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Professor Leighton once said : “Every puzzle has an answer !” But theese puzzles make him seem sadistic. Welcome to, and today we are counting down our list of top ten hardest videogame puzzles. For this list, we’re looking at puzzles in videogames that were so hard to complete they left us pulling our hair in frustration. In order to be eligible, the puzzles must be from a major game release. And that means – no user created games, maps, etc. It must also be one specific puzzle from the game. So, no riddles from the arkham games, or the infamous water temple from ocarina of time as those are collection of puzzles. And finally, as usual – one puzzle per franchise. Number 10 – The Cigar Wrapper, “Ripley’s believe it or not: The Riddle of Master Lu”. I know i dont smoke, but cigarettes certainly make it look sophisticated. I wonder if they’re as good for your health as the scientists claim. This game based on a famous Ripley’s books and attractions, sees you as Ripley himself as He travels the world. The chariot isn’t a sculpture – it looks real ! In this specific puzzle, a guard to a temple asked you for a ring in order to gain entrance. That’s an interesting ring you’re wearing – It is the ring of the hidden wave. Only those of the temple may wear it. After looking around forever, and not finding one You have to figure out to take the cigar from your inventory and pop off the cigar band and use that as a ring. It’s both challenging and frustrating due to the fact, that the game never hints at the possibility, that you can just fake it. As you see, I am a member of the temple. You may pass ! Number 9 : Shakespeare’s Stanzas, “Silent Hill 3”. The “Silent Hill” series are bunch of terryfing games. But this puzzle in the third, swapped our fear for frustration. Just like the piano puzzle from the original. The player must organise Shakespeare’s books in order to be given a clue. On a hardest difficulty, the clues are written in the Shakesperian english and reference the plays and the player has to figure out wich play the clue is reffering to. Not only that, but specific clues reference the need to change numbers from the completed order. It’s a confusing mess. Number 8 : The Goat Puzzle, “Broken Sword : The shadow of the Templars” The animal fixed on me with an evil glare. Behind the malice and resentment, there was a cool intelligence. As an american tourist unraveling a conspiracy in Paris you come across a goat, blocking the entrance to a castle. Attempts to walk past him only end in a headbutt. The solution is simple – allow him to headbutt you. No, really. Then get up quicker than usual, run to a piece of farm machinery and then have him attempt to butt you again. Only to get tangled into machinery, allowing you to pass. Technically its easy – but it’s also not very intuitive because you’re left to assume that having him hit you, is a failure. The rope, by which the goat was threaded, had become tangled on the old plowshare. Number 7 : The Babel Fish Puzzle, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” The Babel Fish is small, yellow, leachlike and probably the oddest thing in the universe. We’re going way back for this one. Based on a book series of the same name, this text adventure game has you travelling the universe and getting stuck on a very serious puzzle. Usually, the fish ?dispenses? but slips away under the drain – no worries. All you need to do is put a towel over the drain. We hope you remember to bring one. Aha ! Towel ! Then, steal a character’s satchel and put it in front of the panel After that, you put some junk mail on the satchel and then press the dispenser. This was so notoriously hard, Infocom who designed the game, sold T-Shirts that read: “I got the Babel Fish” The practical upshot of wich is that if you stick one in your ear, you instantly understand anything said to you in any language. Number 6 : Chamber 18, “Portal”. “Portal”, a game about solving puzzles using a gun to create two portals to travel through is rife with challenging puzzles. But, chamber 18 is the worst. It’s an overall challenging chamber, full of sections to not fit to shoot, turrets that you have to dispose of, ledge jumping and platform riding. Basically, everything which goes into the puzzle game, has gone into this chamber. What makes it even worse, are the time switch sections that keep you on your toes. Number 5 : The Water Sample, “Resident Evil 3: Nemesis”. The third title in the clasic series, finds Jill Valentine wandering through Racoon city attempting to avoid the Nemesis. But her greatest challenge, might be this brainteaser. The puzzle is like reversed “Tetris” in wich the player has to arrange the coloured cubes in order to complete a specific combination of wave ranges It’s difficult to do the constant back and forth between the wave ranges and the fact that the result is different for each playthrough. The annoying beeping sound throughout the puzzle really doesnt help either. Number 4 : The Rubber Ducky Puzzle, “The Longest Journey” I know that duck. Bon voyage ducky ! In this puzzle from the cult classic point ‘n click adventure you need to recover a dropped key from the subway rail. So what do you do ? Scatter crumbs from an apparent window, so a seagull will peck a rubber duck into the canale below, causing it to flow down the river. Then, locate the duck, tie a line to a ?clam?, put it through the keyhole, reinflate the duck, then position it like a fishing line over they key, so the duck deflates and traps the key. It’s really insane when you think about it. Number 3 : The Black Monolith, “Fez”. This platfoming/puzzle game brought out a community of players that has rarely been seen in any other videogame. ‘kay, first you have to stand in a specific area of the level and input a set of buttons to make the monolith appear. Then, the player has to input another specific set of buttons in order to complete the puzzle. The buttons are so obscure and complex that many players simply believed it to be unsolvable. And it was only figured out with a massive, coordinated effort from the community. Number 2 : The Moustache, “Gabriel Knight 3” The Moustache! It should help disguise the obvoius disparity between his face and mine. This game, about an infant kidnapped from a Scottish family of nobles has one of the most frustrating and nonsensical puzzles in all of gaming. In order to take a reserved motorcycle the player has to impersonate the man with the reservation by resembling his picture in his passport This leads to finding clothes, but the infamous part is where you have to put tape on a hole in a door spray a cat, have it run into the tape and steal a hair off off said tape to make a fake moustache. Why you couldn’t just drool one your face with a sharpie is beyond me. Aaaaah, monsieur Mosley, yes i have a reservation for you, one moment ! Before we unveil our top pick, let’s take a look at the few Honorable Mentions. Number One : Name That Gnome, “King’s Quest” The Night Graham is stopped by a gnome and forced to guess his name. Some people figured that the gnome was Rumpelstiltskin, but a clue, are just players to think backwards. So naturally, spelling it backwards meant his name should be whatever the hell that is backwards, right ? Well, actually – no. The alphabet has to be reversed, not the letters Meaning A is Z B is Y, etc. Making his name a horrible, vominous, concoction of letters Mind you, in the 2002 remake you can actually use Rumpelstiltskin backwards to guess his name. Probably because no one could figure out or guess that you have to reverse the alphabet. Do you agree with our list ? Which insane videogame puzzle made you wanna ragequit ? For more top 10’s that dont require you to do anything absurd at all, be sure to subscribe to That’s right ! I will not ! Ahaha Thank you so much !

16 thoughts on “Top 10 Hardest Video Game Puzzles

  1. How many times does 2 go into 2
    Me:okay I will go to the 30s place
    Game 2:correct the misplaced collums and count to 10 go different directions to find the right correlation of the corresponding column
    Game 3:you must find the power of 10
    And correct the Collums of 10 in miscalculated&misplaced order
    Game 4:correct this riddle if you can
    Me:usually gaming riddles have something to do with Greek mythology
    And it's history either you find a hint like that in the game or you have to search it up urself
    Basically there are just some games that completely throw logic out the window
    And confuse people because of the lack of common sense

  2. Silent Hill 3 Puzzle Is Not So Hardest I Solved It In A Few Minutes I Deeply Love The Silent Hill And Resident Evil Series Puzzles And The Nemesis Puzzle Is Very Tough It's Takes Me So Much Time To Solved It Anyways Thanks For The Video And I Deeply Love Silent Hill And Resident Evil Games And Series 💗💗💗💗💗🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲

  3. Using the toxic waste in Thimbleweed Park on Hard Mode was so bad, I had to use the in-game helpline to solve it.

  4. what about puzzles on tomb raider 3. you got a key and never knew where to put it, open a gate but had no idea where the gate was. that was an amazing game haha

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