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10. Angry Birds Dream Blast
We’re starting off slow with a look at what the puzzle genre has to offer. Seeing as it’s
an Angry Birds title, we’ll know it has that premium vibe that Rovio’s game always seem
to have. Now that a movie franchise is coming up, they’re putting on a new face for the
future of their games. Putting their foul-tempered fowls into a whole
new format, we get a match-three puzzle that’s more explosive than ever. In their many levels,
you’re tasked to collect certain bubble shapes and sizes in a limited number of moves to
earn a ticket to the next round. It’s not the most innovative mobile game, but it adds
a ton of cute presentation flourishes that’s consistent with their new angry birds style. One of our previous mobile favorites have
staged their comeback and it’s definitely just as good. It has a playscore of 8.32 9. FRAG Pro Shooter
It’s been a while since the rise of the hero shooters but Oh Bibi’s champion has come at
just the right moment to steal a spot in the best of the best. Frag Pro Shooter distills
the energy of the console shooters into something you can bring on the go. It still follows the standard team shooter
setup where you work together to rack up points with base attacks and kills. But, instead
of just one hero per game, you get to shuffle around roles using the cards at your disposal.
With more cards and upgrades, purchasable through their in-app store, the likelier you
are to survive the game’s drawn-out gunfights. This combination of card game and shooting
is one of the things that makes FRAG Pro Shooter stand out. Oozing with personality and esports
potential, FRAG Pro Shooter gets a playscore of 8.37 8. Godzilla Defense Force
One of Japan’s longest-running kaiju franchise has made its comeback in the new age. Along
with the brand new monster movie franchise, NEXON jumps into the cash cow bandwagon with
a first-hand experience at bringing down strange, colossal beasts. Based on TOHO’s official
IP, Godzilla Defense Force features the series’ mightiest Kaiju, from Mothra to Rodan, to
Godzilla himself. Defeat them in battle and you’ll get to keep
them as Monster Cards to use their skills and buffs in your next fights. The waves are
relentless and it does a great job of building up anticipation for the next big boss. It’s
one way that Godzilla Defense Force keeps you coming back for more. Make your way through their many awesome monsters,
tap to defend your cities, and get some upgrades to fortify your defenses. It has a playscore of 8.39 7. Langrisser
Released in January this year, Zlong Games breathed new life to the classic 90s tactical
RPG with a release on the smartphones. Langrisser is a beloved gem of the past. And, clearly,
it was in good hands with a smooth transition to the Android. It returns with stunning new art and animations
that make it feel at home alongside today’s crop of games. Also making a return are their
exhilarating turn-based battles, which was precisely what Langrisser such an icon for
its time. Unfortunately, with its modernized looks,
comes modernized methods too, and that means an injection of some gacha mechanics. It’s
gonna take a whole lot of grinding and upgrading if you want to fully experience its medieval
world. But, if you’re a big fan of their atmosphere and combat, there’s still a lot of fun to
be had in this revival of a beloved SRPG. It has a playscore of 8.4 6. Call of Duty: Mobile
One of the most recent additions to the roster of great FREE Android games. Activision takes
their popular multiplayer FPS to the mobile and it’s working out great. While they had
a rocky start, with lags and bugs all around, it has steadily become one of the premier
FPS titles. Within the first week of its release, there have been more than 35 million downloads
and 2 million microtransactions revenues. With Call of Duty Mobile, you get heavy-duty
shooting, especially with the trendy 100 player battle royale mode. Even so close to launch,
and even as a free to play game, Call of Duty Mobile is one for the books and it’s only
about time before it enters the eSports scene. It has a playscore of 8.47 5. Archero
Full-blown, console-like games are appreciated but it’s also nice when a game elevates
the usual mobile genre’s into something bigger than itself. It’s a romantic way
of putting things, but the shoe fits for Habby’s Archero. It definitely has the makings of
a mobile success as it brings roguelike action to the platform. And it does so, not with
complicated control schemes, but using one-finger controls that’s common in most mobile games. While it looks simple enough, Archero defies
expectations with a varied bestiary that will continue to challenge you from one level to
the next. Despite the complicated level to progression, you can still take the action
offline and only connect to wifi to get those sweet upgrades. As levels grow harder, its microtransaction
scheme may come in handy for when you’re so close to the finish and you don’t wanna
lose progress. As usual, you might hit a wall eventually, but it doesn’t make Archero
less of a fun and addictive gaming experience. It has a score of 8.54 4. ANOTHER EDEN
Perhaps this year’s biggest crossovers, Another Eden will be familiar for any self-respecting
fan of JRPGs. Veteran developers WFS have been making a move towards the mobile now,
and with this game, artists from Chrono Trigger, Luminous Arc 2, BINCHOTAN, and so much more
make their contribution to the new age. While it’s your typical JRPG fare–telling
the story of a time-traveling hero saving the future from darkness–its individual features,
like writing from Chrono Trigger’s Masato Kato, and the music of Yasunori Mitsuda and
Shunsuke Tsuchiya, all add up to create a next-level atmosphere. Another Eden isn’t a premium game so there
will be some grinding involved if you wanna get their best characters. Fortunately, their
best aspects exist separately from its grindy gacha gameplay. A must-have for JRPG fans on a budget, it
gets a playscore of 8.56 3. BTS WORLD
BTS is a global sensation now, and what more to prove it than with the success of it’s
latest official game. In Netmarble’s BTS World, you get a chance to get up close and personal
with your favorite Bangtan Boys. Through visual novel-style narratives, short
films, video calls, and texts, you’ll get to see a glimpse of the kpop stars’ lives
off-camera. You can even dress them all up, from wardrobe to hairstyles, according to
the dictates of your own BTS army heart. But, impressing a BTS fan is one thing. BTS
World’s success also comes from the fact that’s enjoyable for non-fans too. Anyone with a
love for manager sim style gameplay will get a lot from BTS World’s content. Charming and well-written, it fits right into
BTS’s brand and it has a score of 8.77 2. Oddmar
As far as mobile games go, Mobge’s action-adventure platformer is on a league of its own. With
Oddmar, they captivate players with their creative use of Nordic mythology in crafting
a diverse and fun platformer experience that fans of Rayman Origins would recognize. Struggling to find a place in Valhalla, Oddmar
proves his worth by solving a myriad of hand-crafted, physics-based puzzles. All of it seems to
be gift-wrapped in mushroom popping animations and progressively more clever platform mechanics
that will endear you further to their Norse-inspired narrative. Here comes the bad news: it’s free, but
you’ll only get to play the first part as a demo. To experience the full extent of its
charm and ingenuity, you’ll have to pay for it. But, even as a demo, it’s already
clear just how much passion and dedication were poured into this project. And, for that,
it gets a deserving second-place finish with a score of 8.78 1. Grimvalor
Thanks to FromSoftware, there’s now a strong market for dark games with punishing combat.
Grimvalor delivers all that in the portable format. Direlight’s hack and slash game takes
you down through the dark halls of Vallaris, pitting you against towering bosses in your
journey to discover a lost King’s fate. It’s a story that’s compellingly told through
sinister dungeons and cool monsters. Even in its condensed format, Grimvalor manages
to wow players with its visually stunning environments and satisfying combat. While it’s free to download, Grimvalor on
the Android is actually more of a demo. While that might be disappointing for some, the
game does a good job of giving you a taste of what’s to come in the full game. With
so much quality in such small package, Grimvalor more than often proves that it’s definitely
worth the investment. It has a playscore of 8.87

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  1. OBJECTION! There is NO FREE GAMES, there are Game's with Microtransactions. So call it "Top 10 Microtransactions Android Game's of 2019".

  2. I question how BTS is at number 3 I'm certain there's been some sort of fixing been done by the apps developer's and the band's management.

  3. There’s a game I use to play but I forgot the name of it. It was a multiplayer mobile game with cartoon elves, archers, knights, and assassins. It was really fun and it was set up with like 4 levels (like you would just up and down on the screen to get to the levels). It was sorta medieval themed too. If someone can help me find the game that will be awesome!
    P.S. I played it around 2014-15 and it was on an Android device.

  4. Speaking on Another Eden. The main characters except Riica at the moment are all free five stars with some grind. All of them are good in their own right if you are looking to be free to play. Not only that but almost everything in the game from quests to achievements give chronos stones (the gacha currency) where as you will be locked out of the paid curve summons they hold every so often if you have some patience and a little bit of luck you can easily get great units by just playing. Some of the best ive pulled with the free Chronos stones are Suzette AS, Nagi AS, and Muriel. (AS is Another Style and is simply a alternate look and final class for a character adjusting the way they can be played drastically in every case I have come across.). If anyone intrested in this game has more questions I can answer feel free to ask. I love this game and think it deserves a bigger player base.

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