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Like It was the YouTuber welcome back to the cul-de-sac it support easier when I walk me guys to a game called zombie cause Oh Christmas-themed whore game a little late. I know but it’s like I saw I thought it looked pretty dope I thought we could check it out with some trash then Some trash, but trying to keep up the streaks I can dig in Let’s freaking get movie does go ask you guys a question question of the day What is the biggest word that you know, leave me in the comment section down below my favorite responses Responses right here I was gonna block my face cuz at this point it’s like yeah new game off the back bro off the back Shaq attack So there goes Santa now. I was in here earlier my sensitivity go. Oh Yeah, my kid money. I don’t know the objective. I was in this early before my thing crash. He just beats your body Like am I supposed to be afraid of that or something dude go back here? Let’s miss Becky Can we get on the computer or we can you know what put off? The music gotta go come on music. Oh we gotta redo this whole thing, bro Alright, we got it all or no way. Can we get inside the computer? The longest plug for a YouTube channel I’ve ever witnessed in my life Absolutely ridiculous, and they were rushing to the doors close with the puzzle on the wall. Oh Shoot, okay So we got a match well close the door before Eagles up here if you got a match at this over here now It’s been a minute. I’ve done with these puzzles, but I’m pretty good at puzzles I would like to say oh that is not correct do it. I’m almost have this figured out. I’m like so close It’s kind of insane. Oh my gosh I’m so close to game Oh I see it. We’re know it’s probably not even that difficult I just don’t find of here that he that puzzle will not be unlocked today, sir Yep, just go right back downstairs you big jolly old idiot. I what? All right relax, I just heal to those more veggies What what do these stinky socks do this is the weirdest Game I’ve ever played just walk by walk on by brother That’s it That’s it open this up Yes, sir And that is how you vase I know What? Your notebook with numbers. There’s no book with you. But what? I Thought I took damage this delicious in my doorway this house layout looks so familiar, I don’t know I know Right there, is that because I hosted freaking doors scumbag I’m looking for an item That may or may not exist Go downstairs freak this dude. Wait, how long my I’m pretty darn low freq this dude go I Can’t shake him off in time Close that close AIDS. Oh My gosh, he’s behind me he’s behind me What what the flip dude like How am I supposed to search for items? If this brother keeps chip, there’s something in there around go all the way around Yeah. Oh, no. I thought I broke your ankles. Okay, come back Just break it this time Yeah, he’s he’s fairly slow Got a Christmas present What does that do though? Can you go somewhere all my goodness? I’m trying to find items This man is a hope on my back breathing down my neck. There’s dirty socks everywhere just lay Something in there. All right Oh this man can teleport oh I got it Save game, okay That means I have no HP Can we jump no, we can’t no we can’t. No we can’t that. We can’t nobody can’t We might die here Dude how you gonna how you gonna disappear in Swan the same spot? Yep Coaster Why is it interruption changed why is it in rushing? I’m understand. All right. We’re back in it We got our presence still that’s good. At least they saved the game the game Oh joke Oh notebook I’m gonna die Yeah, I found the notebook for the phone as soon Are we back at like a crack addict? Fresh out of rehab he’s going into the room that I need to go into a great gift for the new year probably worth it To carry, it’s carried under a tree Like I’m under the tree Nothing’s happening with that that that’s astounding I’m not gonna use I thought it was an item I could use is Not sir, there’s a whole safe here. All right nine to three eight Maybe I read the password wrong safe Pascal Wait does that mean it’s open? I’m confused. Oh it is Notebook Make sure he’s not here. I’m like in my face make sure he’s not upstairs go Close that close the door. All right use the phone use the phone There we go Now I’m so confused he’s gonna kill me Yeah, right so you but I see you Can’t open up doors. Yep, go hustle Do that what I thought is that the chicken what is that? Oh it is the chicken Take the chicken to the microwave hold my Oh Week oh we’re on a roll baby I wasn’t exposed to dirty socks. We need five more gifts. Maybe it’s one her sock He’s your spot right next to me. Oh my gosh my gosh Yes Just be on your merry. Merry little wake now. Where’s the washer? Where’s the washer? What? Is it in the garage? No, here we go. Here we go the washer and dryer this book I Dropped the sock. I Got to be like one prison for sock. It won’t make You gotta be careful with these socks cuz they they like get caught behind objects We should it’s not fun in the slightest This house layup is kind of trash not gonna lie your little poof poof poof away You might as well turn. Yep yep, I Told ya I told the busted open key spot right behind me. All right, I Told that Buster to turn around this to see His stinky sock, all right. Well, what was the objective let me see How many did oh I’m dead girl, all right. Yeah, I’m done I don’t want it I don’t want it no no no Hope you guys enjoyed this video if you guys did y’all right know what to do, please. Be sure to karate That like button comment down below temperatures that subscribe today to our new speaker projects You know be now catch it beautiful faces in the next video if you were bored I put a card up above tomorrow some content that you can go Pretty funny stuff in my opinion anyway

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  1. The biggest word I know is from merry poppins it goes like supercalifragilisticespealidochus I don’t know if that is how it’s spelled
    Btw I mostly will be here in ur streams

  2. I love that you played wolves by kanye west when santa first exploded and when the dude was speaking russian AND when the fruit exploded. I love that song and I love your channel so keep making funny videos!

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