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those who follow the channel for a
time you will know that I am improving
Seriously my piloting skills.
From my beginnings without tutorial … let’s go!
Until being a true scholar of the
hypersonic aviation thanks to yahoo
And now I control so much that I have a
problem I have lost respect for
airplanes and my behavior is somewhat
dangerous until I make jokes in plan
top can so to get back to the roots
I’m going to study what is the best way to
I have prepared three tests there we go with
the first passenger plane test I
I only go attention passengers we are going to
take off in ten minutes we will be in the
desert track that we show
climbing gently ascending until
10,000 feet going through the city of
saints a beautiful night
a beautiful day it vibrates me there are two
turbulence fire very fast
that means we’re going to get very
soon on your right you have in the
griffith observatory where the
the lnd
surprisingly it didn’t work let’s go
for the second test
now let’s do something easy at
sure it is going blind while
someone guides me but Maria doesn’t know where
is the airport to be a
a little more complicated we will not do
the test if you come and you are in the
Monte Chillán and you want to go to the airport
gift weakness second star right
that’s right
where am i going
for the first intense meter in
totally opposite direction airport
I have to go here more or less for
here it goes here I tell Maria where
is the airport so let’s see
how does someone else guide you or
less know where the middle destination is
sure this theory is that when you are
dark totally puts you coffee adviser
because he will not know but
it looks really cool passengers how do you
makes a clean takeoff we are in the
air I keep going up very passenger neighborhood
Soon you can see the beautiful
skyscrapers of the city of gta 5 in its
streets there are children rats creating shots
in a line for I’m uploading what
we are seeing the beautiful mountains of
gta 5 in the compartments can catch
peanuts not to die with the stomach
right then with the damn the
right but backwards to the left
on the right
where am i going
there we go again I hope and I’m
Now I’m flying very straight, I’m still
going up
I climb
what I do
this is impossible
the latter on the left and instead of
Do it this way
correct let’s go photography
right down
from today
rotation landing today does not arrive
up to this point the landing
behind is on top
we are approaching two kilometers from
tree what I do under low down down
come on we land land
they want you right he had his voice
I’m being right down and what
from right
Turn right and go down
do not
under this list go down
and the one that had a good time this is a
new revolution
this is a new revolution for the
aviation it took 10 times longer but we
we save money on windows
let’s see how it went
the pilot monkey has done the monkey
pilot has done it
it is true that this video has been
to go crazy the joke that one of the
45 minutes and two days has not been a
joke it was totally true to land a
blind plane is not easy
I thought to crash against him
building at first suddenly I saw that
you can reach the arizona desert from
true I said well enter enter it

33 thoughts on “Volar a ciegas en GTA 5 ¿Con aterrizaje perfecto?

  1. Tus vídeos son muy bueno hermano para tener tan pocas vistas:(! Nosotros te apoyaremos crack saludos desde México wey xD !!

  2. Tiene una creatividad increíble, y sabe sacarle jugo a todo, además de que es bastante entretenido. De verdad que mereces mas suscriptores

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