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Hello and greetings from Eastern Europe, my
name is ColdBeerHD and this is the list of the upcoming games similar to the Age of Empires
in one way or another. Don’t expect clones, all games are different
in many ways. I picked those from about 180 upcoming strategy
games, research took me a long time. So, serve yourself some marinated herring,
nice cold bowl of šaltibarščiai and enjoy this list. Settlers Game is called Settlers, but actually it is
Settlers 8. Why they dropped the number? I can clearly see why: Settlers 7 wasn’t
very good. Well, it was OK, but nobody wants to play
a game that’s just OK, when all around you can find great games. You wouldn’t want just OK vodka if you could
put your hands on great vodka, right? So, Settlers 7, including newly released Steam
version, had some issues with victory point system, that allowed to win or lose without
even fighting the enemy, broken save games, other technical problems, like stuck resolution
and so on. The next chapter in Settlers franchize will
be released 10 years after the initial release of Settlers 7. So it’s an anniversary release! Here you will find story campaign that can
be completed alone or in co-op mode. The game will also provide optional side missions
and multiplayer PvP battles. Actually I have pretty high hopes, game looks
really cool. Total War Saga: Troy Game has two planes. The first one is a strategic map, on which
the subsequent moves are made in turn-based mode. The second plane is real-time battles on land
and at sea, in which you take direct control of our troops. Here you have to rely on the infantry, and
the differences between its types are now more noticeable than ever. In addition, your troops’ combat efficiency
is also affected by the ground; for example, mud can significantly slow down heavily armoured
soldiers, while for lightly armed warriors, crossing the muddy terrain is not a major
problem. Same goes with tall grass effectively covering
the snatching specialist units. Troy explores this epic conflict from both
Greek and Trojan perspectives. Stronghold: Warlords The game allows you to assume the role of
a lord with a small castle and a poor village at his command. With this you have to build a powerful country,
something like America or… Belarus, so if later someone around asks who’s
in charge here, you could proudly say “I’m the boss, you hear me?”. Yes, yes you are! Stronghold: Warlords offers a single player
campaign, single historic missions and a sandbox mode, allowing the player to build castles
without being constricted with any objectives. Also there will be a multiplayer mode, so
you can feel humiliated by much stronger players. By the way, if you’re enjoying this video,
press that like button. Press it and I will eat potato salad in your
honor. Ancient CIties The game begins in the Neolithic era, also
known as the New Stone Age. In this period, humans were creating their
first settlements and leaving the nomadic lifestyle. Also, nobody knew how to make vodka, so it
was a terrible age to live. In Ancient Cities you’ll have to guide your
people through the ages and make them build great cities. Game features seasons, day and night cycles,
simulated ecosystem, where every plant and animal is growing, reproducing and dying,
also here you will encounter politics, technology system and natural disasters. Though, I think that no disaster can be worse
than living in the entire age without vodka. Praetorians: HD Remaster This is not a new game, It was released in
2003, but since many of you mentioned it as a great game in the comments of my previous
videos, I checked it out and unexpectedly found out that HD Remaster version is incoming. Praetorians takes you to the Roman Empire. There are three nations in the game, the first
of which are of course the Romans who use impressive war machines and sophisticated
combat formations on the battlefield. The second is the Gauls, or fearless warriors
with high mobility. And Egyptians with a great deal of scientific
and technical knowledge, able to sacrifice everything in the name of Pharaoh. Well, if you like classic games, this may
be a great discovery for you. Knights of Honor II: Sovereign The first part of Knights of Honor was one
of the most underrated games I have ever played. It wasn’t just very good, it was a great. Many of you, who played this game in your
youth will probably agree with me, because playing Knights of Honor felt like entering
time machine. You start playing at 9am and two hours later
it’s already 9pm. You are like “Wow, time flies fast with
this game” and then you go into the kitchen, where your mother stares at you and says:
I haven’t seen you in 20 years. And then you realize, that you’re not 14
anymore, you’re 34. Where did that time go? So, that being said, I have really high hopes
for Knights of Honor part 2. Here in addition to the development of cities
as well as industrial and mining infrastructure, players also occupy positions at the royal
court, economics, conduct spying activities, perform diplomacy-related activities, trade
with neighbors, and develop religion. Keep an eye on this one. And now ask yourself, have you pressed that
like button? Did you? Press it now and when I drink vodka next time
I will think about you my friend. LornSword: Winter Chronicle This is the least Age of Empire’ish game
in this list, but it may be worth your time. If Diablo, Warcraft and Age of Empires had
a crazy threesome and then a baby, it would look something like this. LornSword is a hybrid of an action game and
a real-time strategy. The game is set in a fantasy world and, according
to its creators, offers a fresh approach to the RTS genre. The game also has a local co-op mode. Lornsword is in early access, so I could read
some reviews. One says that the more you play the more you
can upgrade and do more things, like different troops and so on. Also the feeling is great, the graphics and
music also has a quality sign nailed to them. So, we just have to wait for it to exit early
access. And then try. GodHood Here player takes on the role of a newborn
god, contacting a group of his future worshipers. After witnessing the first supernatural phenomenon,
the tribe decides to adopt and spread the newly created religion. This is not an easy task – the region in which
the game takes place is far from monotheism, and a considerable number of gods with extremely
different decalogues fight for domination in it. Something like in American Gods by Neil Gaiman. The game is in the early access, so we can
take a look at the reviews people are posting. Let’s start with cons: some guys are disappointed
that there are no customization of your religion, slow progression, lack of depth and control
and many are saying that the game is too short. But there are a lot of pro’s either: lots
of different classes and buildings, game is almost bug free, nice soundtrack and nice
campaign. So a lot of cool things in early access, meaning
the game will get better along with passing time, just like good whiskey does. Oh my, did I just said whiskey instead of
vodka? Ai, nesvarbu, ištrinsiu galutinėje versijoje,
ką jau čia bepadarysi. Also keep in mind that Age of Empires 2 Definitive
Edition will be released in 14 of November this year and Age of Empires 3 Definitive
edition will be born someday in 2020. Also, if you subscribe to my channel, you
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absolutely free. Thank you for watching, have a nice day, bye.

95 thoughts on “Top 8 Upcoming strategy games like Age of Empires | 2020

  1. knights of honor was one of the best games made ever ever ever.
    and i haven't been so hyped for a game as i am now for koh2 in years…

  2. Man, for a couple of weeks I was worried you drowned in vodka. Fortunately you survived. Of all these, I think I'm looking forward to the new Settlers the most.

  3. Finaly a sign of life from Acient Citys!!! :DDDD

    And Knights of Honour 2!!! I dont know there is an 2cond part in prorgess. I stand on gamescon next to a big screen while iam waiting in wargaming queue und looking around. On the screen a cinematic medival trailer beginns…yeah looks nice…and then the letters of KoHS apears! My eyes go wide open…HYYYYYYYPE 😀 Play the first game multiple times back until 2004. So great2see there is 2cond part incomming 😀

    Thx4this video and this contend.

    You have2thing on me during your next vodka ;D Greetings from germany^^

  4. You know, not often does the repeated begging of a Like, work in the favor of the channel.
    However this time it worked for me and you indeed actually earn that Like. You are funny, you are engaging, and you are reviewing probably the only game genre I would play any longer if I ever tried to lay a game again.

  5. You didn't include World of Warcraft reforged, and the upcoming Command and Conquer remaster, these are for sure must-have for this list!

  6. I really wish a company would do a remake of one of my favorite games called Warlords Battle Cry 3. It was such an amazing RTS with a unique idea for its time frame. I wish they would bring it back or make a new one.

  7. This guy is only useful if you strictly play PC strategy games. The all time best strategy game I've played was star wars galactic battlegrounds clone campagnions. I enjoyed Ark survival on Xbox but it takes too long, literally to build up. Im looking for a game that may take 1-3 hours to play competitively per game instead of 7 days. Preferably with different civilizations with future technology. Is that too hard to ask? Ive only been waiting 10 years now to get something similar. And Halo wars doesn't count. That was trash 1 and 2. I'm talking about creating and maintaining offenses + defenses in a short strategic amount of time (1-3 hours) and not paying for BS add ons crystals and gold crap. Where are the real ones at?

  8. How are these games different?? Really? It's all conquer all the others, so only one culture stays alive. Diversity? Who cares. Foreigners? Must die. Make everything cocoa cola. Really, 20 years later not one really new idea, whereas real empires where diverse in cultures, diverse in beliefs, mixed races, traditions and trade with many others. These presented 'histories' are boringly simplistic.

  9. Leaning heavily into the 'universal slav' character I think is a great idea to make the accent that would normally be a detriment into an asset

  10. So that's what the Stronghold team were up to. Really happy to see older IP's finally getting their rears in gear. Especially knights of honor, which was REALLY deep for its time.

  11. I love online team RTS games! Like AOE and red alert2 not red alert 3! Keep them coming boss and the vodka will fall from the heavens!

  12. 0:26 The Settlers
    1:20 Total War Saga: Troy
    2:10 Stronghold: Warlords
    2:59 Ancient Cities
    3:48 Praetorians: HD Remaster
    4:32 Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign
    5:49 Lornsword: Winter Chronicle
    6:44 Godhood

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