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100 thoughts on “Underground Bare Knuckle Boxing in the UK

  1. "more civilised" … Given the skyrocketing rates of depression and a generation of children who suddenly don't know their gender we might be better off in the ring.

  2. I had a superficial wound in my finger:

    1- I nearly fainted when the blood came out.

    2- I cleaned with water and soap

    3- I rinsed it with water, 3 liters or so

    4- I applied Mechromine
    , iodine solution and clorhexidine
    5- I put a band aid

    6- Then a compress bandage

    7- And a painkiller

    8- And finally I rested in the sofa for like all day

    Really, I don't know why i'm watching this…

  3. The reporter went a little too deep on certain aspects of this subject. He became condescending at points to certain people he interviewed. Good video but the reporter could have adjusted themselves better.

  4. I painted my room yellow and I like it. You all need to pain your rooms yellow, because it worked for me, so everybody must use my way of getting a nice room. You owe me 100Ł for the tip. If you'd paint that, room, make it all in a single stroke lasting over 48h and I promise it will bring you endless happiness. Nobody's able to do that, but telling to do impossible steps and then blaming failure of therapy on not applying to such steps is a common trait in personal trainers or even these "quit smoking" books. And putting failure always on pupil, never on the teacher is a way to make people even sadder, not happier. Other common trait is a king-learish posture, a creepy self love – they mostly talk how they succeeded and the outside influences and empathetic feelings aren't really strong in them – while to most people they are very important, as we are very social animals. I'd prefer to be sad than to masturbate to my own photo.

  5. It's weird that there's a ton of comments about people in this video appearing in other Vice videos. I wonder if the videos were shot around the same time so some of them travelled together, or if Vice faked some aspect of these?

  6. typical american..lots of firepower but can't take it they can give a beating but can't take one.. a muscle toned highly trained fighter from america gets outlasted then knocked out by a big drunk fat geordie slob from newcastle who had just woke up.. sounds about right (Y)

  7. There's no way American's would've understood Gypsy Boy's Geordie accent without subtitles. I actually expected him to speak with the Irish gypo accent that they usually have.

  8. Gypsy boy obviously did no training, showed up late, looked like he was drunk, hadn't showered, ate pies and drank pints for months. Yet still beat the American who'd flew in weeks early, meditated, went to a training camp, trained with the Chinese guy and friend of Mohammed ali. Imagine what Gypsy Boy could be like if he actually gave a fuck.

  9. Yo dawwggg Youtube bra gib me me dis….but enjoying dem lit moves yo. Came here after watching the Delta Parole musicvideos the new they drop it called waaasted make me remember last weekend lel. Loveing dis video, after song pumpin me up for dem gym time bro!!!!

  10. Are Vice telling me that those fat crook teethed drunks on that waste of an island came up with bare knuckle fighting?😂😂😂😂

  11. Like how the culture in europe is. When you fight, you use the fists. Pull out a knife, you're a coward. Places in south america are full of cowards

  12. 2:37 "The Europeans feared the English for their fighting abilities" now I know this video is a joke. The English are the biggest weenies of Europe.

  13. Blood sport? Hah. Pussies.

    Emperor Claudius ordered a cohort of Praetorian Guards to do battle with 400 panthers in the Colosseum for entertainment. Now THAT would be amazing to watch.

  14. im spanish and ive been living on the UK and i can say they are pusys, the probably may bigger than the latinos but if you go to spain to a bad hood you will really apreciate drugs, fights and guns. In the bad areas of britain they just get drunk in a pub and fight each other with no reason, they dont know what really mean pooberty

  15. Na. It can never go mainstream.

    Way back in the day MMA had far looser rules and no real weight divisions.

    The more popular it got the tighter the rules and strikes became.

    It's absolutely impossible for bare knuckle boxing to become mainstream. No insurance would touch it, doctors doubt ethically permit it, sporting governing bodies would shun it.

    Na- can not happen

  16. I knew the American was going to lose as soon as he opened his mouth lol. As an American, I’m depressed he went over there instead of someone else lol

  17. I guess I dont get ANY wierd, scary or unstable vibe from mr happy, I think people on here are transferring thier nonsensical social media, video game mentality and reading into things. Get over it.

  18. The saddest thing about this. Is, if bare knuckle WAS legal and regulated through athletic commissions and promotions, this man would probably be much better off physically and mentally. If it was a legitimate recognised sport they could have medical professionals, sports scientists and physiotherapists. It’s really sad that this man has suffered brain damage for such little money, just too help his family survive. Bare Knuckle needs too be legalised! It’s part of UK history and culture, it(under supervision) would be safer than Boxing as it would discourage head hunting, promote strategy of when and where you throw your shots and how much power you put in them as too not break your hands. And the level of talent would increase dramatically. Look what happened with MMA, it started with mostly (there were outliers of course) barroom brawlers, truckers and tradesmen fighting with no clue, and now top MMA fighters are some of the most skilled and talented athletes in the world. This could happen with Bare Knuckle!

  19. The problem is the best fighters in the world won't do this on the fear of killing someone. Could you imagine someone like Mike Tyson hitting a person without a glove!? 🤯

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