The Theft Protection

Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

Player: Bro, can you turn off your mic? Player: It’s too noisy Teammate: Really Teammate: They already jumped Teammate: Don’t leave, why aren’t you guys talking? Player: Novorepnoye Teammate: Novorepnoye Player: Novorepnoye Teammate: If you go there, don’t keep quiet Teammate: My name is [saying QiuGe’s name] Teammate: Kill me, i’m begging you Player: Sure Teammate: You must kill me There are not so many people landing here Teammate: One team, two teams, i see two teams Three teams Four teams Four teams *Save me* Teammate: Jump down Teammate: Don’t back off, I’ve got a gun Teammate: There is a guy in front of me Teammate: Level 3 backpack here *Good stuff here* Where is he? There is one more enemy Oh, i see a flare gun Teammate: You want to play it? Yup Can i? Teammate: Sure Let’s use it in a good spot One more guy in front I will loot first Teammate: I’m coming to save you Teammate: Do you want 6x scope? Sure Teammate: It’s on the ground Teammate: There is one more here Feels good man Teammate: Is anybody in those houses? There should be no one left Come here, little princess Teammate: What? Little princess, here Teammate: Coming Here Crouch here Teammate: Crouch here? Are you ready? Teammate: I’m ready What?! There is no response Teammate: Didn’t you hit my butt? I did, right to your butt I really hit your butt Teammate: Oh my god, you guys start to shoot each other’s butt again Teammate: This bug has been fixed Teammate: Am i right? Teammate: Last time i did it and it worked When is it? It worked but it got fixed but now it’s back again, i guess Teammate: Like, a few weeks ago So it can’t work anymore? Teammate: No idea Shoot the leg? Oh, we need to shoot the leg I don’t know This is like, game abuse Teammate: There is an airdrop BuXiaoXin Does she forget to turn on her mic? Teammate: Nope, she is beside me Does she forget to turn on her mic? 8x scope here, anyone? Teammate: I have a 6x scope Oh, there is still a bot here Teammate: Can’t hear Teammate: She’s typing Teammate: So you want to restart this game? So you were speaking just now? Can’t you feel it? Like we didn’t response to you Teammate: This always happens, like someone talks to you Teammate: But nobody answers Teammate: But you feel like you can actually synchronize with them Yup Teammate: So do you want to restart? Teammate: What? She hasn’t spoke for a long time Starting from the end of the previous match until now It’s AWM time Let’s go, there is a Groza inside, anyone? My sniping suck After switching to 5 finger claw Teammate: It’s because the more finger you use Teammate: The less consistent you get Teammate: Lacks of accuracy Mum, i’m wrong, i don’t want to use 5 finger claw anymore Let’s go My sniping was great back then…when i used 3 finger claw BuXiaoXin, don’t you wanna restart this game? We can’t communicate like this Teammate: Someone has been here before Let’s go Teammate: Don’t keep quiet Get in the car Restart this game Get in the car Teammate: The houses up there is looted Teammate: Flare gun Teammate: That’s enemy’s flare signal Teammate: On the bridge? Nope It’s in Military Base Teammate: I see it That’s a must I’m boosting Teammate: Hello I can hear you now Extended mag, flash hider, 3x scope here On the ground Teammate: I don’t actually need anything Teammate: I have a 6x scope There is a 3x scope beside the car, you don’t want it? Teammate: I have a 6x scope Where is this super airdrop? It seems far away Teammate: Didn’t you say it was in Military Base? It seems like Teammate: Go get ’em Teammate: I don’t know Teammate: I didn’t see it There are so many cars here F**k them Teammate: I didn’t see it Go get ’em I hear footsteps I’m mistaken Teammate: What an idiot A team just died Teammate: There is a guy down there Knocked one with grenade You just blew someone with grenade and now is your turn Teammate: There is a guy inside building 3 All dead Teammate: Idiot Teammate: Looting Teammate: Airdrop Teammate: Footsteps, footsteps Teammate: Oh, it’s just a bot I have bot too My bot Teammate: Where are those boxes? On the roof Teammate: Do you need anything? Teammate: I don’t need anything Teammate: I will give you anything Teammate: Everything of mine is yours Teammate: I need you Teammate: I already belong to you Oh my Are both of you undergoing any kind of…chemical reaction? Teammate: Since i first met her Teammate: My heart bumped so fast Teammate: At that moment, i knew… Can you please stop talking like that? Teammate: I blushed Can you please stop talking like that? Teammate: It was just because of the exercise Can you stop talking like that? You’re giving me goosebumps Teammate: Don’t you say i was “unnatural”? Teammate: So i change my voice It’s even more “unnatural” Teammate: I like you so much I can’t take this anymore Can you please behave yourself? You’re giving me goosebumps Let’s go Teammate: I didn’t flirt with you Teammate: Yup Listen to her voice It’s like, she is drowsy, she’s about to sleep She’s like “Huh? What are you doing?” Teammate: I’m thinking about her Teammate: I’m missing you so much i can’t sleep Little princess, talk more I can’t take this anymore She talks like, she didn’t get enough sleep Like hypnosis song She talks like, she’s about to die Teammate: She is an expert on pick-up line Teammate: Yesterday i spent the entire night to memorize some pick-up lines Teammate: I only remember two lines Teammate: Oh my goodness I’m telling you these, three of you AhQiu is the worst singer among three of you The other two are good at singing Teammate: I’ve got to sing that song today Teammate: Even with no accompaniment Go ahead, sing it Teammate: Please start your show Start your show Teammate: Em… Teammate: Wait, after the fight Teammate: Why are you driving toward outside the circle? To kill Real intense We kissed each other (car) on the bridge Let’s go This fight…you guys didn’t fail me Teammate: We’re good, right? Not too shabby Teammate: We have a happy looting time too Me too Although i don’t need anything Teammate: I want to get a sound card, i want this song’s accompaniment Teammate: Can you guys help me to look for it? Teammate: The original singer You just said it once, how could i remember? Teammate: I want to sing now Teammate: Go Get a new car So she is looking for the lyric now? Teammate: I wrote the lyric on my own No i mean, you sing the original song Teammate: The problem is i don’t know who the original singer is Teammate: [Singing] Teammate: [Singing] Teammate: I only know these two lines Teammate: [Singing] Teammate: I’v never hear this song before Teammate: Me too It’s too old Teammate: You wrote the lyric? Teammate: Original singer is someone else And he… Teammate: There are enemies Teammate: 175 175 I see them Okay Teammate: Are you gonna practice your sniping? You sing it again, i want to know your song Teammate: No way She’s capricious Fine Teammate: The more you want from me, the more i don’t give you a f**k Teammate: The less you want, the more i give It’s up to you, whatever Where are the enemies? Oh, a super airdrop Is someone gonna cross this bridge? Teammate: Is this where we fought before? Teammate: I feel familiar with this place Look at me, do i look like spiderman? Green haired spiderman Teammate: You’re a green hairy monster Teammate: What the… Teammate: You…you look like a…a… Teammate: A cannibal, you were like, doing some… Ritual? Teammate: An old ritual Teammate: Yes, an old ritual Fine Teammate: Are you gonna summon Teammate: devil? Summon the…the… Holy Angemon Teammate: What is that? You don’t even know? Teammate: Is it… Greymon, evolve! You get it? Oh sh*t, i threw it out I wasted it Teammate: Thinking about Greymon… Teammate: Look at my small ear Teammate: Great hearing Teammate: Good Let’s go Very happy Why is there nobody here? It shouldn’t be It’s 9 o’clock Teammate: It’s time for training match? Yup, great Teammate: It’s the most exciting part Bro, bro, bro I saw a black dot just now Lean to the left side and you can see it You can’t see it like this You create… Is the room open now? You already quit? You create a room later and invite me I use this account to play You just enter the room and leave You create a room You leave when i enter the room You create a room and i use this account to play, how about this? Get it? It’s complicated What are you doing? Teammate: We’re waiting for you Teammate: We’re waiting for you Teammate: You, turn around Teammate: Turn around You missed all your shots We’re so close to each other Teammate: Why? [Singing] Teammate: Love is… Teammate: Love is worthless compared to friendship Whatever you say…no one loves you Teammate: What do you know? Teammate: Nothing at all Oh my god Teammate: Why is the circle back to Novorepnoye? No idea Let’s get to the top of the mountain, okay? There are enemies up there Teammate: There are enemies up there If we’re badly hurt, we get off Teammate: No Teammate: It hurts You guys are losing health Teammate: I almost die Teammate: He’s throwing grenade Okay You grab their attention and i go up there to kill them Teammate: Well played Teammate: Move here You got knocked out by a grenade Teammate: That was scary Come here, XiaoXin, both of us are assault soldiers Those two are weaklings It’s time for us to save the day Teammate: Shall we drive the car there? Player: F**k Their microphones are talk-to-all Teammate: All dead Why are they talk-to-all? AWM here Teammate: Very rich It’s time to get to the safe zone 8 players left We already win Teammate: Drive their car Teammate: Oh, out of gas Walk through here Let me show you a beautiful scenery See that smoke? I made it Teammate: So you’re trying to make us feel like we’re at the top sky See that smoke ring? Teammate: It’s ugly Huh? Teammate: They’re so Teammate: F**king ugly What? Ugly? Teammate: In my own perspective, i look at the smoke and the rock Teammate: It looks like a man who is about to throw up There is a car on our left They stopped Teammate: Where? *I just placed a marker* F**k them I smoke…so that they will notice you all And i f**k them behind Okay? Teammate: You’re aggressive Teammate: Better go play “Fighting Against Landlord” Teammate: I’m pushing He just used a flare gun Teammate: Who did that? Little princess, save me Teammate: Bro… Here you go again Here you go again Teammate: Yes…this is so good Teammate: Don’t find him, you’re mine She said “brother” the moment she got knocked out Go find your “brother” Snakes are everywhere, this is so scary All dead? Are you sure? Teammate: Yes, i killed the last guy A super airdrop Teammate: You’re so good BuXiaoXin, you’re too good She just said “humph” Teammate: So you want us to be like you? Teammate: “No, I’m not really that good” Teammate: Isn’t it unnatural? Unnatural? I… My sniper… Who are you? Why are you bitch-slapping me? Who shot my pan? We won again Teammate: Nice Teammate: Feels good Oh, this is cool Stars appeared It starts at 9 o’clock Oh, it starts at 10 o’clock


  1. 5:33 قالتله انت زميلي في الفريق الضربه لم تصيب مؤخرتي 😂😂

    5:40 الصيني قالت امبلا اصبت مؤخرتك بالفعل🦹‍♂️ 🙄🙄🤔😂

  2. Hahaha your conversation realy listing it and am smiling too and suddenly fight awesome…. continue brother and thanks for subtitles

  3. 哦 ump 换成 ump45 了吗? 听子弹的声音怎么不一样的才发现 😅 我好久没玩华语版了 😂

  4. نفسي اعرف شو هالكيبل المزدوج اللي مركب بالعرض على موبايله ؟

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