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Hello and greetings from Eastern Europe, my
name is ColdBeerHD and this is second part of the very best upcoming strategy games of
2020. It doesn’t really matter from which part
you begin, so just enjoy the video which is, by the way, sponsored by – a new
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my 3% discount code – just enter ColdBeer and you’ll get your games as cheap as possible! You’ll find a link in the description below! Crusader Kings 3 In this medieval role-playing strategy game
you will expand and improve your realm, whether it is a mighty kingdom or just a modest country. Here you will use marriage, diplomacy and
war to increase your power and prestige in a detailed map that stretches from Spain to
India, and from Scandinavia to Central Africa. There is no gameplay trailer released yet,
only few screenshots are available, but it’s easy to imagine what this game is all about. By the way, did you knew that Crusader Kings
2 is completely free on Steam? You can just download and play, it has very
positive reviews on Steam and the ingame possibilities are huge. Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign First part wasn’t a hit, it was really underrated
actually, but it was not bad game, many players have warm feelings towards it. So, now, 16 years later we’ll have ourselves
part two. Here in addition to the development of cities
as well as industrial and mining infrastructure, you can also occupy positions at the royal
court, economics, conduct spying, perform diplomacy-related activities, trade with neighbors,
and develop religion. I don’t know about the freedoms of creating
religion in this game, but damn I wish I could make a religion of Marinated Herring, with
slimy, but loving Herring Goddess on the top, where everyone would gather in Marinated Church
to drink vodka and celebrate potato salad all year long. Also there would be evil Non-alcoholic beer
satan who would want everyone to get sober. Non-alcoholic beer satanism would be banned,
but evil worshipers would gather in dark cellars to drink blasphemous non alcoholic beer and
develop evil plans of creating non alcoholic vodka and ruling the world without any joy
in it. Nebuchadnezzar Nebuchat… nebuchad… Nebuchadnezzar. Whoosh. That is a terrible name for a game. Alright, in a last part of this video, while
talking about Humanity game I said that it was really similar to my teenage years title
Pharaoh, but this one could be literally called Pharaoh 2. Except this is not the Egypt, but Mesopotamia. The plot of the game covers the period from
the time when the first people began to settle in the Euphrates and Tigers valleys to the
6th century BC, when Babylon was conquered by Persia. Here you will find sixteen missions where
you will reach different historical periods and places, which allows you to see how Babylonian
civilization gradually developed, as well as its final collapse. Mashinky This game and even it’s engine is created
by one man – Jan Zeleny – experienced programmer who has been a fan of railway-oriented economic
games for many years. The project has its roots in experiments on
procedural generation of terrain, conducted by the creator back in his schooldays. The works on the game itself began around
the year 2009, and Zeleny was carrying them out mainly in his free time. So, I have a question for you: how many projects
you have that continues for 11 years? Growing beer belly you say? Yep, that counts. Good job buddy! Pax Nova This is a turn-based 4X strategy game which
takes you on a journey into the distant future. As a result of increasing environmental pollution
and constant wars, the Earth is becoming increasingly unsuitable for life. Searching for a new home, mankind decides
to respond to an invitation from the edge of the universe and go to the planet named
Eos, thus entering a new era called Pax Nova. Game is in the Early Access, so it’s reviews
are quite mixed, but Pax Nova has great potential to become something really great in the future. Though, I have to say, graphics of the game
reminds me of a days when 3D titles was still a rarity. Look. This is Civilization 3 and it’s literally
about 20 years old. See any differences? I guess not a lot, huh? Total War Saga: Troy Here you have to rely on the infantry, and
the differences between its types are now more noticeable than ever. Your troops’ combat efficiency is also affected
by the ground; for example, mud can slow down heavily armoured soldiers, while for lightly
armed warriors, crossing the muddy terrain is not a major problem. Same goes with tall grass effectively covering
the snatching specialist units. This is by any means not a new invention in
the the field of strategy games, but it is really nice when developers dive deep into
the details. Because, you know, the saying, devil is in
the details. Or should I say… non-alcoholic beer satan
is in the details, huh? The Ships and Scoundrels This game is an unusual hybrid of action games
and turn-based strategy, additionally enriched with RPG elements. Maps are generated procedurally, so every
time it looks a little different. When sailing in the surrounding waters, you
directly control the ship and at the same time, you have to pay attention to the strength
and direction of the wind, also observe the surroundings in search of the enemies. Here you will also find local and online multiplayer
for up to 4 players, day and night cycles and terrible, TERRIBLE voice acting. MicroTown This is is a pixel art city builder economic
strategy in which players develop their own settlements from scratch. Game takes place on procedurally generated
maps. Well, basically this is a budget Settlers
game. Because here you have to build your settlement,
construct roads and do all that “make sure your inhabitants are happy” stuff. Game is in early access now, and I was really
surprised to see Very Positive reviews on Steam – players are saying that bugs here
are rarity, almost not existing. So if you can manage to enjoy those pixel
graphics, MicroTown may be a great game to try, but I know that many of you, after seeing
such pixels would react like that: [man screams from seeing bad graphics up close] Godhood Here player takes on the role of a newborn
god, contacting a group of his future worshipers. After witnessing the first supernatural phenomenon,
the tribe decides to adopt and spread the newly created religion. This is not an easy task – the region in which
the game takes place is far from monotheism, and a considerable number of gods with extremely
different decalogues fight for domination in it. Something like in American Gods by Neil Gaiman. And please, be sure, after you create that
amazing religion of Marinated Herring, ban all the worshipers of non-alcoholic beer satan,
because this stuff is no other thing than a terrible blasphemy! (blasphemy, blasphemy!) Iron Harvest Inspired by the paintings of polish artist
Jakub Różalski the title presents an alternative history of Europe in a year 1920. Here technological development took a different
turn than in reality – in addition to planes in the air and early tanks, the humans invented
giant walking machines. So, this is alternative past with robots. Most of them looks really oldschool, maybe
even powered by coal. All this sounds and actually looks really
good. Because everyone loves giant robots, boobs
and kittens. One at the time. Except boobs. Two is better. And when you think about it… four is even
better, and… hmm… how about eith? Ok, I should stop. Thank you for watching. Show me some love by subscribing and liking
this video. I love you too, you know that. Have a nice day, bye.

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