Connor, so It’s pretty interesting to see the Future War setting from the Prospective of a regular Resistance soldier.

  21. Maybe I just buy it and keep it, if I like it….
    I never understood how people buy most of their games by listening all bullshit and toxic trash talk🤦🏻‍♂️

    Thats how you ruin games, and do it again everytime.
    Most of these videos are like that.
    Anthem is the most typical example. Only annoying thing was first 1 month loading screen, after that, all was fixed😆

    Still looting is broken😤
    Well get a job or just learn to harvest more luck, problem solved. Fucking idiots😂

  22. North America has to wait? The game is based in LA wtf. Anyway, why they pushed it off is a bit odd. They don't have the hype, or the positive record of good games to push that. If the people don't like what they see on YouTube, December 3rd is going to be a bad day lol.

  23. I want a terminator game where it's kinda like planet side where the factions are fighting for territory.

    Machines Vs Resistance

    where you pick a side and fight for em.

  24. Completed the game, if u arent a Terminator fan it's 6 or 7/10 if u are a Terminator fan this game is EASLY a 9/10 and a 100% BUY pure fanservice and accurate lore I mean what else is there to ask for? Weapons design is 10/10 soundtrack is 8/10, graphics are 7/10, the story is definitely a 9/10 (for me 10/10) since it shows future war in the most perfect way something that all movies after T2 failed also explains how Skynet managed to send both T800 and T1000 and explains how the resistance got a T800 of their own AND even manages to make the plot of future war interesting as the main character isn't just some grunt. The gameplay is 7/10 but kinda gets repetitive and boring at 2/3 part of the game since its the same thing but story, fanservice, music, and perfectly captured future + all unique designs of Terminators definitely keeps u glued to the screen also characters and their stories are really interesting and the choices u make can give u the Good/Bad ending (Bad ending is non canon) and even if u get to the bad ending game does the classic terminator move XD. With this game, Tayone definitely redeemed themselves after the atrocious game Rambo the video game so yea that's all future AAA companies should take notes from this.

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