The Theft Protection

Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

i’ve been playing this game for
a year, i’ve ate me some animals
theres rules to this shit, i made me a manual
a step by step booklet for you to get,
yo game on track
not yo wig pushed back
rule numbre uno, dont let yo rando team know how much, loot you hold, cuz you know
suppressors breed jealously, especially for a k98, get yo ass tk’d
number 2, always try to know your next move
before a squad push up on you with silencers,
bye, you just took it from behind ya’s
i done seen mad squads meet their gods
whether soft or hard
number 3, never trust energy drinks
theyre traps to set yo ass up, probably camped up
quiet as all fuck, cornered and crouch ducked
blast from behind the door in that little
room in sanhok
number 4 , i know you heard this before
if you cant make em die, why the hell would you try?
number 5 never brag about how your game went
i dont care if your fucking proud, you aint
number 6 you trolls on reddit, dead it
you think that blueholes replying back, shit forget it.
7 shotguns are so underrated
keep your enemies chestpeice completely seperated
5.56 dont mix with 2 clips
but you wiff….find yo ass in serious shit
number 8, never keep the 8x on you
unless you are the best sniper in your whole crew
number 9 is pubg 101 for me
if your ass gettin shot find a gottam tree
if you standing in the open aint nobody jokin
youll be laying there broken, body is still
number 10, a doctor called disrespect
not no freshmen, 2 time champion
if you aint got the fuckin skill, say hell
cuz he gon take your head off, one shot, crossbow
follow these rules you have mad jewels to be tried
if not, another hot drop, maybe next time
land in pochinki, use the wave technique
first soldier on the ground, then you grab
an ak and fucking light up
every enemy in sight tryin to put a fight up
until the last man standing you gon only rise up
gotta go gotta go, more chicken to fry up, word up
pubgza…agent lead

65 thoughts on “The PUBG Commandments ( PUBG Rap Song )

  1. i actually don't really like these bars but i wish the best to you on making better tracks in the future that will make you blow up

  2. This is fucking awesome, your flow is so much like 10 crack commandments and you basically summed up every pubg how to ever in 1 video, respect.

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