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♪ Alexasunshine83 it’s always
sunny here! Boop! ♪♪
Hey sunshiners!
Alexasunshine83 right here.
Hello, hello! Super sunny day.
What is up?!
Happy Wednesday!
If you guys don’t follow me
on Instagram,
which is,
You wouldn’t know I got
a sewing machine!
Which I’ve heard ya’ll loud and clear
on all the thrift flip videos
that I’ve done
that it would be so much easier
if I just had a sewing machine.
And honestly, I was really
scared to get one.
And originally I was just gonna use
use my mom’s to
kind of like test it out.
And then she lost it.
So I was like, “Y’know what-
let me just buy a sewing machine.”
That way I’m forced to learn
how to sew because
sewing machines
are kind of expensive?
I just got it yesterday
and I’m now filming this video.
Which is probably a little bit
premature but-
Maybe I’ll look back in a year
and laugh at myself and cringe.
Basically, I thrift a lot.
And with thrifting,
you will find things that
you really like but-
It may just need a slight alteration.
And one of the biggest reasons
why I personally wanted
to learn how to sew
is altering jeans.
If you’re new to this channel:
Hi, I’m Alexa and I love denim!
I never specifically thrift denim
that is so oversize that
I couldn’t wear it with a belt?
Because at that point it’s like…
I’m not going to wear it?
And also trying to thrift flip
that in the past like,
I didn’t know how to.
So with this video
I’m gonna be taking
three pairs of denim
and altering them.
All three of these I love so much.
Which is why I never really
like re-sold them
or got rid of them because
I love them so much.
It’s just that they don’t fit perfect.
Now like I said,
I just got my sewing machine yesterday.
So, I tested out kind of this method
with these Levi’s that I got
a couple weeks ago.
I actually thrift flipped them
with Jessica in my last one,
with just doing like
holes in the knees.
And with these they just were
a little bit too loose
around the waist.
So, I took a look at
some YouTube videos.
Now, I will leave them
linked all down below
because heck no,
was this not my idea
nor original whatsoever.
It’s definitely not perfect
but I feel like it gets the job done.
If you are trying these thrift flips,
you probably already know to use
specifically heavy duty
like jean needles.
Because I learned the hard way.
This is just my first one
and I figured I would film it
because why not?
I’m sorry that was
a super long intro.
I just felt like I needed to like
give some context
to this video but-
These ones are my Wrangler jeans.
These ones have like all the holes.
I love these things so much.
But when you have a little bit more
oversize denim and you have a belt,
sometimes the belt
will go over the denim.
So then it’s like on your skin
and it’s just like a whole thing.
This one is gonna be probably
the biggest transformation
because it has the most excess fabric.
Basically what I’m gonna do-
Oh, it’s inside-out if
you guys didn’t notice.
Basically you wanna do it inside-out
because that’s where you’re
actually going to stitch it.
So then it doesn’t look
like you stitched it.
You can tell that I’m new at this
because it’s very difficult to explain-
‘Cause I barely understand it.
So what I’m going to do is
basically safety pin
where I want it to stitch.
And then that way when I’m sewing
I will know where to do it.
Since I definitely cannot
draw in a straight line,
I know for sure I cannot
sew in a straight line.
So I just took the little pins
and created exactly where
I’m going to sew.
I did double-check to make sure
the pins that I have in
are creating a straight line.
Especially with kind of
above the pockets.
I wanna make sure that it looks
as normal as possible.
So we got the handy-dandy
sewing machine here.
I’ve already threaded my needle.
I have specifically the denim needle.
Definitely recommend.
I have my-
My jeans right here.
A lot of people would end up
taking out the label
and maybe like re-adjusting it.
And maybe even the pockets.
The pockets are quite
big just naturally.
And I think if I move them
it wouldn’t make that
big of a difference.
So I’m not really gonna really
mess with them right now.
I already pinned in-
(Pricks finger)
Like you guys already saw
basically where I wanna sew.
And I’m just gonna sew down.
I already have some black thread
in my sewing machine.
And I’m just going to put it in-
Uh, and go from there?
I’m so excited and also terrified.
So there were slight
technical difficulties.
I basically had to
re-thread everything.
But, the needle did not break.
Probably gonna be
the hard bit ’cause
it’s the thicker part of the jean.
Oh! My thread… just broke.
It’s definitely a common thing
with this video and me sewing,
is my thread kept breaking.
So basically I just had to re-thread it.
Once I did that I was
able to continue on
with my sewing journey.
One little tip that I learned is-
To start and end a seam,
you want to sew
and then you’re
gonna go backwards,
that way it kind of
locks it all in place.
After embarrassingly long enough,
I finally sewed all of that.
I just wanted to double-check
to make sure that they fit right.
Now, they were still a little bit loose.
So I did decide to take some
extra fabric from the sides.
Just because if I took
any more from the back
I would have to move the pockets,
and that is way too much effort.
Basically doing the
same thing inside-out.
I just marked where
I wanted to take it in.
And I made sure to do it
already on a seam line,
that way if I’m kind of folding it
you don’t really notice it?
Because I ended up ending it
kind of where the pocket is-
It didn’t really make too much of
a difference of
showing or anything.
So I just tried these on
and they fit perfect.
Honestly I almost cried because-
Number one, this has
taken me over two hours.
And number two,
I didn’t think it was
gonna work out this well.
So basically now I’m gonna
just cut off the excess fabric
from the back
and then also the sides.
And then this one is complete!
So I was able to cut off
the extra fabric
and that’s how it turned out.
The pants are done
and honestly I’m so excited.
This is insane, like-
They fit absolutely perfect.
These are my new favorite pants.
I didn’t know if this was
actually gonna go well
and it went better than I thought-
Although, did break a needle.
But y’know, tried my best.
Um, but yeah- they fit perfect.
My Calvin Klein jeans.
They are just slightly
too big for me.
They aren’t as loose as
the black ones obviously.
Because these are a lighter wash,
I just have a black pen
and I’m gonna do the same thing
that I did with the other ones.
I’m just gonna mark
where I want to sew it.
Doing the same thing
as the other one.
Literally I’m just sewing a line.
I did notice if I start at
the bottom versus the top
it makes it less likely that
the needle is going to break-
Or at least if it does break,
at least it’s at the end
versus the beginning.
That way your morale
is up and high.
Oop- and then I totally forgot
that there was a pin
and I stabbed myself.
So I broke another needle.
And so, I hand sewed
the bottom area.
I accidentally did it on
the outside of the jean
instead of the inside of the jean.
But it was with a white thread
so you really can’t see it.
So the next thing I’m gonna do
is try to sew kind of
the rest of it?
‘Cause I only got like half-way
to it before my needle broke.
And I have the heavy duty needles
and I don’t know why this
keeps happening to me.
I’m sure somebody is gonna
let me know what I’m doing wrong.
But now we are gonna
do the hardest part.
The part where it makes sense
for the needle to break.
So, let’s see what happens.
I started going to the top
where the thicker material was.
Just because I know that
if I try to hand sew it,
it just would not turn out.
So, I’m going over that
with my sewing machine
a couple of times.
Yay! Okay, it’s definitely not like
the prettiest thing but it’s something!
I think on this one I’m just gonna cut
’cause this bulky thing
is always in the way.
So, I’m just gonna cut it now.
These ones didn’t turn out as well,
but I still have to cut
some pieces from it.
But they still fit.
I mean like, literally perfect.
The butt is a little- um, crooked?
Hopefully nobody will be
looking at it too much.
Um, but other than that-
I mean it fits really nicely.
Before I did it, it was
a little bit loose
and then I had to wear a belt.
Whereas this one I feel like
I could just rock it without a belt.
I think they turned out
like really well!
Originally I was gonna do
another pair of jeans
but the jeans I was gonna
do are really thick.
And I’m not about to
break another needle.
So I just remembered
that I had this skort
that I love so much
but I haven’t worn it
because it’s too loose.
So with this I did
the same thing.
I just marked where
I wanted to sew it.
And it’s a very thin material,
so I feel like this is
gonna be the easiest one.
It does also have
elastic on the side.
So even if I were to do it
a little bit tight it’s still
good for stretching?
The problem with this one-
Of why I haven’t worn it,
is it doesn’t have any belt loops
and because it’s loose
I can’t really wear crop tops
with it or tuck it in.
So I felt like I could either
sew some belt loops
or I could just sew it tighter.
So, just gonna sew it tighter.
That was really easy!
I am gonna sew it
down a little bit more.
Just because then that
line kind of shows up-
If you can see it…
This was definitely the easiest one.
Just because again
the fabric is so light
that I was able to just do
a straight down sew.
I didn’t have to re-adjust
my needle or anything.
With the other ones,
because they were so thick,
it was actually even hard
to put it under the needle.
Then from there I just cut off
the extra fabric on that one.
This one I’m probably
the most shocked at.
Just in the fact that I didn’t
even think about doing this.
And now that I did it,
it fits perfect
and I wanna wear it
every single day.
It fits like so perfect!
Well, what a journey this video was.
Not necessarily for
you guys but for me.
Holy moly!
This video turned out a little
bit different and harder-
Just keep in mind
this was my first time
ever really messing
with my sewing machine.
And I’m excited to keep learning.
I just wanted to film this video
because these were thrift flips
I really wanted to do.
Those black Wrangler jeans
I’m so happy about
because that has been something-
I think I’ve had them
for like a couple months
and everytime I wear them,
I’m like-
I also wanna take a look
at my closet
and maybe thrift flip some items
that I just already have
and kind of renew them.
So if you guys wanna follow
my sewing/thrift flip journey-
Make sure you hit subscribe
right down below
and hit that little bell to be notified
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And also don’t forget
to follow me on
Instagram and Twitter
to keep up-to-date
with me during the week.
I will see you guys on Sunday
with a brand new
Sunny Sunday video.
Enjoy life. Be happy.
And I love ya lots. Bye!


  1. hay, i have vans slip on shoes only the back is to big for me :/. So my foot goes out all the time. Does anyone have a solution? let me know :)) thank you xx

  2. Great job!! I sew too and sometimes its soooo hard but don’t get discouraged just keep going! Anyways you did soooo good for your first time! Jean is such a difficult material. I know if i would do this as a first project I would have broken a LOT of needles😂 You could maybe buy some fabric at a thrift store and make a top out of it with a pattern! Anyways have a super sunny day!☀️

  3. Girl you did soooo good! Idk if you've seen people make two darts to take it in instead of one it might make the back look less funky! Love youuu

  4. Yay, Alexa! Congrats on your new stitchy baby! You'll be a pro in no time and wonder how you ever lived without it 🙂 As I was learning to sew a stitch ripper and A LOT of extra needles were my best friends.
    Once you get used to sewing you should check out the vintage patterns they sell at second hand stores. I get them from Value Village (what Savers is called in Canada) for $.99 and even find fabric there too.
    Good luck on your new adventure 🙂

  5. My aunt is a seamstress and i always had her alter my clothes, i recommend you take the jeans dress or whatever you have on the side and you would never know if you sewed it in! REMEMBER PRATICE MAKES PERFECT!

  6. I recommend ironing your seams. It will make your sewing look so much better! Pressing seams is almost as important as the sewing itself.

    Denim is super hard to sew on, so don't let it discourage you! They have specialized denim sewing machines. Getting denim thread and denim needles might make it a tad easier.

  7. This gives me anxeity….would be easier just to sew on the side and inside….and fold it together?… you but theirs a bunch of videos how to sew….so it looks better n more professinal…its not hard but u just have to sew different so that it looks better

  8. Sometimes, especially when going over thicker bits of material, you can hand crank the wheel, if that makes sense? The wheel on the side of the machine that spins when the needle goes up and down, you can hand spin the wheel so that it goes much slower and you're less likely to break the needle!
    Loved watching this, everyone should learn to sew!

  9. Alexa!!! I love you girl! I think the job or project or goal you're trying to accomplish here would look lots better if you did darts instead of a booty crack stitch! Just an idea/tip! You're going to be great at this! 🤠

  10. BRAVO Alexa! Take everyone's suggestions and watch videos on you tube for each thing you want to learn and before long you will be a pro.

  11. i literally bought a couple pairs of high waisted boys jeans so i could fix them (i've had them for like a month now), and i literally don't know how, so THANK YOU for making this video!!!

  12. You did amazing for a first go at it!!! A sewing machine has been something I've been wanting to get for a while, and now I need to bump it up the list lol. Cant wait for more sewing flip vids!!!💚💚

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    it’s simple but not , if that makes sense?? you don’t look basic lol! but you’re not over doing it…..there lol😊 but you foreal make me want to chop my hair off. it’s down to my a** and such a pain in this heat 😩

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  21. Youre very brave sewing jeans. The 2nd jean with the error just wear one of your long tees over it. This is called the easy fix 👍

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  28. Hey Alexa! I haven’t gotten to watch any videos recently, but I just wanted to let you know that you’re loved❤️

  29. Hi Alexa, at last you bought a sewing machine, yippee lol, 4 tips to sewing
    1, do 2 darts in the back of the jeans they will sit better & you probably wont have to cut them, if it is a lot that you need to take in do 4 darts sewing from "inside" to the edge
    2, put your pins sideways to the seam the opposite of what you did with the head inside & the point of the pin pointing to the raw edge, the needle will run over them no need to take them out, have fun
    3, don't ever push or pull fabric, just guide it, as the bottom has little teeth to grab it
    4, bring the sewing machine closer to the edge of the table, don't stretch to the machine

  30. Holey Moley!!! You did so great. I've been sewing on and off for years (decades really) and I don't think I would have tackled those jeans!

  31. Most if not all sewing machines have a hand crank which can be helpful for some areas. Thicker thread might help a lot. On some sewing machines you can adjust the speed, a slower speed can help.

  32. sorry I'm LATE to this wonderful video!!!!! but so far so good! and I'm so saddd because I don't have a sewing machine because I don't know how to sew. >3 much love Alexa

  33. If you look to the right of the needle in that arched area. There is a little lever that if you push up, it moves the entire foot so you can get the fabric under the needle easier!

  34. I’m “sew” proud of you Alexa!!! You are on your journey to become a seamstress 👏🏻. I have read any other comments but you need different thread 🧵 for denim. You need a heavyweight and I believe there is one for denim specifically. You can ask the clerk at the fabric store. The reason your needle kept breaking could be most likely the thread. If not, then they have heavy duty needles for materials even heavier than denim. Also go slow over the bumps and that will help also with not breaking the needles.

    Give it a whirl…. but I really think it was the thread 🧵

    Dm me on IG if you need anything sewing related 😊. I’m kinda a pro lol 😂 this is mama ✌🏻

  35. Sewing machines terrify me. Great job for your first endeavor! In my opinion, any time you don't sew your finger to the jeans, it's a success. 🙂

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