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Yo, what’s going on guys it’s your boy Clips here and today. We are back with some more edgy mobile
Now in my previous video we played solo, but today
I’m thinking we mix it up a bit and hop into a game of squads also
I’m still
Extremely new to the game
So we’re still playing against bots and all that and in my last video there were a lot of comments like eclipse do you not?
Know you’re playing against bots you moron, and I literally said we’re playing against bots in the video
But people people don’t listen well right now. I’m pretty sure the first game you play though is against the bots
Oh, we got the squad Rea here. Let’s go come on. Also. I have game sound is someone talking. What up yo
This is sick, this is gonna be a great video. I already know it where we going boys okay? No one’s picking
We are going to the school change of location. I guess someone just marked over
Here wait yeah right here
So I’m gonna wait for them to drop out I tend to be super bad at timing this so when I see him drop
I’m just gonna drop and follow exactly in his path. Where are we not dropping out wait? Why did we park there?
If no one’s drop, okay. We’re wait. What is going on. I can’t even move my game right now. What’s going on, dude
I can’t touch my screen I did not turn
Wait no. I need to follow him again. Oh, did I totally just spit myself up. It’s okay. We’re just gonna chill here
I was following this person so my dude would only stay in the path of heck to hakuna
Where do we go in oh wow do we landing it this big old building over here?
Or do they do they have some where we’re trying to land honestly
I got no clue is there even like a loon or anything. We are the Usain Bolt of pub G Mobile
Oh wow, there’s actually hella stuck here. Oh
Let’s get it do we get in some good stoked order?
Also, I asked you guys whether we should keep on automatic or single fire
And it seemed like a lot of the responses were split so I have the same exact question for today’s video
Should we be on automatic or should we be on single as I was saying automatic or single fire? Oh?
God shots popping off you boys coming definitely not eclipse will save you
We got a long run to go still come on hang in there party
Jeez, it sounds like the fourth of July over here your boys coming to save the day though. Just trust me on this one I
Don’t know if I’m playing with this little person, or if they have somebody little in the room
What do you shoot in a boss is this dude throwing grenades downstairs, holy crap what is this person trying to do
Brother oh smoking man. What what is this person doing hello, Martin hey, bro?
Okay, this person seems to be a moron. Let’s just leave out of here
Yo, isn’t this exactly where I landed in my last video
I didn’t even pick this location today
So y’all can’t be mad at me because we’re here this was clearly
Martin alavés secret strategy to ruin my video he’s shooting me. He’s picking the same locations Martin man
You can’t you can’t be doing me dirty like this
Yo, this person is a beautiful singer. I’m just gonna let him keep going continue, man
No, what should we just tell this person oh no no, no no-no-no?
Where did that person just go oh, I knocked him down, but he’s in the water, okay, let’s reload real quickly
I don’t know where his team is a team buddy over there. Where is his team at okay?
We’re just gonna go thirst them real quick. Hey
Get out who sold let’s see if he has any good loot for us though kind of like in the shotgun so far
What do you got for us uh?
Nothing that we really need okay
We’re just gonna continue on I guess let’s head back to where my team is they’re kind of getting a little bit distant
So I don’t want to get too separated hey, bro. You’re a great singer
Oh wow yo we just got a lot of ammo right there perfect
I’m kind of getting stacked right now if I can just get like a site for this gun
I would really appreciate it not really feeling the iron sight too much
It looks a bit ugly so uh we can just maybe get something better
I would be just I would be ecstatic Oh
Apparently I’m a big idiot and you can’t even get a site on the tommy gun fun fact of the day
We’re gonna make the long-distance jump right here. Are you ready?
Holy crap I actually didn’t think we were gonna make that yo are we actually gonna start finding people
Anytime soon because right now things seem a bit slow oh
Wow, I thought I was taking fall damage. They’re
all mini shot getting shot
Get how woody your brother that dude shot me once oh
My god another person or another bot that’s my teammate man. Why does this Martin person just keep on shooting me, man
What are you doing? Why do you play this game? If you’re just gonna shoot your teammates
I don’t I don’t understand Martin he doesn’t seem to be the best Oh
Shots popping I bet you that’s our teammate shooting though because he seems to shoot everyone is that you Martin better not be you buddy
Oh, no. There’s someone right there
Get outta here, dude. I don’t even know what that person was doing
Molinos oh god more shots is there another enemy, or is that my teammate helping out?
Dude I don’t know what this dude is doing over there
He has been shooting us this entire game, and it doesn’t make sense whoa shots popping off this way
I’m going come and land – I’m on the way I can only run so fast Usain Bolt does have a speed limit
I’m coming you guys got to run zigzags to avoid getting hit
This is the secret to win every single gun fight look at this you just run zigzags and jump
And you will just evade every single shot. I’m telling you wait till we find our next opponent
This is gonna be the strategy
We’re gonna just evade his bullets get up close to him pop in the air and do a Superman shotgun bat blast point-blank range
It’ll work. It’ll get us to kill. I don’t care for against the bots. It’s gonna be cool
You know what now that I think about it
I bet you it was Martin shooting, and he just baited me I could be wrong. We’re still gonna check it out, man
What is what is Martin doing? Dude? I just I gotta ask this dude
Who do we see somebody we do see somebody like I do that tactic the tactic?
zig zag zig zag zig zags jump jump jump boom oh
That is what I’m talking about that is how you win every gunfight take advice from Eclipse
I’m telling you that is the way to do it oh
My god my god my god. Oh
Here, I’ll back it out. Where’s the other one? Oh, okay? I got him make sure gonna dive in real quick
Hey, buddy
Hey, is there any other people anyone else near us that I can go take out I gotta try out that shotgun trick again
We’ve done it to one person, but I didn’t oh. I see somebody down here
I see somebody all he’s a bit far away though, so I can just jump keep your zigzag up
There we go another one down for eclipse
Look at that six kills like a beast no one can stop the clickbait God. Let’s be real. Oh shots popping off this way
We’re going in more and do not die on me actually Martin screw you you can die on me. Oh yes finally Oh
Get outta here, bro that is what I’m talking about now
I have to go find out where this person is at because they’re down in this water
And it’s actually extremely hard just to see in here. Oh there. He is
What oh?
My god, can I not shoot this person?
Hello, uh
Guys in someone teach me with what’s going on right here because I do not know you know what we may have to get the
Frying pan out on this one
Boom get outta here, dude, okay, so frying pan coming in caught right there
Apparently you can’t shoot a shotgun through the water Martin
I am just waiting til you die you will die, and I will not pick you up Martin man. What are you doing now?
I swear this person is just so what are you doing bro come on? Oh?
Man someone shooting me someone shooting me oh my god, Martin get out of here
bro the biggest troll alive
I really am hoping he dies so I can just stand next to him while he bleeds out
What is going on over here? What the heck is going on? I need to go see what this is all about
I’m not sure if that’s a care package or what but I see some smoke spinning in circles, and it looks pretty damn cool
Huh a bike come on Hector. We can be like duos on this bike. I’m gonna come pick you up
I’m gonna drive you get on the back. This is this will be God Tyr I am excited
Oh God my bad Hector forgive me man forgive me forgive me
Well come on you know, they’ll get up they’ll there’s people shooting this way people shooting this way Oh, No
What’s going on a hectare
Oh this exact say can’t shoot you in zigzags
Jump boom got him that is what I’m talking about a bit sloppy there, but we we pulled it off alright
I may have to pop one of these energy drinks. Okay. Let’s get back on the bike. I’ll let you drive this time always
They’re more people as some more people who is shooting us
Hector I don’t know where we’re getting oh my god. They are everywhere. They are just everywhere Hector do just peace out, bro
I’m leaving you. I am leaving you you out of here bro. Are you kidding? They are just everywhere?
Let’s come on top of this hill. I’m getting blasted. Let’s try to get out of here and heal
This is actually getting intense. There’s nine people left. I have eight kills Hector’s about to die so sorry
Sorry, just to leave you like that ok Hector. I’m gonna come back and save you right now
We have this height advantage on everyone. Let’s reload up our shotgun
Oh, I see one person right there Hector hang in there you have barely any health left, but I am not too far away
Man, oh, I see him I see now
God oh, I’m there we go
I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to hit him that far because my accuracy was a bit rough
But we took him out
Let’s do our jump tactics a little bit more because I’m not sure who else is in this area really
There’s one other person remaining, and I think he is this way, so we’re about to get a win
Which is good, at least? I hope this may be like the ninja of Pogues eMobile watch us
Just get absolutely decimated oh, and would you look at that we ended up winning winner winner chicken dinners?
So we got first place your boy got 9 kills. I’m not sure if I can check how many kills these people have um
9 9 1 so in total we had 19 kills right there pretty damn good
Unfortunately your boy wasn’t the MVP, but I would say read it fairly
Well in today’s video definitely have improved a little bit since the last time now guys
This is gonna be my last pop G mobile video for quite some time
I’ll probably have another one up in like 5 days and by then I’ll have
Hopefully a lot more experience under my belt and the video should get a lot more intense so guys this has pretty clips
thank you all for watching and

100 thoughts on “The WORLDS WORST TEAMMATE EVER in PUBG Mobile…

  1. You use Auto when you have more than 100 ammo, and you use single when you have less than 100.

    Oh and when you want to snipe people from far away using an AR you use single, not Auto.

  2. Dude my teammate went to pick me up and hit me on purpose. I was screaming help in the chat but the dude just left.

  3. Dude u can check the map to see the shooting of bullets and if u don’t see bullets and hear it it’s ur teammate

  4. U should pick up akm(7.62) scar(5.56) and m416(5.56) cuz they r auto rifles and u can add scopes

  5. Eclihpse, use single fire for burst M16 or M4 to get more accuracy, and automatic for SMGs and SCARH. I've been playing this game since it came out so I pretty much a pro at it by now XD (Shotguns are terrible btw)

  6. I usually switch to single, that way i have the highest accuracy and control. Also i like to snipe

  7. It's not bots you just matches up with people who still learning the game bots don't shot you etc

  8. The M416 and Akm are the best guns. Also the kar98k is good but does least damage of the snipers, the m24 is better and best is AWM. The mini14 is also really good so pick it up if you see it.

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