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Whatoplay presents the Top 10 Role-Playing
Games on the PC for the last 10 years. This video game ranking is based on a 1 to
10 scoring system called playscore. It aggregates, averages, and combines all
the ratings given by trusted critics and gamers. In the 10th place is The Witcher 2: Assassins
of Kings. A dark, mature, hack n� slash goodness! Witcher 2 outshines its predecessor greatly
with: game-changing choices, most of which truly
questions you�re morality. very good overall grim tone.
great replay value. and an awesome combat experience. The only problem I have with the game is its
very unsatisfying conclusion. It holds a playscore of 9.0. Ranked 9 is Divinity: Original Sin. The most rewarding RPG game I�ve played
so far. It pushes you to plan your moves and make full use of the environment, something
that modern RPGs lack. The game is very deep
some features are complex… maybe too complex. and sadly, the inventory and crafting system
is quite a hassle to deal with. It receives a playscore of 9 out of 10. 8th in the ranking is Middle-earth: Shadow
of Mordor. An open-world RPG that captures Tolkien�s
fantasy world and incorporating in it elements that would make it the best Lord of the Rings
video game! Impressive boss fights
outstanding soundtrack and good, yet annoying dialogues.
Plus, with its Nemesis System, battles are never the same the second time around. A playscore of 9.1. In number 7 is Dust: An Elysian Tail. A very under-rated game, that you can hardly
believe to be made by one man! This side-scrolling action RPG is a gem of
its own, with: mesmerizing art and background
fluid combat animations (although its complexity is questionable)
tons of hidden collectibles and lots and lots of content aside from its
main storyline. It has a playscore of 9.2. Number 6 is To the Moon. This is a role-playing adventure that relies
on an emotional story to keep you engaged. And it does so effectively. It�s visuals look like old-school Japanese
RPGs, which I, personally love. The narrative, music and puzzles all work
together to strengthen the story. And it�s one of the few games that made
me laugh and� cry� a lot. It receives a playscore of 9.2. In the fifth place is Fallout: New Vegas. This is a follow-up to the hit Fallout 3 released
in 2008. An open-world action RPG set in the US after a nuclear holocaust. You will spend hours and hours completing
side quests, exploring its vast wasteland and re-playing it.
And it has more of everything! Character customizations, weapons, gears, mutated creatures, factions
and things to do! It holds a playscore of 9.2. Ranked four is South Park: The Stick of Truth. A game that perfectly nails the humor from
the series and incorporates it well into a solid RPG game.
Punch lines are hilarious and although the gameplay may not be for hardcore
RPG fans, as a kid growing-up watching the show, the experience itself will make you
want to play it. It holds a playscore of 9.3. On number 3 is Mass Effect 2. Everything that made the original game awesome
plus dozens of improvements� from graphics to weapon upgrades� but what I think the
best aspects of Mass Effect 2 are… Each planet now feels and looks different.
The characters are interesting, with impressive dialogue and voice acting. They�ll grow
on you, especially after loyalty missions. And a far more polished level design and gunplay! It has a playscore of 9.3. Number 2 is Bastion. It�s a one-of-a-kind game that presents
a new take on RPG narratives. Your every move is narrated…from picking a hammer to killing
a boss. You will play it again…and again, like I
did. Beautiful art direction, from its colorful
environment to character design & animation. It offers a lot of weapon choices and unlockables.
And what an amazing voice over! It has a playscore of 9.4. And the highest-rated PC RPG of the past 10
years is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This game set the high bar for open world
roleplaying games. A big world to explore with hidden dungeons,
ferocious creatures and warring factions. Interesting lores and side-quests that you
can pick up any time. Skill and combat systems that offer endless
possibilities. And, most important of all, a strong modding
community that continues to improve the game! A playscore of 9.6. To recap here are the Top 10 Role-Playing
Games on the PC By the way guys…This ranking is not our
personal opinion. It comes from aggregated scores of critic and gamer reviews. So…What are your top 10 picks? What games
do you consider should be or should not be on the list? Share your opinion by leaving a comment below,
and if you like this video, don�t forget to hit that like button and subscribe!

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Best PC RPGs for the Last 10 Years

  1. I thought Fallout 4 played on survival was the best. It's hard to get started without getting killed, but once you advance a few levels it's intense as hell.

  2. And now there are Undertale, Stardew Valley and so much that are better than these, but there still and will be forever in the top 10 of all time! Sorry for my english I'm french.

  3. As always lousy Skyrim on top… God why…

    "A big world to explore, with hidden dungeons"… Oblivion was bigger, hell Morrowind was even bigger
    "Interesintg lore and side quests"… Almost all the Elder Scrolls games had bigger, deeper and more interesing lore, main and side quests
    "Skill and combat system that offers endless possibilities" … No! Morrowind had endless possibilities, Skyrim compared to it is so simplistic its not even worth mentioning.
    "strong modding community" … All the Elder Scrolls games has a strong modding community, Skyrim is not better in that aspect.

    So I ask again, why… Why always Skyrim..?

  4. I played Skyrim and Witcher 3…

    But they're still not my top favourite. My top favourite is…

    No, I won't say that. People would hate me and I think it's already pretty obvious.

  5. The title of this video should be:
    MY TOP 10 LIST not the top 10 list.

    Witcher 2 sucked ass. It fails to deliver action

    Divinity Original Sin failed in explanation so it turned off a lot of players:

    Shadow Of Mordor was done well: it's the only game that rewards the player for dying

    Fallout New Vegas was absolute garbage. It cannot even give a proper quest system or marks quests on the map correctly, not too mention the interious and local maps are shit. I stopped playing this game within a half hour of starting it because the first quest game has you going to yourself which is where the map marker shows you to go.

    Mass Effect 2 is in the worst top 5 games ever made. The devs did not bother explaining how to use any of the interface and the tutorial that explained how to play, was on a computer located on a ship, that you couldn't get to without playing the game. I cannot say enough bad things about Mass Effect 2. After spending a half hour at one place in the game and I couldn't proceed is when i shut off the game and uninstalled it never to try it again..Really bad game.

  6. No side scolling or outdated nintendo looking manga games on my list.

    Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2
    Pillars of Eternity and/or Tyranny
    Diablo 2
    Grim Dawn.
    Fallout 3
    Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2

  7. People must stop making videos in which they display shitty games (e.g. 'To the Moon'). Promote games such as World of Warcraft, God of War, Darksiders, etc., that offers not only quality game, but also great customer support. Take 'God of War' for example; the game has great skill animations and story-line.

  8. you dont even know what RPG is.. its okay with your Action RPG, what about Planescape torment ? Pillars of Eternity ? Baldurs gate ? Icewind dale ? Arcanum ? i think your roots hobby is Action game. not truly RpG in your Blood.

  9. Skyrim ??? okay.. thats great RPG. but i think its far more like Action game than RPG. not like Fallout New vegas. its different.

  10. Shadow of Mordor and Skyrim are not role-playing games.

    Also, imo, Fallout: New Vegas is more a follow-up to Fallout 2 than Fallout 3.

  11. The game Dust An Elvisian Tail is complete garbage and waste of time.
    I bought it because it was highly praised by youtubers who were biased/paid to sell the game.
    Ok, I bought it, played it and hated it. I lost my bucks and time, you won.
    Please don't repeat my mistake, those channels aren't honest, this game is sucks.

  12. Have you ever heard of Gothic games series (1,2 and 3) !?!? Dude literally one of the best RPG's ever made…plus you included some shity games that are actually not rpgs….BIG DISLIKE!!!

  13. Skyrim skyrim skyrim skyrim skyrim skyrim skyrim skyrim skyrim skyrim mass effect 2 skyrim skyrim mass effect 2 skyrim skyrim

  14. Dude, everything u said about Skyrim, I am sorry to dissapoint u, but Morrowid did it all like 10 years before that. And it did it better. Like much better. Like massively better. Like Skyrim is not even a fucken thing, really.

  15. hmm, I am kind of disappointed to see no Dragon age on the list. That game is a true gem in the RPG genre.

  16. godmite fuck you how many times ineed to tell you what is the playscore of mifia3 just fuck you from now on in longer your sub fucccckkkkk youuuuu

  17. to me rpg needs to have skill trees, not just pure bashin… how bout dead space 1&2? 3rd was fail couse checkpoint system

  18. i've played divinity original sin and keep playing it for 5 years divinity is more precise to the gamer's
    i also played mass effect but suddenly i got stop cause the game never brought good endings
    yes finally skyrim the elder scroll 5 tesv i played a lot of time and i guess it deserves on top one you guys… love playing coz i've mod skyrim to its limits i certainly feel like part of it's world,,nice video thou

  19. oo common.. Vampire masquerade more than last 10 years. you should read the title "LAST 10 YEARS". PIKLARS OF ETERNITY.. WTF did you not include this magnificent pure RPG. i think you just like Action RPG.

  20. I have never watched this channel, but after a couple of videos I noticed this guy puts the same games on every top list, I've seen New vegas Dark Soul Skyrim so many times that I don't know if I should trust his top 10's, he didn't even put Diablo or Diablo 2 on any top PC games videos

  21. I know why Dark souls didn't make this list.
    Its because of pussy casual gamers, who can't take the challenge the game brings to them.

  22. this list is just lazy work…. Put everything what is tagged "RPG" just because there is some rpg element into list of best RPGs is just stupid. Like rly? South park is better RPG than Witcher? I have chanell to avoid now.

  23. Please go fuck yourself. Most games in this list aren't even rpgs and are mediocre games in their own right. Shadow of Mordor or bastion don't belong in any top ten lists, much less rpgs.

  24. sorry mate but yea this IS personal opinion or (not competent research) which you stated to be just facts. The way you took the raw data of ratings without interpretation just shows how much of an actual relevant base of facts this lacks. I mean please: Skyrim top 1? Just because people liked it a lot it would never make top 3 in a really wellfledged neutral list. it might ve been top 10 back then, but the simple fact that divinity: original sin, mass effect 2, fallout: new vegas and the witcher 2: assassins of kings are behind skyrim and sometimes even behind shadow of mordor shows how much expertise is lost here on you. Also that you advice others to order those "awesome" games now makes me wonder if there is an ulterior motive behind this video. i mean just to be clear i dont agree with the people who say that SoM is not RPG since it clearly has the basic RPG elements which make it an RPG. But just because it has the basic elements of an RPG and a greater fanbase as other games doesnt make it a better game. And thats what makes me so furious about your statement that youre being completly objective AND competent about this list.

  25. Who the fuck gave this guy 300k+ subscribers? He does not even know the difference between RPG, action and adventure games. Well atleast he did not include need for speed in his so called "RPG" list

  26. olha esse RPG ai galera qualquer pc roda mano é muito bom o jogo e novo etc… mt top cara tem uns sistema mt louco! ou o FPS

  27. Loved skyrim and all of Bethesda's RPGs, but The witcher 3 easily trounces it!…This is why I never consider industry-level reviews as legit.

  28. Undertale Is My Personal Favourite Of All Games Existing Out There, But "To The Moon" Was Also a Cool Game. And I Think I'm Gonna Try South Park The Stick Something.

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  30. Dude you seems to be just a rich kid with a new fast PC. The real best PRGs are much more than 10 – but not only these, no no no….

  31. Hey dude, don't forget game called "Gothic 1 and Gothic 2"
    It's still became one of best rpg ever. based on stories.

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  33. lmao..i thought it was decent list… the noobie retards in the comment crying about gothic…wtf..other than these dorks no.ones even heard of that shitt..ton of games better than that..crap

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