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Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

select a game to play select a smurf do I have a bad side no once upon a time
the Smurfs gathered in Smurf Village to plan a surprise party for Smurfette’s
birthday you see while every Smurf is special Smurfette is particularly unique
since she’s the only girl in the village her birthday was going to be smurftastic
was singing dancing Smurf berry cake and presents that didn’t blow up since none
were from jokey Smurf but little did the Smurfs know that they were about to get
a surprise from the evil wizard Gargamel Oh No whatever Gargamel is planning has
scared everyone away from Smurfs village as you try to uncover Gargamel’s plans
collect the coins left behind his clues by those lost Smurfs a new portal has
appeared the enchanted forest as they prepared
for the festivities the Smurfs were startled by the sound of Smurfette
screaming in the enchanted forest they ran quickly to see what had
happened but arrived too late Smurfette had been smurfnapped by a
mysterious stranger as the stranger dragged Smurfette
into the enchanted forest a spell suddenly transformed the normally happy
creatures of the forest into very mean ones The Smurfs panicked and in the
confusion accidentally bumped Papa Smurf sending his magic Smurf portation
crystals flying into the air and right into their mouths once swallowed by the
Smurfs the magic in the crystals activated and opened a portal that Papa
Smurf knew would help them find Smurfette The Smurfs jumped in ready for
any danger that might come their way select a smurf let’s Smurf everyone my spell has found you let’s see if your
little blue man spends can get away from this details you Smurfs won’t be so
lucky select a smurf okay okay let’s go let’s
Smurf Wow let’s go let’s go Wow select a Smurf Smurf but that was easier than I thought there you are you silly Smurfs let’s see
if you can hop out of danger this time conceivable the next time I Connor you
you won’t be so lucky ready for you select a Smurf Gargamel
will be a tough ever let’s Smurf select a smurf let’s Smurf I kind of like this look for my calendar well hello my lovely daughter Smurfette
vexy Banzai I need to canvass for my eyes selector Smurfs Gargamel will be sorry let’s continue our story when the Smurfs
arrived in the spooky woods they found Smurfette held prisoner the Smurf Napper
who called herself vexy looked like a smurf but was pale in color rather than
blue gutsy Smurf demanded that vexy release Smurfette but she refused saying
that she was taking her sister back to their papa
vexy then carried Smurfette off even deeper into the forest but before the
Smurfs could stop her a cursed frog leapt out and attacked them let’s Smurf Wow looks like you found Smurfs it’s good to
have them home a new portal has appeared the spooky woods while the Smurfs defeated the cursed
frog vexy had taken Smurfette deeper into the spooky woods where the Smurfs
knew Gargamel often lurked suddenly a second portal burst open and they
smurfed into what was surely going to be even more danger The Smurfs jumped out
of the portal and into the spooky woods almost immediately they became lost and
grouchy Smurf made sure they all heard about it but before he could finish
complaining The Smurfs heard a sinister yet unmistakably familiar snicker echo
throughout the woods unafraid the determined Smurfs pressed on in their
search for their beloved Smurfette Papa suspected that she’d been taken to
Gargamel’s hovel select a smurf are you sure about this let’s Smurf I found you again before was just a test
yes now get ready for your total destruction did not go as planned
I will find you again said Smurfs select a smurf Keep Calm and Smurf up let’s Smurf Oh select a smurf finally we can go let’s Smurf Wow Wow Wow Wow wow that’s really let’s stop these
wretched Smurfs once and for all Azrael that is a queue as the L are you dead yet your Smurfs
won’t be singing lalala next time I find you yeah let’s get our Smurf on select a smurf for danger let’s Smurf selector Smurf this mirror made me look
smart let’s Smurf that easily or girl Betsy get Smurfette
don’t make me bring Marcus to select a smurf as Papa Smurf suspected
vexy had taken Smurfette to Gargamel’s hovel as the Smurfs made their way
inside they found Smurfette trapped while vexy mixed a strange potion The
Smurfs pleaded with Mexi to release Smurfette but she refused
telling them again that Smurfette was her sister and belonged to their true
Papa Gargamel but the Smurfs are Smurfette’s real family and they remain
determined to free her vexy finished mixing her potion and set
the bottle on the ground the potion opened another portal which
revealed their old nemesis Azrael Betsie grabbed Smurfette and leapt into the
portal but when the Smurfs tried to follow
Azrael stood menacingly in their path The Smurfs knew that they would have to
deal with a snarling Azrael before they could continue let’s Smurf looks like you found Smurfs it’s good to
have them home a new portal has appeared New York City it wasn’t easy but the Smurfs managed to
overcome Azrael Papa Smurf had peeked into vexes portal just before it closed
and saw a familiar place New York City luckily the Smurfs portation crystals
allowed them to open another portal to the same place even though they realized
New York might not be completely safe The Smurfs knew it was also home to some
very good friends the portal dropped the Smurfs off at the home of Grace and
Patrick Winslow their human family excited to see them again The Smurfs
told the Winslows about Smurfette’s capture and asked if they knew of
Gargamel’s current whereabouts just as worried for their friends Smurfette the
Winslow said that Gargamel was now a world-famous magician tonight was his
last show in New York before leaving for Paris France with no time to waste
Patrick gave Papa the location of the theater in Paris where Gargamel show
took place The Grateful Smurfs then said their goodbyes to the Winslows and
smurfed a new portal heading for their next stop in New York select a smurf let’s Smurf whoa select a smurf I got this money let’s Smurf that’s right smart foul to
the way whoa this time I have you now need my wand
I call her the Wonder mace play on words what manner of freakish sorcery is this
oh you Smurfs can laugh now but you want me nothing much longer select a smurf like a nail let’s Smurf hackus
lexy stop these meddling Smurfs once and for all you are deeply disappointing experiments Wow selector Smurf I’m not afraid let’s burn Oh select a smurf okay okay let’s go let’s Smurf Wow Wow yeah it Wow yeah I can’t believe this
raucous health Mexicans that annoyingly perky Smurfette select a smurf gosh as soon as the
portal open the Smurf spotted Smurfette now held captive by Gargamel vexy and
another Smurf like boy creature who shared her same pale color it was hackus
vexes brother who like his sister had been created by Gargamel Gargamel was
shocked to see his enemies the Smurfs appear but his initial surprise was
short-lived he ordered vexy and hackus his naughties
to attack with tremendous strength pakka’s knocked the Smurfs back like
they were Smurfs bowling pins the naughties forced the Smurfs to retreat
into a nearby candy store where the naughties continued their pursuit while
Gargamel snuck off to conjure another evil spell while it may have been just
the two of them against the Smurfs the odds somehow seemed stacked against our
heroes let’s Smurf Hey looks like you found Smurfs it’s good to
have them home a new portal has appeared the Arctic tundra the victory over the naughties was sweet
but brief Gargamel returned with Smurfette
now even angrier because his naughties had failed to stop the Smurfs
vexy and hackus retreated behind their master as he waved his wand in the air
and declared that his evil plot had only just begun to unfold at that moment
Papa Smurf Smurf tannu portal so the Smurfs could escape with Smurfette but
Gargamel’s magic covered it with a thick sheet of ice the Smurfs
slid on the slippery surface right into the frosty portal the frosty portal
deposited them alone on an icy Mountain whoa the Smurfs have never been this
cold in their entire lives to make matters worse it seemed that the
Smurfs portation crystals had stopped working again with no way to Smurf a
portal the trap Smurfs decided to explore the mountain hoping to find
shelter and somehow restore the power of the magic crystals along the way select a smurf let’s Smurf it is time to end this I believe most of
you have already met lawanda know in my mind this always works out differently
now I will get your Smurfs selector Smurf allow me to enlighten let’s Smurf select a smurf I’ll be making my own
path let’s Smurf I think this will be more than you can
bear what Honda no come here you big race select a smurf let’s Smurf select a smurf I am ready for the
journey let’s Smurf I see we have my darling Smurfette
looks like my long-lost daughter will be paying her world-famous father a visit me time select a smurf horse you pick me their
desperate journey through the snow and ice led the Smurfs to the top of the
mountain just when all seemed lost the magic in the crystals suddenly returned
and the Smurfs prepared to Smurf a portal to find Smurfette but before they
could leave brainy Smurf shakily observed that they were not completely
alone as the Smurfs turned to see what was frightening him they were relieved
to be greeted only by a cute polar bear cub oh but Papa Smurf remained wary of
Gargamel and his fears were realized when he saw another spell headed
directly for their new polar bear friend unknown to the Smurfs this spell was
also part of Gargamel’s evil plan to prevent them from rescuing Smurfette I do enjoy invention ready for you looks like you found Smurfs it’s good to
have them home a new portal has appeared on lava jungle now in Paris Gargamel
schemed to permanently rid himself of the pesky Smurfs despite many defeats in
the past he remained confident that this time he would prevent them from taking
Smurfette but just in case Gargamel also carefully considered a back-up plan if
ice won’t cool him down Gargamel mused aloud but before he could
finish he was interrupted by an eager-to-please hackus who blurted out
then fire warmed them up at first Gargamel frowned at the slow witted
hackus but then recognized the unintended truth in what he said if ice
won’t stop those infuriating Smurfs then fire will Gargamel uttered our little
Smurfs are so cold they turned blue it’s time to turn up
the heat with a flick of his wand Gargamel created a powerful energy that
rushed out of his fireplace and into the streets of Paris which lit up blue like
a smurfy Christmas tree meanwhile back on Ice Mountain the Smurfs managed to
stop the poor polar bear cub who had been cursed by Gargamel
Papa Smurf struggled anew to Smurf another portal but the Smurfs portation
crystal still weren’t working properly a portal eventually opened
but something seemed very wrong it was swirling red and blazing hot Papa
tried to warn the Smurfs but they were so eager to leave the bitter cold of ice
mountain that they jumped in anyway left with no alternative
Papa joined his Smurfs and together they smurfed into what Papa realized was
almost certainly another of Gargamel’s traps selector Smurfs Gargamel will be sorry let’s Smurf okay okay this time I will end your
tiresome struggle you are like little blue roaches next
time we meet you will be sorry select a smurf you’re welcome
I’m here let’s Smurf select a Smurf populations you picked
right let’s move you’ve made it this far I will give you
that now allow me to express my heartfelt appreciation oh how it warns
the car No Phoenix come back to me we’ll get
ready for the Smurfs select a smurf I’d say it’s time for a
VIP let’s burn Oh selector Smurf period let’s Smurf I always knew my daughter Smith would
return to me and there’s nothing your real monsters indoor market select a smurf I’m all Smurfs exiting
the portal The Smurfs carefully walked across a bridge suspended over a giant
pool of boiling lava as a flock of silly looking birds flew overhead Papa Smurf
knew that they would not have to wait long for another Gargamel spell back in
Paris Smurfette told Gargamel she believed that her family would still
save her Gargamel replied how are the Smurfs going to save you
when they won’t be able to save themselves Gargamel then cast a spell
into the lava forget about the colonel let’s see how they like a wizards fried
chicken let’s Smurf a new portal has appeared Paris with the Phoenix beatin the Smurfs
were able to set their sights on nuan Gargamel Papa Smurf used the magic in
the now restored crystals to finally Smurf a portal to Paris he reassured the
nervous Smurfs that this time it would lead them to Smurfette The Smurfs
followed Papa Smurf into the portal and to what was sure to be their final
confrontation with Gargamel when they emerged the Smurfs saw a tall pointed
Tower as usual grouchy Smurf complained that it didn’t seem they were in the
right place as if on cue a flyer fluttered by announcing Gargamel led
Gras proving that they were indeed on the right track selector Smurfs Gargamel will be a tough let’s Smurf well now I have you smashed right where I
want you if I want to I could have destroyed you
lawanda and I just wanted to take our time to finish you later these potions
are working select a smurf let’s Smurf select a smurf gotta try my let’s Smurf who now I have you Smurfs exactly where I
want you escape is impossible this time your Smurfs are lucky that they
permitted you to get away come on lawanda let’s make sure this never
happens again Oh select a smurf I’m not afraid let’s Smurf whoa go good Oh select a smurf let’s Smurf nope looks like I win I have Smurfette and
when she gives me the secret formula absolute power and world undulation will
be mine select the Smurfs it’s time to Smurf the Smurfs
crept quietly into Gargamel’s theater where he was performing his magic show
but Gargamel still somehow managed to spot them and retreated behind the stage
curtains to escape the Smurfs gave chase only to discover that Gargamel had
trapped their sister Smurfette in his evil Smurfs tractor a machine designed
to steal the essence of a smurf with a devilish grin Gargamel proclaimed this
is the end my little blue Smurfs once I extract all of your essence with my
Smurfs tractor I shall rule the entire world you and and I will stop you silly Smurfs
get ready to feel the wrath of the magnificent let’s Smurf you Smurfs made you wonder hate me just
remember this one in the last time you faced a mighty
dargon a great job everyone The Smurfs rallied to save Smurfette as
the battle raged on Gargamel stumbled into the Smurfs tractor damaging it
while he frantically tried to make repairs The Smurfs freed Smurfette
but Gargamel still had his natis he called upon them to stop the Smurfs but
vexy and hackus hesitated they had come to care about Smurfette the naughties
remembered how she had pleaded with Gargamel to feed them when he cruelly
refused showing them the power of love vexy and hackus now joined forces with
The Smurfs and tripped Gargamel into the Smurfs tractor it exploded and sent him
high into the air showering a rain of sparks just like a firework show while
it had been a long and difficult quest to rescue Smurfette from Gargamel and
Azrael The Smurfs joyfully reunited and reminded themselves that family is
always there for one another no matter what the odds Smurfette tearfully thank
Papa and all the Smurfs for saving her with the group together Papa Smurf
opened a final portal to return them all the Smurfs village but before they left
Papa Smurf noticed that vexy and hackus were also crying as hackus sob hackus
leaking Papa knew the naughties were really Smurfs at heart just like
Smurfette even though they had been created by Gargamel and now they had
turned as blue as any Smurf Smurfette told The Smurfs how it happened Gargamel
had used a potion on the naughties the same secret formula that had changed
Smurfette herself so many years ago his plan was to transform his naughties into
Smurfs and then extract their essence too but this plan like all his others
had been foiled by The Smurfs with vexy and hackus along for the ride
The Smurfs slept together into the portal to return home back in Smurf
Village Smurfette’s birthday party was now
finally underway every Smurf including vexy and hackus
gathered around her Smurf berry cake to celebrate as the Smurfs sang and danced
their troubles with Gargamel became a distant memory life for the
Smurfs had returned to normal that is at least until their next adventure

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