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I play a lot of games just for the
achievements. It’s uh… it’s a bit of a theme on this channel Past Kyle: ‘course that didn’t stop me
spending a week 100% it Past Kyle: Joins the never ending pile of games I’ve played solely for achievements Past Kyle: well this is in fact the reason that most adults still play LEGO games so may as well touch on it it’s a way of gaming that I think a
few people will think completely Relatable but most will find very
bizarre. To me it’s simple though I like seeing the numbers go up,
I like the satisfaction of a 100% and I’m past competing with anyone.
I have about four times more than the highest person on my friends list Who also happens to be my podcast host! click the link here! …or preferably wait ’till the end of the video where we’ll be in the end cards so really it’s only for
my own self-indulgence as a result this I play a lot of small
indie games the truth is gamerscore is a completely
broken number thanks to the decision to make all game start at a base of 1000
which means a game like Battlefront 2 which requires about 150 hours minimum it’s worth the same amount as Bird Game + which can give you the
same amount in about an hour Initially I thought this was really stupid and if you
just follow the numbers it is Thats why True Achievements implements its own
system to Assign achievements more closely to their actual value But the truth is
following the numbers has exposed me to a huge variety of games that I probably
never would have played otherwise I Like shooters, I like action RPGs achievements
didn’t exist these would be the games I play exclusively But instead I’ve played a
huge host of games from all different genres some of them I’ve enjoyed a lot!
some of them not so much… I’ve only ever rated one of them 5 stars and that game is Wandersong The reason I set all that up is so you can understand my Mindset going into this game I wasn’t looking for a fun game, I was looking for a quick
1000g and in a curious twist I think that game knew that too… so what is Wondersong? well according to
Google it’s a puzzle adventure game released on September 27th 2018
I’d never heard of it. and why would I have? I don’t move in indie darling circles.
No the first time I ever saw this game was it’s port to Xbox One on December 5th
2019. Another game for the 100% pile I thought. What I got instead
was a lot more than I was expecting Wandersong is a game where you don’t
play the hero the opening of the game sets this up along with the tone of the
game very well. you wake up you find a Sword There’s a big monster. So being a
proper gamer you hit the big monster with the sword it flies out of your
hands so you sing to the monster instead an angelic figure appears before
you and says this was a test you’re obviously not the hero… but she thinks
you’re cute so that’s something this game is about lot of things: puzzles,
friendship, depression, accepting one’s place in the world, self identity,
platforming, comedy, destiny, you could even read a global warming analogy into if
you wanted to. But at it’s core the game is a critique of the violent path
and what it means to be a hero Let me show you an example: the first real
challenge you face in the game as a town that’s being haunted by ghosts the solution
in any other game would be obvious Pull out your sword and send those spooky
f*cker’s back to hell! but you’re a bard…. you don’t have a sword. So you sing! the
truth is that the ghosts didn’t come here to harm anyone they’re ghosts
they don’t just haunt towns for no reasons they came to spend time with their loved
ones because the end of the world is coming wait hang on a minute… had you gone and banished those ghosts sure it would’ve been a solution.
the villagers might have been happy temporarily but the ghost sure wouldn’t have! by choosing a non-violent option the town’s folk and the ghosts can be
comforted for the end of the world yeah. hold on a sec.could you go back to that
last bit oh that’s right this game is about the apocalypse! so here’s your
explanation the world is watched over by seven overseers in the spirit world. as the world grows old so do they. they become corrupted and start to spawn
monsters eventually becoming monsters themselves shadowy and corrupted forms. when
this happens a hero is ordained by the god of this world Eya to kill the
overseers and usher in the end when the overseers die so does the
world and the cycle begins again its a plot strait out of Dark Souls and in any
other game you would be playing the hero ushering in the end. But this isn’t any
other game, there is no big twist reveal that the Bard was really the hero. You
meet the real hero about a third of the way into the game and she’s hunting down
those overseers. The Bard has a different goal goal he doesn’t want the world to end
and as a player exploring it with its wacky and lovable cast of characters you
probably don’t want it to either the rainbow girl tells you how to save it:
you need to collect the 7 pieces of the Earthsong, one from each of the
overseers and sing it. But the world has to be in complete harmony for it to work.
This is obviously an impossible task first problem is that the first overseer
you meet, the dream king, refuses to teach you his piece and second and asking
that the entire world be in peace is obviously impossible but this is the
nonviolent path and it’s the only one with a chance of succeeding what else
are you gonna do? Time and time again The game shows that the nonviolent path is
the longer and more difficult option but it’s also the correct one. A Troll blocks
your path! your companion Miriam could blast it with magic and be done in five
seconds but the Bard says no he sings to the
troll instead and the troll lets you pass he was only mad because the last
person through the caves cursed his boyfriend with lightning. This dude has
tied up your friendly pirate crew! once again violence is absolutely an option
but instead you bring the guy a cup of coffee and let him talk through his
feelings it’s just feeling really insecure that his wife left him. The game
goes so far with this later that the Bard refuses help from a troll because
he would have to squish some bugs but it pays off and the bugs end up
helping out! even though in the short-term it makes level obviously longer and more
challenging. But if we really want to talk about this theme we need to talk about
Audrey. Audrey is the hero of destiny she wields a big lightning sword and she’s
on a quest to hunt down the overseers In every way possible she’s opposite of
the Bard she’s rude, she’s powerful, and she’s
absolutely sure of what she’s doing She is the embodiment of the violent path
were you took the time to talk to the trolls solve their problem she’s zapped
it with lightning. Where you to talk to each of the overseers she attacks
them without a second thought about it her method is faster, more fun, and completely
incorrect. after all of the end result of this is the end of the world. Audrey
could easily come off as a flat of villain but the game does something
really interesting to combat that for one brief segment you play as Audrey you
see what she sees later on Miriam explains that the spirit
realm isn’t actually physical appears as you perceive it The Bard sees it as a place
of beauty and puzzles that can be solved with song Audrey sees it as a series of
hallways full of monsters. This segment shows you exactly why Audrey is doing
what she’s doing it’s a big castle full of monsters of
course you’re gonna fight through them all more than that the playing is
Audrey’s fun she’s faster than The Bard she can dash! she can shoot Lightning! the music
swells since the most bombastic tunes in the whole game (bombastic tunes and fight noises) there’s one more thing too but I need to
explain something first: so far the game has been very lax on
achievements. They seemed somewhat random the first one you get is right at the
start of act 2 after talking to the troll after which you get an achievement:
defeated the troll! of course I assumed this was a joke because you had defeated
the trolls? the next is halfway through act 3 when you get over the ruins that
were supposed to be home to giant monster only… you never saw one. You get an achievement for defeating the boss of the ruins again I assumed this was a joke. But
the third one is really when it hits you…Literally just when you’re about to talk
to Queen Chaos the third overseer is when you meet Audrey. She slashes it down
before you ever get a chance to talk to it and you get an achievement… for
killing Queen chaos… the game isn’t tracking your achievements it’s tracking
Audrey’s… so when you play the small section with Audrey after about two to
three hours basically no achievements you get easily half the achievements in the game.
you get achievements for hitting enemies you get achievements for charging your sword, you get an achievement for jumping 10 times and then you get another one for jumping 40
times the game is using achievements to reinforce a point! I think it’s safe to not
only say this is the cleverest use of achievements I’ve ever seen but it might
in fact be the only clever use of achievements I’ve ever seen. this is the
game that I thought I’d wanted a short and easy 1000g and the game
was turning it against me from this point on, an achievement isn’t a reason to
celebrate it’s a reminder that you’re losing…
throughout the game The Bard keeps trying to convince Audrey that she can
stop, that to be a real hero would be to let him save the world. she can’t do it she
wants the 100% completion just like I did when I started the game what raised
me in almost every game I’ve ever played I killed at least 400 people in
different ways just for achievements in FarCry Primal had I been playing as Audrey the
whole time I would have destroyed this wonderful and thoughtful world without a
second thought just to add it to my pile this is the final way that the game
reinforces the violent path it’s faster easier, fun, and at least superficially
rewarding but Audrey is wrong and she’s going to destroy everything, and there’s
nothing you can say that will change her mind this is another bump on the
peaceful path some people just can’t be convinced to change their ways and you
just have to accept it. On the other hand some people
can. At the beginning of act 5 a ghost tells you to deliver a message to the
king of Rulle to stop their war with Chaandesh she pleads with him to stop but he
refuses so she asks you to do the same with the Queen of Chaandesh, she refuses too. Hatred
and bias have blinded them to the option of peace only by bringing them together
and showing them to harm that the war is causing to the people on both sides can
they see the path of peace, well that and the external threat of giant monsters,
the point is you should always try even if it seems impossible and the game
doesn’t shy away from conceding that sometimes violence really is the only
option either. With the end of the world comes monsters and they can’t be
reasoned with, They’ve got no interest in talking this is the only time of the
whole game where you help kill something as The Bard because if you don’t people
are gonna get hurt the monster is climate change but come
on all this is fine and dandy but you can’t save the world on your own just by
being nice to everyone! well no the path of peace isn’t one you can walk alone
nor would you want too. In the end you don’t get the Earthsong but you get
something new. In the final moments of the world you sing and everyone from
your travels joins you this is the Wondersong. It’s the culmination of your
journey. The path of violence is about the goal, a tunnel vision straight to the
end. But the path of peace is about the journey, about taking your time soaking in
everything that the world has to offer games are intrinsically linked to
violence I don’t expect that to change nor do I want it to really I like
violent games but in an era dominated by shooters and stabbers Wondersong dares
is to ask if the non-violent path can’t be just as fun an answers that question
what there is ending yes oh and in case it wasn’t clear from the rest of the
video play Wandersong it’s really good Nathan: emm Kyle, ladies and gentlemen this is our
Christmas episode conveniently also Nathan: happens to be a Star Wars Episode so we
all know we’re here for good luck Nathan: everyone because I think me and Kyle
are going to disagree in some things and Nathan agree greatly in others it’s gonna be great!

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