The Theft Protection

Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

I’m a wolf
Raised to be the Alpha but trying to follow
The last the Beast can’t be tamed that easily
This wild territory is the perfect den for my kind a
free world where I can roam explore with no end
But I came here on the hunt
hidden among sheep focused on their superficial dreams
Moving up the food chain step by step before I dominate them all
One target always clearly in my sights
to secure the future with technology
Others developed but were too fearful into the pool
But do think la I took this island and my tooth and claw I will rule it
The wolf knows when a predator nears
Can a ghost take on the lone wolf?
Analyzing stalking patiently tirelessly, but there is no place for the weak and the wounded here
We are wolves
V-mon and
You made it you blown up all over the news. Are you alone? I just want the money you
Got the chip
All right, start it up bug
Why don’t you go to the bathroom wash up we gonna be with you in a minute
Aha, come on, man. Your neck. It’s a mess
Initiating combat mode destination
All right in and out bitches, we’re rich, oh we are going to the major leagues Tempe
Get to Clinic now, it’s toilet condition critic don’t immediately
Just hold on
Hey, hey, just think about all the good shit. We’re gonna have huh? Oh
Take the fucking shift X
Every corporate cop in this city is gonna be blasting down these doors after what you and your psycho friend here
We didn’t need all this cocksucking attention. Damn it
Wait the fuck off samurai. We have a city to burn
They attacked and we lost everything
Everything except the need for revenge
This might look like a cylinder, but it’s not
It’s an impatient
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3350 lights 17:33 pressure building is lights protocol accepted
Daddy’s listening
Can you say hi?
How big are you baby? Can you tell that how big you are are you so big your brain?
And can you sing?
But singing, how about I miss you
And I love you
I love you. Daddy. I love me daddy, and I can’t wait to see who
Can you say see you?
Bye bye
This is UNSC Pelican echo 216, can you hear me? This is Uranus?
Looks like the main power cells are fried auto shutdown triggering survival mode
I’m going to try to overwrite
You can hear me in there. I hope you’re ready
Please or die Oh
Welcome back chief. I
Rerouted what needle power ahead into your suit
Hmm looks like there’s a problem with a servos in your hands. Stay calm. You’ve been out there a while. I
Know I saw something in here to check your armors Diagnostics
Oh, you see there big guy, no not status report status report what
There’s something you need to see chief
We lost most everything there’s nothing left for us
Until police
Not this knowledge ends we need to run
No, we need to fight
Get ready
I chose you because you were special
I knew we would be perfect together and I was right
There yet we found him
Take them I’ll cover you he’s going into stasis ha head to the practice point

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