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On July 22nd, 2011,
one of the community’s first,
and most impactful Minecraft overhaul mods,
was released for the public for everybody to enjoy.
After its release, the mod gained immediate attention all around the world.
Understandably, the title of the mod became synonymous with terms like
and “expansive”.
With the mod’s release, players were introduced to a completely new world,
known simply as the Aether.
In this video, we’re gonna talk about the Minecraft mod that started it all;
the Minecraft mod that changed everything.
So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.
So what is the Aether?
Simply put, the Aether was one of,
if not the largest
single modification to reach Minecraft at the time of the mod’s release,
and arguably is still one of the largest even up to this very day.
Featuring an entirely new and expansive realm,
primarily defined as an opposite to the Nether and as a heaven to the Overworld,
the mod showed something that had never been done before,
or at least not to this scale.
Giving players an entirely new and unexplored realm to adventure around in was… interesting.
For many, the Aether was a territory to gawk in
and be in awe of,
while for others it was a place to build, thrive, and conquer.
As an opposite to the Nether,
the world was bright and exciting,
rather than dark and gloomy.
However, that’s not to say it was simply a cakewalk.
The Aether offered up various challenges,
one of which practically having to relearn the entire game.
What would work in the Overworld and the Nether wouldn’t always work in the Aether:
If you fell off the Aether island,
you didn’t just die like you would falling into the void,
but rather, you would actually fall into the Overworld.
On top of that, most things in the Aether that seemed fairly normal and regular to Minecraft
usually had a second level of depth that made you slightly more cautious, or even more cautious, as you explored.
The Aether’s approach to creating an entirely unique world didn’t go unnoticed amongst players —
if anything, it was applauded and revered.
Unlike most mods at the time,
the Aether was truly unique at how large-scale it was as a project,
featuring twenty-two (22) mobs,
an insane amount of different and unique blocks,
loads of different weapons and tools,
plenty of armor,
interesting foods,
a fully developed accessory system,
plenty of unique materials,
and genuinely fun mechanics to mess around with,
the Aether seemed like a truly complete project from the very beginning.
And that’s just the beginning!
Because this world was so unknown,
it offered up plenty of new creative ideas for players,
and allowed the developers to really stretch their creativity.
This different environment allowed for massive ideas to be able to be created.
Not only was this a place that you could survive,
but, as I said previously, it was a place that you were intended to conquer.
With bronze, silver, and gold dungeons littered all throughout the world,
posing a challenge to anybody brave enough to enter,
the aether became more than just a dimension to live in.
Not only could you survive here,
but you could also thrive here.
The Aether, for many, was intended as an endgame realm,
meaning that once you did what you wanted to do in the Overworld,
you could pack up your stuff and head to the Aether.
Needless to say, many took the challenge,
and because of that,
one of Minecraft’s biggest mods ever was pushed to the forefront of the community,
and gained worldwide recognition amongst players.
Simply put,
the Aether did what other mods didn’t even dream of doing at the time.
When the mod’s popularity became apparent,
its spark lit the modding community on fire,
inspiring mod makers to up their game and work towards creating a bigger and better Minecraft.
A very common phrase heard throughout the community at the time of the mod’s popularity was
“If it’s not as good as the Aether,
why would I play it?”
As I said previously,
the Aether became synonymous with
and “expansiveness”.
and thus,
hundreds of developers attempted to also have the same polish and commitment as the Aether did.
However, sadly, because the mod was so massive,
its journey to uphold and constantly keep updated
was always quite the struggle.
However, with the currently ongoing Aether II project,
it definitely seems like they’ve got everything figured out.
Most Minecraft modding teams can only dream to achieve what the Aether did in its lifespan,
and Guilded Games, the team behind the Aether II,
is hoping to recapture that lightning in a bottle,
and present it to the community as they continue to push forward with the mod’s development.
Inspiring countless YouTube series,
inspiring mod makers,
and as well as just inspiring a general playing base for the product itself,
the Aether’s rise within Minecraft is definitely one to take note of.
Looking back on the Aether itself,
its signs of impact can still be seen to this very day.
With the way that things are going in the Minecraft community
as far as advancements and what players are able to create are concerned,
we’ll be seeing more and more massive projects
just like this one.
So, yeah.
What do you think about the original Aether?
Did you ever play it?
Do you have any specific memories of it?
Have you ever played the Aether II as well?
Let me know in the comments section down below.
But other than that, that just about does it for me for now.
And sorry if my voice sounded a little off in this video,
but I’m really quite sick right now,
though it doesn’t hurt to talk or anything like that.
But if you guys enjoyed this video,
please consider leaving a like on it,
because it would really help out myself and Michaelmcchill,
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But anyways, guys, I hope you all enjoyed,
my name is AntVenom,
and I bid you all farewell.
Thanks so much for watching! 😛

100 thoughts on “The Minecraft Mod that Started It All!

  1. Glad to see you're still making videos Antvenom 🙂 I've been a part of the Minecraft community for 7 years, and I got to say this video is giving me serious nostalgia after a 3 year hiatus from playing due to multiple factors. Keep up the great work!

  2. A petition needs to start to add the Aether in vanilla Minecraft, Mojang was inspired by the horses in the Mo’Creatures mod so why not the Aether?

  3. I still Remember the days I tried to use modded Things on vanilla minecraft; after i discovered mods, my PC literally had an asthma because I had 99+ mods.

  4. The Aether ia even better now, you create thia totem thing that teleporta you to a dungeon where you meet an interactive character leading to the ather portal (Once broken well…) Then you finally find the aether were there is another interactive guy who trades. Lemme tell u rn. The Aether SNAPPED

  5. only the real ones will remember

    1. the nether reactor core
    2. trying to "spawn herobrine" with a spooky totem
    3. trying to set up an aether portal in vanilla minecraft
    and you cant forget seeing the blocks turning almost pitch black

  6. That ain't the fuckin Aether where's the apothicons where's the zombies ultimus victis primis crue dr monty the argatha the shadow man fuckin lyin ass mf

  7. I remember when I seen this mod back then I tried to make the portal and it did nothing till I realized I needed a mod. Like if you also did this.

  8. Ok, so i was gonna make an argument on how i prefer the Twilight Forest to the Aether, but it kinda…spiraled. I got COMPLETELY sidetracked, and basically just wrote my findings/theory on the Dark Tower in the center of the Dark Forest. But i did spent 10-ish minutes writing this, i'm not deleting it! So you too can read my essay-long run-on paragraph about the Dark Tower, Carminite, and the Ghastlings.

    Personally, i honestly really like the Twilight Forest mod. A dimension that's basically pseudo Minecraft. I honestly think my favorite part of it was 2 things, the first being the music, and the second being…figuring things out in a story sense. Like, look at the Dark Tower. A massive structure in the center of the Dark Forest, and it is littered with Ghasts, and if you look outside, it was clearly attacked by something, the building is absolutely destroyed. Ghastlings roam it like they own it, and their's this mysterious substance called Carminite. By climbing the tower, you find item frames with stuff like Towerwood, and Carminite in them, and with these, you find one of the key ingredients to Carminite: Ghast Tears. And at the very top of the tower, you find it. The Ur-Ghast. A massive Ghast that's crying summons storms, and seems to have attacked the tower, if i had to guess. And also at the top of the tower, are 4 machines called "Ghast Traps" which when powered, activate a suction that pulls in and kills any Ghasts near it, and are used to pull the Ur-Ghast down. It was thanks to this, i was able to theorize what the Dark Tower was. It was being used to Research Carminite, and how to use it, since they made stuff like Carminite Builders, Carminite Golems, and Carminite Reactors. But to do that, they needed to harvest Ghasts. And that's what the Ghast Traps were for, pulling Ghasts in, and harvesting their tears. But unfortunately, as a wise man once said, "There's always a bigger fish." I assume the Ur-Ghast arrived at some point, and wrecked the Tower, at which point it's previous inhabitants got the heck out of dodge. And the Ur-Ghast just started using it as a nest, hence all the Ghastlings everywhere.

  9. I've been playing Aether II for a while now, and in the overworld i have a Moa (Which i named Sam) That i can fly. I really enjoy the Mod, and never played the first. Now Aether II has the QuickSoil that make you run quickly when on it, but it doesn't have the Flying Cows or Pigs shown in the Videos of Aether I. I'm also disappointed in the fact that the feature of falling into the OverWorld was Removed (Unless its there and for some reason it wont work on my World with my other Mods). but all in all, Aether II is a good mod. To anyone reading this, I recommend you get it.

  10. wait i was this young when i tried going to the aether?😂 jeez. the different aether mods were so cool too! all the different cloud blocks and dragons was my favorite!

  11. My dumbass before thought that it was in the vanilla game so when I realized it was actually a mod, I put enough viruses in my family’s computer to make it past minecraft’s height limit.

  12. I wish that the aether was a part of vanilla it would be so much better and I would be bet even more people would come back to minecraft add the aether and a cave update and the game would be insane and new again

  13. Aether II Highlands made the mod bad. They replaced the classic glowstone portal with a quartz portal and they ruined the mobs.

  14. I remember trying to create the Aether portal and activate it using vanilla minecraft, I got so angry that it didn't work, I continued to make like a billion Aether portals that weren't activated

  15. Omg I loved this one when I was small I LOVED the mod but I couldn't play it please please guys tell me how I download this mod please

  16. Theres a mof witch gives you a new mode which tps you to a online server. Its a Zombie game like the last of us.

  17. Girls: men doesnt feel actual pain!

    Men: have you ever tried making a aether portal in vanilla minecraft??? The dissapointment is real

  18. I think it’s really sad that the dimensions in vanilla minecraft don’t come even close to how amazing a mod dimension from years ago is.

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