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What’s up all the guys in this video I’m
going to talk about the top paid racing games of the Android that you should
play in 2019. So let’s begin the video. 🙂 So number one is Need for Speed Most Wanted
its price is $4.99 and believe me its rating is 4.0 which is very awesome
rating okay. You can customize and drive 14 world’s most exciting cars, race the
way you want and this is amazing you should give a try to it. 🙂 Okay second one is Rush Ralley 3
its price is $3.99 and it’s rating is 4.7. The Rush Ralley 3 is the most realistic rally simulation game on your
mobile. 60fps racing at night or day in the rain or snow over 72 unique
stages with each different surface type including snow and dirt and more. It’s
amazing game you should also give a try to this game. 🙂 Number third is Riptide GP: Renegade its price is nearly $2.99 and it’s rating is 4.7 and believe me it comes under the Editor’s Choice of the Play Store.
Okay experience the future of hydrojet racing, where armed riders kick out that
death-defying stunts over the massive waterfall, dodge copse through the public waterways
and boost at breakneck speed across surging waves. It’s amazing game you
should also give a try to this game. 🙂 And the next one is Mini Motor Racing
this price is also nearly $2.99 and it’s reading is 4.2 which is awesome.
Play this game like a favorite remote-controlled car showdown, combined with modern tech to nitro-boost your engines and the best thing of this game
is play this game as a multiplayer against your friends by Wi-Fi or
Bluetooth and online so it’s also a best game you should also give a try to this
game. And the next one is Horizon Chase – World Tour. It’s price is also $2.99 and its rating is 4.2 it’s come also under the Editor’s
Choice and it’s amazing game. Horizon Chase is a love letter to all retro gaming fans. It’s an addictive racing game inspired in the great hits of the 80’s and 90’s: Out Run, Lotus Turbo Challenge, and much more. You should also give a try
to this amazing game 🙂 And the last one is Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 its price is $3.99 and its rating is 4.7 which is again an awesome rating. Build up your own motorsport team
from scratch, making very big decision, hire the drivers, assemble the team,
develop your car and mastermind your way to glory. It’s also an amazing game you
should give a try to this game also. 🙂 Hope you like this video if you really
enjoyed it then make sure to thumbs up and comment below if you have any
question related to these games plus if I skip any game let me know in the
comment and subscribe my channel so you can get all the latest and Android videos.
Thanks for watching my video, watch my other videos till the next video take care bye
bye 🙂

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