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if you know the question why you ask what do I say right it should be fun
the tomahawk gaming system oh let’s keep this here and then maybe I’ll bring the
this will be fine right all right hello everyone I’m Dimitri with Hardware Canucks
on my first video from CES so please be kind in the comments visiting Razer and
seeing this new iteration of the Razer tomahawk initially when we saw it it was
the Lian Li Apha rebrand but the Razer tomahawk not to be confused with
that Tower is now something that has evolved into this really cool NUC
iteration system that is going to be raised at Omaha a full gaming system
that they will include the graphics card that will include the new NUC 9 series
that we’ll talk about later but they’re also launching the Razer
tomahawk chassis standalone version the n1 and as usual big thanks to our
sponsors Razer fantex be quiet and Thermaltake for making CES 2020 possible
so let’s talk about the chassis itself it will come in four components as you
see the shell by itself it’s a 10 liter design so pretty compact following the
ITX footsteps but actually quite quite a bit slimmer there’s no power button
no i/o yet but it will come in later we have tempered glass on both sides Razer
only on the rear side as to not interfere with any graphics card that
will be showcased on this side very clean industrial lines love the
angularity of this really love the mesh design on the top currently no talk
about if they want to include any mesh on either of the sides but love the
design very cohesive beautiful frame they do include two 120mm fans for
exhaust to the top and that should provide adequate cooling for the NUC
nine and for the GPU itself plus there’s a bit of insulation at the bottom to as
the base plate does raise the whole chassis a little bit off the ground now
let’s talk about the actual internal components of that Tomahawks chassis so
we have the actual sled it is two lists just basically inserts from the back
really elegant approach we have the power supply it is an sfx unit it will
be there not sure about the actual water jet but up to seven
50 watts that they’re currently available in the market and we also have
the daughter cart at the bottom so it might have an additional MDOT to slot
inside obviously have the slot for the Nook 9 and for the GPU multiple
connectors both for efficient power for the actual NUC 9 and the graphics card
and plenty of length here to include any high end graphics card that you want to
populate inside this case beautiful elegant entire system cnc aluminum
tempered glass it is blocked off so careful with those fingerprints so let’s
bring in Mike so he can tell you more about what this whole new hardware
iteration of CPU on the PCI card means for the future of computing okay so I
really really wanted to talk quickly about the NUC 9 and Intel’s new
ecosystem so what this is it’s almost a complete PC just on one single card
that’s connected to the daughter card with a PCIe connector now on here you
have a motherboard you have m2 SSDs and you have a coffee lake ninth gen
notebook CPU in this case is either than I $9.99 a thk the I 790 750 H or the I
590 300 H right yes there are mobile CPUs but that’s to keep the TDP very
very low now the idea here is to take one of these and install it directly
into the NUC onto the daughter board pop it in like that and then in this
case or in raisers case you’re actually able to install a full-length GPU in
there you’re gonna see in our Nook coverage that in Intel’s concept nook
they can only install an 8 inch GPU into theirs so in Razer’s case they can go all
the way up to a 12 inch GPU that you install into the daughter cards so
Razer’s idea here is to build upon a nook ecosystem by creating what they call the
tomahawk gaming desktop and now what that includes is a GPU along with the
NUC 9 compute module that can include any of the CPUs that I talked about
earlier and have this as a complete desktop that they either sell themselves
or sell through some of their partners personally I think there’s super super
interest simply because of the fact that you can
have a complete system that still has the three year enough nine warranty and
it just comes in this beautiful sleek complete jassi’s what cut cut right now
it looks like this is going to be released in the first half of 2020 but
what we also want to know is what would you pay for it we have in here a coffee
lake notebook processor potentially a rtx 20 80 and a bunch of other
components including memory and and SSDs that razor would include as part of
their complete desktop system so pricing wise we were saying something around the
lines of $2,500 is that something that you would pay for it or would you be
willing to go above that for something that’s this compact now as for the
launch date that’s TBD at this point in time but it looks like it’s going to be
in the first half of 2020 so I think that covers pretty much everything that
we wanted to look at here at Razer but we’re gonna have some additional NUC 9
coverage with more technical details coming right up so make sure you stick
around for that I’m Mike with Hardware Canucks from CES 2020 eavers behind the
camera Demetri is behind him and we have got four other guys from Razer right
here I’m gonna see you may be the next one maybe not

100 thoughts on “This Gaming PC Is DIFFERENT! Razer Tomahawk Changes The Game

  1. If it comes in a barebones configuration, can accept current ITX motherboards, is designed to have decent airflow and I can see it replacing my Dan A4-SFX. Looks like using An Aesetek 645lt in the Tomahawk might be a no go.

  2. Can't I just go with the razer blade laptop at 2500 ?
    Sure Desktop variant GPU is more powerful but with the laptop I am also paying 2500 but with a 144hz screen a keyboard, speakers, trackpad, and a even more compact form factor.
    Not to mention the temperature will probably be better too.

  3. This is not much smaller than a case like the Dan A4 and I imagine the noise is higher and performance is much lower than an equivalently priced ITX system if it costs $2500, if you need portability and a full length GPU, you can buy something like the Alienware Graphics Amplifier for a laptop. It would need to be pretty damn cheap or have a specific use case (which I cant think of).

  4. Pricing:
    Chassis with daughter board and PSU $450
    Chassis with Nuc 9 highest CPU config and 2080 Super $2250

  5. I think for the general consumer that isn't a hardcore gamer 2500 overpriced for Razer desktop it is nice and compact but I would say 1,500 to 1,800. Would be a better price point but again it is Razer and with that you are paying for the brand name

  6. $2,500 I honestly don’t know if I would somewhat thinking I would be use of the graphics card but at the same time I doubt I will ever need one that powerful 😂 I would likely just build a slightly larger one myself

  7. $2500 is insane. This is a NUC, so it is less valuable than either ITX or a notebook. Price should reflect that. Hard to justify more than $200 for the case alone.

  8. I'm interested in the ability to upgrade the system beyond just graphics cards. What about more internal storage space, RAM, and ease of repairing a damaged part of the product if something goes wrong internally. I don't have an issue with the concept of a smaller sized computer being built with the capability to run games and save physical space, but I don't think that putting a price tag of 2500 is gonna do it much good against the more modifiable and decently sized rigs that are around today.

  9. If you could buy it without the gpu, $2000 max for the i9 version without any storage. Case and daughter board only $250- 300, any more than that and its a waste of time. If they will fully populate it with say a 2080 ti, 16gb ddr4 and a 1tb M.2 than $3200-3500. Its a very cool concept, but whats to stop you from building your own itx system, its gonna have to make sense price wise.

  10. 2500 bucks, sounds like a joke! For 2500 bucks, I can get a system with ryzen 9 3900x, 2080ti, 16 GB ram with much better speed and a Louqe Ghost s1, NCase etc.
    I think a gaming Notebook with identical specs. would be priced by 2500bucks

    Sorry but is no need for a system like this.

  11. Starts at 1:04. How much would I pay for it? Maybe 900 US bucks. Maybe. It's just a pointless vanity piece.

  12. It's very compact but just not many use cases; for true portability i'd use a laptop and for a small form factor system I'd much rather have a an ITX (or that new DTX) even if it's a little bigger with options for real desktop processors (and AMD processors). On top of that, other than for very specific scenarios (HTPC, travelling youtuber) I never really got the appeal of SFF computers; the footprint isn't that much smaller than full ATX generally and height is almost never a concern. LAN parties basically don't exist anymore, why do I need a portable desktop? I'm not a techtuber.

    I'd expect $3000 for that with 2080 and 9980HK but I wouldn't buy one.

  13. Guys… the i9-9980HK is not going to bottleneck as much as you think. It’s an absolute beast for a laptop CPU. In fact, it benches more than the desktop i7-9700k.

  14. Ok, so you're asking if we would pay $2500 for this as a pre-built system. As it stands, there's no monitor, keyboard, mouse, or desktop CPU so performance is questionable. How would this be better than a $2500 laptop?

  15. Please help- i have a hyper x cloud flight headset and just got a mod mic and cant figure out how to get them to work. But i noticed in one of your vids u had it on the same set.

  16. I mean it looks cute, but your hardware is going to try to breathe through a straw with that anemic bottom ventilation.

  17. That is a nice looking case – although I would hope they would put the top panel on both of the sides in order to improve the airflow.

  18. not gonna fly. the daughterboard idea died 30years ago why try to bring it back now? why have 3 pcbs when we van already have 2 pcbs. Motherboard with everything on it and just add the gpu. why the need to make them 3 pcbs and connect them with daughter boards.. motherboards can be small today no need for pcie slot connection.

  19. Almost useless. I mean, desktop space is not that rare/expensive. I don't mind a large case, what I want is a (almost) silent case.

  20. Case looks nice but airflow looks like it’s going to be terrible. That mobile cpu with the 2080 looks like a setup for a major cpu bottleneck. Nothing about this system makes sense to me, it looks great but I can’t imagine the performance will be anything special. $2500 I’ll build my own system in a Ghost S1.

  21. Neat. I like how clean it is, but even with the top fans, that GPU is still going to run pretty warm. I wouldn't spend over $2,000 for this. I spent about much that to build a system in the Ghost S1 with a 1080 Ti and an 8600K. And it has better ventilation.

  22. Not to undercut the idea that I like, but this would do a lot better with a more efficient processor like ryzen given the TDP limitations and PCIe 4 connecting to the system to avoid limitations.
    If this is marketed as a pre-built that's space efficient it'll have a place I think. Most people would just go desktop but you can't really change that for enthusiasts. My concerns for the NUC are noise of the included cpu cooler, giving up performance for TDP limitations of laptop CPU, and relatedly the gap in performance per dollar. Warranty and support ought to be excellent as is true for all pre-configured PCs.

  23. $2500? Knock a grand off and then youre in the ball park.
    If youre paying that much, you'll want a screen and keyboard thrown in too…
    Oh… wait…

  24. Disappointed with only two M2 slots when the Intel version has three. I guess if you need a full sized card you'll have to live with two slots.

  25. what would be cool was if the System could be used either Standalone or as a GPU-Only addition to notebooks OR as a CPU+GPU addition to a notebook via TB3.

  26. I'm sorry, $2500 for a "High End" rig that has a LAPTOP GRADE CPU?!

    Better off going Ncase M1 / Dancase / Sliger SM550_560

    This nuc is like the worst of the laptop format, with the worst of desktop format. It really is the worst of both worlds.

  27. Wait wait wait…watch @ 4:02 when Mike put the GPU in the daughter board…why is it like that? That design is horrible. The GPU is gonna starve the NUC9 fan….look where it's placed. I thought this was gonna be a sandwich design like we see in the Dancase A4 or Ghost S1. Razer always has to screw up thermal design somehow…smh.

  28. To be honestly it doesn’t matter what the rrp is going to be for this, anyone who follows the razer brand and it’s progressing will probably pay whatever it’s listed at, but in my “case” if they just sold the case or whatever I’d be purchasing that and building upon it cause more than likely there’s going to be a tonne of support and other iterations from the SFF community

  29. I guess I am better of buying some other sff case and choose components myself for half the price, if not even less

  30. I am a razer fan with countless razer products including 2 phones.. that said personally I think this is a bad move…I have 0 interest in locking myself into an expensive, early underdeveloped ecosystem that quite frankly is ugly as well.

  31. This system is nothing new… In fact, the first personal computer kit, the Altair 8800 was built along very similar lines. Mostly passive S-100 backplane, with separate cards plugged in: CPU, Memory and RS-232 cards at a minimum, Floppy and hard disk cards when they came on the scene, and eventually video, network and modem cards.

    Granted, the cards in the new system are much more complex than a 1MHz 8-bit 8080 CPU card, but this allows costs to be concentrated on the boards doing the work. Board with the CPU having that specific chipset, for example? Yes please… If I later replace it with a different Intel or even GASP an AMD CPU all the required circuitry is there. No more waiting on upgrades because you need a new motherboard for the new hot CPU.

  32. No I don't want a GPU included let us bring our own and cut the price down, I am thinking around $1200 to $1500 with No GPU included or Ram if that makes it even cheaper. $2500 is smack you in the face stupid when I could build a custom Mini Itx system that's superior for $500 less in almost as small case.

  33. That thing is a total hotbox. I would pay $0 for it considering the only thing it's good for is killing your expensive hardware.

  34. No one will buy that at those prices. the Intel price is way to high to start. You can build your own ITX with a desktop chip for half that price. DOA….

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