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This year at Minecon we’re doing something that has never been done before with Minecraft; we’re letting our very own players decide the next mob that goes into the game. The least popular mob at the next check-in will be gone forever, *echoes* destined to be banished and never be seen again. *breathes* Well, until it’s made into a mod by some- *intro* Devious new mobs have materialized within the realm of Minecraft and while they would like to stay while Only one of these beasts shall remain the others banished forever… At least until someone makes a mod What up? Everybody its me like that zip and I’ve got an exciting announcement for you namely the form of you sawed minecon the monster of the night skies the great hunger the monster of the ocean depths and even the hovering inferno oh All right here for you in video form and not only video form but in working form as well these cutie pies Look they’re moving they’re flapping they’re sinking into the ground That’s right, my friends for brand new mobs If you don’t know what’s going on here minecon earth Minecrafts yearly like a convention event was livestream this year And it just concluded showing off four brand-new mobs that could have made it into minecraft 1.14 here’s Jeb with some more information roll the clip for the first time ever we’re gonna let you choose Which one of these four minecraft mobs I? Will end up in the game now my concern we found out that mob be aka the monster of the night skies was the winner However, we decided to get our hands just a little bit dirty, and we have found a way to get all four of the Minecon mobs in Minecraft you ready for this so in today’s video. We’ll be showing you all four mobs Especially the ones that like to disappear me right as thing We don’t know why soon enough, but we’re gonna show you all four mobs in today’s video And we’re probably gonna be releasing the ability to get these mobs ourselves probably not before the actual update comes out But if we got a lot of likes on this video, baby And anything is possible especially that holy moly that inferno is something else on subscribe yourself It’s gonna be a good video. We’re gonna jump into it right now, but not before I say subscribe and hit that Bell Okay, are you set up the mobs that never work? The monitor the night skies the mob that actually did end up making it into Minecraft Jeb’s get a chime in for us and tell us a little bit more The monster of the night skies this matter a light monster is a flying creature that spawns at high altitudes it is Attracted to insomnia and when find players for haven’t slept for many days It will swoop down in groups and bite your flesh Thanks, Jeff. Let’s spawn this sucker in huh nice man array alert now This guy is gonna be a hostile mob And he will swoop down in an attempt to attack you and look what happens. He does. I that’s strong Wow, that was actually a very quick kill well at least you start right here again I was gonna say that’d be terrible if we had to start somewhere It happens every time in my videos so these things are gonna. Live a lot higher in the air normally in fact We wanted to replicate What it would probably look like so we’ve got a command block over here that may give you a better idea of where you would Find these suckers all the way up in the sky look I’ll head out there now again the AI right now that we’re working with is not You know it’s not perfect obviously we’re not Mojang so they’re kind of fun But for now we’re gonna spawn them near the ground just you guys can see how they had to operate again It was said they would spawn in packs So you’re gonna have to be wary when you happen to have these things nearby because they will get you and they will get you Really good like look at this look at the damage. They’re causing. I tell you what I would stay away You’re gonna use beds a lot more often when this thing gets added in the game But that’s only half the fun now we’re gonna check out the mobs won’t be added unless you know you the likes Things are about to get juicier my friends, ooh Y’all ready for this mob See the great hunger now before we spawn him in a quick word from Jeb the great hunger This cute looking mob has a huge mouth and a great appetite for enchanting powers It will open its huge door and sink into the ground where it camouflages itself Any mobs or items that fall into its mouth will be consumed? Sinking into the ground adding Abilities that sounds extremely exciting except the mob didn’t make it so we’re never gonna get it But at least you can see what it looks like now if I could just get through this fence come on Why why, would you put a fence gate the things? I do oh you see we made it okay? Now look at this right as they get into the sand They sink into the ground instantly and camouflage themselves so that you can’t see him coming now I don’t know that the enchanting ability was added in this little build that we’ve got here I guess we can give it a shot you’re gonna. Can you would you mind eating on my sword please? Oh boy? Well, maybe our that’s not my sword. That’s me Okay, so the enchanting is not there now what we want to try and do is see if we can take some alrighty you Know there’s actually like eight of these things in here now the idea is they hide in the sand Wait for you to step on them and then jump But we’re better than that because look I’ve attacked you’ve died you stupid no fun alright. I’m stuck Come on. I was trying to give a fun fact fun fact. You see this thing over here this yellow behemoth This was supposed to be the original size of these creatures according to Jeff anyways a three by three by three behemoth Where would this even go like what by him would fit something this big? I really would like to see if that’s made into game but alas it’s confined to my Creation which was courtesy of weave by the way and Xavier they both contribute this awesome project well five more friends by both these dudes You can check out the description of this video It’s time for the next mob, though the monster if the ocean dance get a load of this oh That egg is something else we got a lot of boats too. Oh, yeah Why’d you tell them a little bit more for us? huh The monster of the ocean deaths the monster will attack you with its tongue like tentacle to pull you down and drown you It spawns in deep waters and uses its large mouth to propel itself forward I gotta say the oceans would’ve been a lot more dangerous If these mobs had been voted in but alas we’re gonna have to stick to my video if you want to see how they work Needless to say though they do work Against you losers are poisoning me for the dock. I even nearby I know I hate you look at you You green Menace. Are you dead? Okay? We got him real good, but the poison still lingers now thankfully the ocean update coming to 1.13 makes this loss not as deal because we’ve got so much content coming to the oceans in 1.13 in the very near future So you know obviously, this is a cool mob But at least something’s coming to the oceans even though this one wasn’t voted in now look at this when we get close to him Not only does he poisonous, but he actually drags us down you. See I’m not loose look. He look I hate him He’s the worst he’s dragging me down. I you can’t well He’s easy attacking the squid your best day ever look at the animations on this honestly. It’s good now again These are all working builds that we created you know it So this is all subject to change if I’m being perfectly honest with you guys we did our best to take the descriptions that Jett provided and to Remake the mob so that they look at least a little bit like what we think they’re gonna look like When at least one of them comes out and with that we’ve reached the final map the hovering Inferno jabber motel pause but the hovering inferno This is a master place Which other parts look like shields that will be used to defend itself? The hovering inferno responds with a group of places a random encounter in the nether it has a shockwave Attack that is very dangerous, and you will definitely need some flame protection to defeat this model So thank you think it shockwaves gonna be well we tried our best to guess and you’ll see right here that oh That’s just a regular buddy’s Where’s the right spot II already forgot to grab II’s gonna get me at least we got ourselves some nice fire resistance potions I’m gonna drink you so that we don’t completely lose ourselves to this new mob, check it out check it out check it out Inferno look at him dancing around he’s my friend now. What we Envision being the case is that this Inferno actually uses its little wings as shields to become really hard to kill however We were not able to code that in an discourage. Junkyard. We may in the future again It depends on if y’all want to see this released as a download But we also have our little knock Shocked shocked knock wave whatever you want to call attack that spawns in flames all over the place and not only that but he does In fact shoot projectiles at us, and he can spawn in other blazes as well what the places? I’m funny now look at this. I’m gonna kill you cuz I don’t really like you that make it He’s so stupid he sets things on fire, but that’s really all he’s good for and again That’s kind of the other reason why I’m not too upset that this one didn’t get vote Because more than likely it was probably gonna be a bigger version of the blaze That’s you know kind of cool, but not really necessary meanwhile This manner a mantra the night skies that came out was in fact like a totally Brand new mob that we could honestly use There’s a legacy look how much he sucks well is is burning can’t do anything right is sinking Can’t even fly out well useless You wouldn’t want this mob and game anyways to be Did he put a fight so even though mob be one you can see that these mobs are awesome hey Get you know it look at the hotbar next time with the letters Anyways the whole point is we have a nice preview of what all of these mobs look like to the best of our ability anyways And you should let mochi know that you want all four anyway. Maybe there’s a chance that Either way. We’ve got it as mod. So if you want to see it released for download Y’all know What to do already just leave a like on the video doesn’t take any effort on your part you to subscribe and that hitting that belts you’d be notified of this mod right as it’s released will probably do one final follow-up when the AI is more fleshed out and Looking a little more playable, but go time, baby Thank you so much to my friends Xavier And we for their amazing creations and contributions everything needs gonna be in the description of this video But what you all can do for me is comment, which mom you wished made into minecraft instead of my B And if you like my beer you could let me know that too all to save my friends. Have a good day make sure you stick around for more 1.13 and poop around 1.42 news and with that we don’t leave these see you tomorrow


  1. Mob A should be in the dark areas of the Ocean Mob B is already in the game if you haven't slept for 3 days one will appear and more if you don't sleep Mob C should be in the swamps Mob D should be a boss in a nether fortress

  2. I cant believe that they voted for the for the phantoms, I mean the inferno though is really challenging. I mean I guess I was still a fortnite nerd back then.

  3. The Monster of the Night Skies
    The Great Hunger
    The Monster of the Ocean Depths
    The Hovering Inferno

    Dang, the Phantom’s lame.
    Why couldn’t we vote: 25% 25% 25% 25% so that Mojang might have added them all.

  4. I would prefer to see those as a mod for 1.14 and without the prototype phantom, unless it is made into a mini-boss version of the phantom.

  5. Dud it’s just a phantom clone =-= spawning in packs attack the players who haven’t slept and they fly at night

  6. I wanted all the mobs. Anyway, I would have named them:
    The Monster of the Night Sky's: The Phantom
    The Monster of the Ocean Depths: The Leviathan
    The Great Hunger: The Devourer
    The Hovering Inferno: The Hovering Inferno (I like that name to much to get rid of it.)

  7. Since the phantom was added, In the actualy pic he didn't look threatening but it actualy did in the update, So doea that mean that the Mob D and Mob A would have look way more scary if they were to be added to MC?

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