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Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

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100 thoughts on “Top 10 Open World Low End PC Games ( 2gb ram pc games )

  1. cmon guys gta 5 game are for low end pc or laptop i've been playing on my laptop for a long time its freaking okey

  2. Gta 4 actually stuggles on my machine. Hard to belive cause im running gta 5 on very high/ultra

  3. My pc 7.500 turkish money but Assasin s creed 3 : 17 fps (low setting),(this game crack)

  4. gta 4 is not rlly low pc its really poorly optimised you dont need a 1000 euros gaming pc but a low end pc wont run it well

  5. I get 90-100 fps in GTA V using AMD 590 Overclocked but only 70-80 in GTA IV… What's the goddamn logic??

  6. i like only 2 games that is far cry 3 and gta 4 thats it iam play this two game in my 4gb ram hp i3 laptop anytime very amazing game

  7. Can my laptop spec run that all games ?
    Intel Core i3 2350m
    3GB RAM (4GB RAM with 2.7GB Usable)
    Intel HD Graphics 3000 1190 MB VRAM

  8. Okay these games I've played in my potato pC.
    •Sleeping Dogs.
    •Mafia 2
    •FarCry 3
    •Prototype 2
    •NFS The Rivas (low settings 30fps)
    •Tomb Raider 2013
    •BioShock Infinite (low – mid set)
    •Darksiders 1
    •Castlevania Lord of the shadows 1
    •Castlevania Lord of the shadows 2
    •State of Decay: YOSE (low-mid)
    •Lost Planet 2 [my fav]
    •Rage 1 (2010)
    •Avatar: james cammeron
    •Assassin Creed: I – IV [Altair, Ezio (complete), Connor, Edward kennway (complete+dlc)]

    ***and many more I played…

    PC spec:
    C2D E8400 | 3GB DDR2 Ram | GTX750Ti 2GB GDDR5 | HDD 160GB

  9. bhosdeke mc bc iahdkjahdjbcjhvajhcvjhvscajkhcabjkcbcdlkujh 4 gb wale game dalta hai LWDE madarjat TERE GAND LWDE


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