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The PC Platform always has complex RPGs that
cater to the hardcore gamers. This year, we’re
seeing the return of long running series,
but there have also been many new kickstarted
games. Let’s take a look at the upcoming pc
exclusive RPGs.
Lost Ark
Lost Ark is the most impressive Action RPG
we have seen so far. First off, the graphics
and the animations are incredible. They are
miles above our current ARPGs like Diablo
3 or Path of Exile. It�s going to set a
new standard. The gameplay also offers many
new innovations. It�s going to be a big
open world and you�ll have your own ship
to use for exploration. While sailing the
seas there�s treasure hunting and chances
for random encounters. As you grind and hunt
down quests, you�ll also find hidden quests
and public events. On top of all that, there
are mini-games that involve drinking and card
games. This is the most dynamic ARPG we�ve
seen so far. The actual dungeon crawling will
be amazing and represent a cinematic experiences.
And for the hardcore players, there will be
challenging raid bosses. This game is being
developed by a Korean developer but they want
to appeal to American gamers and hope to localize
the game shortly after release.
Torment: Tides of Numenera
This upcoming game from inXile follows in
the wake of its wildly successful Kickstarter
predecessor, and brings back the nostalgic
edge of old-school RPGs with a lot of text-based
dialogue, but also a considerably vast and
open-ended adventure. The game starts with
the player being inhabited by the Changing
God, a deity who has inhabited thousands of
mortal bodies before � little is given away,
and the player gets the full shell-shock of
being thrust into battles in a world he has
no precedent for. One of the fascinating things
about this RPG is its unique moral system,
which functions according to Tides. Rather
than good or bad, this spectrum looks more
at affinities: are you logical and rational
with a hunger for power or more whimsical
and nonchalant? And unlike slash-and-bash
RGPS like Diablo, Numenera is crafted more
around exploration � the iconic �what
does one life matter?� which comes up at
the beginning of the game isn�t a rhetorical
question. It�s something developers really
want players to be asking themselves as they
go along.
Bombshell is the newly announced game from
3D Realms, the creators of Duke Nukem 3D and
Rise Of The Triad. It�s an isometric action
RPG where you play as Shelly �Bombshell�
Harrison a bomb disposal technician turned
mercenary for hire. She must blast her way
through 4 different planets to rescue the
president from an apocalyptic alien threat.
You can tell this has an old school gritty
80s action movie vibe. The game will have
classic role playing mechanics such as experience
points, upgrades, side quests, and non linear
levels. But it�s also supposed to resemble
the fast action of a first person shooter.
The Bard�s Tale IV
From the same minds at inXile, the latest
Bard�s Tale is also slated for an upcoming
release. The Kickstarter program has a number
of tiers available, and as they manage to
fulfil their payment for each, they are planning
to release new dungeons � in this way, it�s
much different than the original Bard�s
Tale which came out thirty years ago. By pushing
the classic RPG onto new consoles, the ability
for continual expansion means the world can
continually grow, both in terms of dungeons
and players. It will also feature a unique
fan-based comment section, where players can
actually send in their feedback and ideas,
which will help to shape its development.
Like the first game, number four in the series
focuses on single-player adventuring, with
dangerous and dynamic phase-based combat � there
will still be enough time for you to react
to enemies, but the peril is always there
to force quick decisions. This game will also
feature lots of new and exciting puzzles.
The frosting on the cake: if the Kickstarter
raises $1.25 million then inXile will double
it with their own money.
Might and Magic Heroes VII
Another oldie but goodie, Might and Magic
had its heyday � the online seventh addition
to the franchise by Ubisoft is, according
to creative director Erwan LeBreton, an equal
measure of all of the elements that comprised
the last six, although reportedly they�re
�adding nothing new�. That might seem
like an odd tag-line to include in your marketing
campaign, but in many ways it�s also a relief.
The success of the twenty year old series
may very well rest in its simple playability,
without ever trying to be flashy, and players
can expect much of the same in the seventh
installment. With the exception that the graphics
will be a bit better, and gameplay a bit more
streamlined. It�s like a mixture between
chess and Pokemon, LeBreton says,
Umbra is an action RPG based on the CryEngine
3 which you probably haven’t heard of yet.
It’s been Greenlit on Steam and has a kickstarter
campaign. It takes place in a post apocalyptic
fantasy world where you play as the former
officer of the army of the Human Republic.
You are exiled due to having magic powers
and you are left to fight mutated monsters
and find out the secrets of the extinguishing
of mankind.
The game has a lot of traditional elements
from an ARPG such as the fantasy setting and
hack and slash action, but we’re also seeing
a new trend like in other games such as Lost
Ark or Bombshell. We’ve got some details and
gameplay on those ARPGs, you may want to check
them out here. Spell effects and environment
details are being kicked up a notch especially
on the CryEngine 3 which known for incredibly
detailed games.
The other big feature is the high amount of
customization. You get your own player housing
that you change the look of as well as have
a place to show off all your hard earned gear.
Weapons can also be tweaked and everything
from hilts and blades can be changed. Even
armor customization allows different looks
by tweaking each individual piece. There’s
also a feature called Apocalyptic Form where
all of your decisions are remembered and are
used to generate powers for your character.
So your final form will look unique based
on how you play the game.
And lastly, the game is very dynamic. The
devs intend to include a destructible environment
and a day and night cycle complete with weather
management. Multiplayer will also allow you
to visit other player’s homes. There’s also
co-op and PvP based on gameplay.
As of this video, the game is still on kickstarter
pushing to hit their goals, so take a look
at the page if you think you might be interested
in this ARPG. I’m pretty hyped up for the
game as I love APRGs and the trailer has peaked
my curiosity. They really chose an epic war
soundtrack which you’ll see in the full trailer.
Leave a comment below if you think this game
is a step in the right direction for ARPGs
and subscribe to the Skilled Channel for more
gaming news. I’ll let you watch the full trailer
up next.
Grim Dawn
Grim Dawn takes place in a post apocalyptic
fantasy world where humanity is on the brink
of extinction. Grim Dawn is a very serious
game with complex character development, hundreds
of unique items, crafting, and quests with
choice & consequence. There are five distinct
skill classes each with multiple skill trees
to specialize in. The game is currently in
early access on Steam and will hopefully have
a full release soon.
Albion Online
Albion Online focuses highly on the sandbox
features. The economy is driven by player
crafting. Players will have to spend plenty
of time gathering materials in the open world,
but they will have the ability to craft the
most deadly weapons. The game will feature
territorial PvP combat as you battle for control
of the world. You�ll have plenty of player
customization options, in fact you won�t
be locked into one class. Classes are gear
dependent, so you�ll be able to change your
role very quickly. Player housing let�s
you swap as many items as you like, and this
will have a direct influence on your character.
is also one of
the few games that is completely cross platform.
You will be able to play the same game across
Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.
InSomnia is a Dieselpunk RPG that transports
you to a retro-futuristic space station on
a 400- year journey in search of a new home.
Explore the world as a warrior, or hide in
the shadows as an outcast. Perhaps you�ll
be a charismatic leader, or maybe you�ll
become an apex predator with bloodshot eyes
and a thrill for the kill. Either way, you
will have to muster the strength to survive
in order to find out why mankind has embarked
on such a risky journey through uncharted
space. InSomnia�offers an epic, non-linear
storyline with many �points of no return�
and deep, immersive gameplay. The fate of
the space station�s many inhabitants will
depend on your choices.
FORCED is a fast-paced cooperative arena combat
game. In it, you work together with your friends
to succeed in ever more dangerous trials over
a diverse set of arenas. As your team racks
up victories, you’ll get to level up and customize
your skills with the 4 different weapons.
If you enjoy fast-paced combat, skill experimentation,
and game systems that promote teamwork, then
FORCED might be the game for you.
Leave a comment below letting us know your
favorite upcoming rpgs. And subscribe to the
skilled youtube channel for more coverage
on RPGs and other upcoming games.

55 thoughts on “Upcoming PC Exclusive RPG Games in 2015 / 2016

  1. I've been watching a lot of videos on your channel and just wanted to let you know what a great job you are doing :). Keep it up! ~Azael

  2. Why is Star wars the old republic never on these lists? The game play is great. The story line is great. And the story is almost customizable from the choices you make in your story.

  3. Can you remove player name tags in Albion Online?

    I am waiting ages now for this game to release, they sure are fine tuning it 🙂

    I just don't like the idea of those names plastered all over the game screen.

  4. Couple in the list I wouldn't even call RPG's and the rest seem mostly hack'n'slash, which, to me, are RPG's for kids with ADD!

  5. Best of the Best in ARPG:

    1. Upcoming
    Grim Dawn

    2. Old School
    Diablo 2 (Best ARPG in its genera till today)
    Titan Quest (Diablo 2 with steroids)
    Sacred (best in sandbox till today)
    Dungeon Siege 2 (best team based ARPG)

    3. Good News
    Path of Exile (it has not offline mode, so, no mods 🙁
    Drakensang Online (idem, not offline)
    Torchlight 2 (always incredible if you don't care about cartoonish graphics)

    4. Keep Moving
    Van Hellsing
    Victor Vran
    Bomb Shell

    5. Upcoming from Asia (Gay style and cartoonish armors, but maybe good)
    Lost Ark
    Lineage Eternal

    Nah, there is not ranking to Diablo 3, is not ARPG, just a casual pad game.

  6. looks like ill still b playing old school runescape lol y do all games have to revolve around fake worlds of aliens and elves or space an all that gay shite. fkkk i wish there was a mmo that had an American wild west theme, or something believable.

  7. Lost Ark looks great.  Grim Dawn is a fun game.  Sadly PC content is all digital only anymore and I no longer can bring myself to spend any more than $10 on something I can't sell or give away.

  8. whats up with all these "old school" rpg's?! 😀 theres a reason they are considered old! i want new games with new ideas and things…

  9. Numenera was announced prior to Bard's Tale. It doesn't "Follow" the success of the Bard's IP, it was funded by the fanbase of Planescape: Torment. The kickstarter for Bard's was launched almost 2 years after Torment was funded – and by a much wider margin as well

  10. I love action RPGs, too bad there's not enough great games on this genre. I'm hoping Lost Ark will be successful and come to the West.

  11. Hack'n'Slash is a genre separate from RPG's! and just because an RPG has real-time combat does NOT make it an "Action-RPG". It's just an RPG!

  12. what happend with the Gothic or Elder scroll style rpgs? I am getting bored with this isometrick games. Feel like a god simulator. I want to look up see the sky, see the npcs faces, feel the world. All this game just "uhh a diablo…ahh nah just something look like diablo"

  13. Lost Ark looks incredible. Too bad it's an mmorpg…will have to pass on it. I do hope future developers use similar animations in more crpgs though.

  14. FIRST OF ALL BOMB SHELL should be a blond bimbo biker… bomb shell should hav ebeen from duke nukems world.. they messed it up.

  15. Getting tired of player housing and such… Already bussy with our real houses… We just want taverns adventures loot mobs bosses story modes and playablity of a 8/10 atleast.

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