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If you’ve played Minecraft for a long time now, you’ve probably ended up dying more times than you can count.
When you die, You’ll always get some sort of death message like shot by a skeleton or slain by zombie
however, if you’ve paid close enough attention to them,
you probably know how there are some really specific and weird ones such as
Being withered away whenever you’ve been attacked by a wither or wither skeleton and have been given their effect
In this video, We’re gonna talk about some of the super interesting, most rare, and oddly specific death messages
in Minecraft. So without any further ado, let’s get right into it
Let’s start this video off with a bang,
In Minecraft when a player creates a firework with a firework star and a dye of any color,
the fireworks created will explode in the air and give off a load of color.
these fireworks will also deal damage to anything within the vicinity of the explosion.
If a player creates a roof just above their character and begins to light off their fireworks,
they will explode right next to the player causing them to be dealt a significant amount of damage.
On top of that, if a player creates a firework with an explosion and a flight duration of one
And if they attempt to use said fireworks while using an Elytra, they can be killed in midair as they don’t leave the explosion radius quick enough.
When killed, players will be shown the message: player went off with a bang. Be careful with your fireworks
Continuing along with the theme of things going off with a bang, players can also be killed by lightning.
When killed, the message will state: player was struck by lightning.
While this is a very rare situation to actually be placed in in vanilla survival Minecraft,
It’s entirely possible and can even be replicated in Minecraft via a lightning farm.
To find a video I made a while back about making a lightning farm,
You can check that out above after we’re done here. The specifics to getting struck by lightning are absolutely crazy,
but it’s entirely possible to get struck at random.
it even happened to me when I was playing a match of death swap with log-dog zip
Well you have to be extremely lucky or unlucky to die at random by lightning
It’s not to say
It’s a possible in true cartoon fashion
Anvils might as well be useless if you can’t be killed or at least maimed by one
Just like in looney tunes tiny toons and so many other shows an VLEs can fall on a player and can actually
kill them if they fall from high enough when killed players will be met with a player was squashed by a
Falling anvil message. Well. It’s certainly hard to squish yourself with your own anvil on accident
It could definitely be used as a trap for another player if you happen to wire it up to a pressure plate or a trap
Chest or something like that. I’m not saying you should squash your friends with an anvil but I’m not saying you shouldn’t either
Another way that players can be squashed in game is by entities or more precisely by passive mobs
This one requires the max Anstie cramming game role to be set to anything other than zero
Which by default it’s set to 24 in survival minecraft
When enough mobs enter a one block area with the player the extra mobs and player will begin to take damage when?
Killed the message will read player was squished too much
If you ever wanted to die in Minecraft, surrounded by chickens
Now’s your chance a more simple way to die in Minecraft
But shows how oddly specific the game gets is when you die walking into a cactus while trying to escape a mom
Because minecraft saves the data of what interacts with a player in case you die
Mojang has coated in crazy examples of players attempting to escape death
But finding it anyways the same ways to die comes in the form of drowning and falling into lava
After being hit by a mob the thing to note about this death message
is that the mob cannot get the final hit the object that kills you has to if the mob and object hit you on the
Same tick the mob gets the kill if the object does they both do
For players that play on hard or hardcore mode you may have seen this message once or twice if your hunger bar hits zero then
You’ll begin taking damage in hard and hardcore players will actually die because of this as you’d expect
You’ll literally starve to death as many players don’t typically play on hard or hardcore mode
You may have actually never seen this death message before
Clearly you don’t want to die in this way
But if you want to give yourself a challenge not to then you could try surviving within these modes
when a player gets underneath bedrock and into the void and
Minecraft they’ll begin taking damage at a specific depth for many going to the end is enough to see this message actually
But for glitchers you can actually do it in the overworld in survival minecraft and in the nether as well
While it’s definitely not the easiest task to fall out of the world in survival minecraft in the overworld or the nether
It’s definitely possible and is worth the try for a video I made about breaking bedrock in survival minecraft
you can check out the video that I have linked above a
Super interesting fact about death messages is that pets will also receive their own messages
similar to how a player does with facts about how they died if your pet wolf was killed by TNT
It’ll tell you just that if it was struck by lightning. It’ll tell you if he died in any real major way
It’ll probably tell you about it on top of that super weird death messages that take
extremely specific circumstances to recreate like player fell out of the water and others do exist some of them just have
Problems working in general though the message player removed an Electra while flying doesn’t always show up when you do what the name suggests
With loads of crazy death messages out there. It’s hard to imagine
There are some we actually haven’t experienced, but on that subject. What are some that you’ve experienced
Do you have a favorite death message? What’s your worst minecraft?
Death that you’ve ever had let me know in the comment section down below
But other than that that just about does it for me for now if you guys enjoyed this video
Please consider leaving a like on it because it would really help out myself and MichaelMcChill who co-wrote and edited this video
The channel and the video quite a lot, but anyways guys
I hope you all enjoyed my name is Antvenom and I bid you all farewell
Thanks so much for watching


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  2. I have 5 wolf pets in my minecraft word and the worst death mesage was
    Wolf kiled by zobie
    Wolf kiled by zobie
    Wolf kiled by zobie
    Wolf kiled by zobie
    And only last one wolf

  3. My friend just got the withered away Lmao and i got fell out of water and got Struck by lightning and I got Almost everyone…Ik this isnt a good thing that i die alot lmao

  4. Me:
    I've experimented with a lot of the new blocks, and then, got some weird ones like Fireworks or Elytras.
    Worst Case Scenario: I was going into a cave to find ores and then, I fall to a Lava Pit. How silly of me!

  5. My worst minecraft dead was in the nether, iwas watching a movie and playing minecreft at the same time then a gast spaned in front of me then i died (I’m so sorry for my spelling)

  6. Story Time: When I got my first Elytra, I didn’t quite figure out how it worked so I jumped off the boat, shouted “ I BELIEVE I CAN FLY!” and proceeded to crash into the end city. My death message was “Player thought they could fly” I never laughed so hard in my life

  7. Well, I am lucky so I died because of lightning sometimes. I remember a situation where lightning hit me 3 times ib a raw, I was furious.

  8. Here's my favorite: I was building an enderman farm and the endermite had already been give a name tag (1r3) and it knocked me into the void and it said "playername didn't want to live in the same world as 1r3"

  9. My worst was by swiming in lava with like litterly omost 12 diamondas a lot of iron,gold,lapizlazuli and redstone and full iron armor btw i deleted that world from rage

  10. this isn't a death message, but one time in a hardcore world I survived a swarm of zombies, but then later I died by clumsily falling into lava.

  11. funny minecraft memes ; Steve [ why u alex have nodiamons ; alex [ i dont knwo uo steve ; steve [ ****** you ; funny minecraft deaths mod ; when u die it says OOOOOFFFFFF ; player was died by world

  12. I haved a trident then a cactus killed me while i was trying to escape a wither boss a summond i could not waste a lot of durability on my trident

  13. when the first time I play minecraft…I got a dead said "trying to swin in lava while been chase by a zombie.." I was really shock XD

  14. I once got killed by lightning while trying to shot a ghast that came out to the overworld through my nether portal.
    The death message was just struck by lightning though.

  15. Yesterday I was killing the ecdragon and blew myself up with a bed and it said mrcrafter1110 has been slain by [intentional game design] XD

  16. Iwas in a desert biomeand I found a lava lake so, it was night time, I placed a torch down and all the sand collapsed into the lava and boom

  17. There is also a kinda "secret" death message?
    I mean, it's a glitch. you have to be killed by magic while trying to escape a skeleton? Not sure if it's a skeleton or any mob.


  19. I don't know what it was called, but if you put a bed on 2 blocks, when u sleep, you'll be launched into the air and get it.

  20. My Favourite Death Message Is When You Fall Out Of The World When Trying To Escape Mob: [Player] didn't want to live in the same world as [entity]

  21. I play mainly on a server, which is on hard mode, so I’ve seen most of these. Never seen a player get squished to death though

  22. Hello AntVenom I had a gluch in Minecraft hardcoree and I thot that I am dead for shore but I made it out I was AFK at my farm thear wear allot off torches but when I come back 2 creepers spown when I come and a sleciton I am 6 years so I am shore I made mistakes a the creaper blow up and I jumped it nocked me back and I was on 3 Hart's I had a sheald as I was saying it nocked me to the auther creaper I used my sheald it breaked and the slecoiton shot me and I was on a hawf a Hart I used the bow with power 4 and when I shoot and the slection shot at the same time and the arrows stopped before the arrow hit teacher auther but the slection was shooting but same thing happened so I ran

  23. The only two I got is
    Lunar drownded
    Lunar fell from a high place
    My worst death was where I was playing PS3 with 9 diamonds becasue I was going mining. I made a pillar before to get back up and I decided to mine it with my stone pickaxe (My iron pickaxe broke while I was mining) and I accidentally placed a water and I was in a enclosed space. I was trying to get rid of it with clicking L2 and R2 then I pressed everything with my controller then I died. I started crying ;-;

  24. I think the message for when you get spit by a llama so much that you die should be if it doesnt exist:
    Lunar-Chan got spit too much

  25. When I had no wepon I am trying to escape from zombie seddently a creeper blew up and bang game over
    I am was very angry 😡 about that

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