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100 thoughts on “Unboxing Game Master Puzzle Box for Face Reveal! (New Clues to GM Mask)

  1. Rebecca and Matt I need a warning about something I seen and read her the red hair is Red Hood anyways make frozen ice because red hood has a plan she's going to delete you guys Channel quick in a hurry so I just want to let you guys know and please be really

  2. I'm by the gray Master guys help me I'm at the game Masters house help me. Help me let me get your years old get your hands off of me don't hit me I don't fight I don't argue argue

  3. When u guys were unboxing the box the red hood kept popping up and said something but I didn't hear it's proply like if u heard and saw the red hood

  4. You are the best you tuber on you tube😘😘😘👑👑😭😭😭😭😭😭😍😍😍😍😊😊😊🥳😟🥳🥳 you go 👧 girl slay girl

  5. I think that maybe the quadrant is doing something to the game master and a note or something is in the box that will help you help the game master

  6. Matt Rebecca I saw Rz twin or the game master spying on you while you were looking at your back yard and when you were tryna open the puzzle box Red Hood was tryna glitch on your screen.BTW LOVE YOU GUYS.PRESS THE THUMBS UP IF YOU SAW WHAT HAPPENED TOO??!!!


  7. ONCE I WATCH THIS my phone glitch and see a sentence "your the chosen one-GM" but when i WATCH THIS IN TO MY BROTHER'S CP IT'S JUST THE RED HOOD

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