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Hello I’m ibxtoycat welcome back to minecraft texture pack review video
So this is something I mostly do on minecraft bedrock edition
but I figured given we been going through all of the highest quality texture packs that do exist the 128 x 128 the
256 x 256 the insanely high detailed texture packs
I figured why not take things back a notch and go to one of my favorite things that does exist on the java version because
There is such a thing as a one by one texture pack. That’s right
if you go to resource packs and you get yourself a the pixel pack or any other such in fact
You can actually get a texture pack which is built for 1 x 1 Minecraft, every single block instead of having, you know
Sixteen pixels on every single face has one pixel on every single face and let’s just say it’s a little bit
Weird to say the least as you can probably see from the background and even the menu screens which are kind of bizarre
So here is a full-on review off the one by one texture pack the least detail Texture Pack
You can’t get is it any good? Let’s find out
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It’s confusing but let’s get straight into what the texture pack actually changes
So a 1 x 1 texture pack means that every single texture that minecraft gives them the options texture has to be one solid color
Only so the options menu background which you know previously is a big old texture. It’s 1 x 1 any single
I know menu beyond that everything single thing is one by one and this means that every block texture that isn’t, you know?
you know stairs for instance is gonna be just one sort of Cube by one sort of cube a meter of color on everything which is
Pretty well when you think about it, so we’ll load up a new world in a second
But first of all, let’s load up a world that you might have already seen in some previous videos
So yeah, this is just a again
it’s just such a wild one because every you know,
Everything looks really normal for a second until you zoom in but it’s the same as when you look at that
256 x 256 texture pack where everything looks kind of crazy high detailed and you know
But like only when you really look into it, it’s the same thing here, but if you don’t look into it
Everything looks like normal minecraft look in the distance
You can’t tell whether we’re playing a 256 by 256 or a 1×1 texture pack because at that distance
It really doesn’t matter and even at some intermediate different distances. It’s like if you don’t focus on it too much you could predict
Oh, yeah, those are some normal Wolf’s or sheep or whatever is over there. That’s some normal sugar cane
It’s when you really start to focus and when you really start to pay attention that you’ll notice things so it’s worth mentioning
This texture pack is like the plastic texture pack except instead of half the detail for default textures. It is one
256 of the details so were talking nort point
No point five less than 0.5% off the detail you get in regular minecraft. But yeah, it still looks pretty okay in most places
So for instance, the grass block is just a solid green block
A lot of people love this actually a lot of texture packs will do this
Just make it all green rather than just the top, but it looks really really quite strange in my opinion
So can’t say I’m the biggest fan of it. Oh, but this is 1.12
So any 1.13 features are going to be actually detailed rather than one by one, but yeah
So grass blocks are just all green all the way around same with dirt blocks same way if we dig down
Stone or anything like that every single block like I said is a 1×1 texture
so if we fly around the world and just kind of give you a brief overview, you’ll see how like
Yeah, actually looking around everything looks exactly like this
The trees are just these big huge blocky things, they look incredibly plastic beyond plastic
In fact anything beyond the trees like, you know this flower right here
It’s just a red vague icon to represent something and yeah
Every single thing is just this super super plasticky texture including animals, which is my favorite example
so animals, they have the textures that are built into the game itself, but the you know
This the sheepskin is just one solid color and the Sheep itself is one solid color, which means we get no faces
This is the horrific texture pack with no faces whatsoever. Which honestly creeps me out
Just the tiniest bit in fact more than the tiniest bit, but still looking at every single animal. There’s no pig tail
There’s just the pig geometry right here
But there is something that I will say about this because looking at every single texture you can see the point
It’s basic. Everything is 1 x 1
There’s no detail beyond what the game itself provides physically speaking and on the surface that seems like so why does this exist?
It’s just terrible right? It’s just a way to be funny and memey and, hahaha
Look, there’s there’s nothing but you know, like, you know
There’s there’s chickens without faces how hilarious or should I say ducks without faces because that’s what they are right here
And as you can see, it’s exactly the same water
But even though that’s the case for most of this also, we throw away our corals because they’re not the same thing
but even of this case for most of it
there are some really odd situations and some places where I’d say this texture pack actually is
Recommendable. So yeah, one way when texture packs they’re entirely free on Java, which is nice
You should have to download them on planet minecraft or whatever again Google one by one Tex packs
Get the pixels one
If you won’t get any of takes pack
They’re all gonna be roughly the same because there isn’t much differentiating them
And yeah let’s let’s talk about the blocks. That aren’t as simple. It’s just like oh, yeah look over here
It’s just green grass, you know, brown dirt brown trees and you know, the horses without faces already anything, you know
It’s it’s creepy stuff
But let’s look at stuff like these sandstone stairs
For instance because the geometry of the blocks themselves can really define stuff and make them different
So if we look at the jungle slaps right here for instance again
This actually has some defined geometry and the way this stuff combines is really really elegant in my opinion
Like there’s a there’s a lot of stuff where I feel like there’s too much
Detail and regular Minecraft almost but being able do stuff like this. I have to used to some really in my opinion
It’s like beautiful
Like it’s actually like playing around with building blocks minecraft
Some of the blocks you could argue a to detailed and it’s not really building blocks
It’s like this kind of artsy thing
Whereas this you can do some really strange things in my opinion that look way more
Focused on the actual art and the actual intent of whatever and but again personally, I really liked it
I think there’s something just about this that just intrigues me and it draws my eye and it makes me really again start to appreciate what
You can really do with just the geometry alone
If you if you don’t focus on the textures in terms of oh, yeah
the brick looks like this for that reason and this looks like that that reason if you just want to have
different colored basic blocks this texture pack is really good because it turns every single block into a basic block if we look at for
Instance the the purple wool purple wool is just a solid purple block looks way better default one so pink wool looks amazing
I mean, obviously we have concrete’s do that now
But you get the basic point if we grab some concrete, it’s gonna look fairly similar
I imagine actually but yet basically if we grab like a some some glazed terracotta to get a point drink here
Although they look vaguely similar to each other. In fact, this might be the same
Oh, no, you can see the texture is a little bit different but like every block looks amazing. Every block looks simple
So simple builds look great
And the other thing that looks great is
You know the fact that you can see everything in its default
Geometry how you’re meant to see it instead of focusing on all these details that you’re not really there to see you can see everything
For what it truly is in Minecraft
You can see that sheep, you know, the pigs are really just these you know
They’re rectangles. They’re rectangles that have things on them. You can see that grass is just this square block
You can see that chickens look like this which is honestly quite concerning which means you can appreciate the color more when it’s there
But you can also play the game a lot easier you can focus on the core details
So if you’re doing something like speedrunning in Minecraft for instance
I think this texture pack adds a lot of value to allow you to focus on what?
Really matters in this texture pack you only see what is actually there
You see the only hitbox that’s actually there in the fact that it’s all the same
And the fact you seeing everything is exactly the same. It’s not a huge advantage to even the speedrunners and stuff
But the fact that there is some advantage in looking at the world. Everything is so simplistic
You can instantly tell apart blocks because they’re exactly you know
They’re purely different like they’re all based colors. If you if you find somebody who thinks Minecraft is overwhelming this nice pack does really provide something
However, let’s talk about some of the funny things about it because I’ve made a good argument for and against it now
let’s talk about why you probably wouldn’t ever use this text pack for an extended period of time and it’s the fact that
Every texture is 1 x 1 you might be like, yes toy cat
It’s a 1 x 1 texture pack we get the point but for instance if we look at the creative menu as you can see
Every single thing is even the building block if that’s the default texture or it’s a 1 x 1 icon
So these are meant to be sprites 64 x 64 if I’m not mistaken
For things like a sapling
But because the 1 x 1 texture back the dead bushes this orange thing and trying to work out
What’s what in my inventory? This is a water bucket as you can see very little –
We’re surrounded by grass, its seems!
It seems as you can see very realistic water bucket, and she does make water if nothing else, but it’s super super strange
This is eggs
Like seriously and look at look at them when you actually throw them like there’s a lot of really really
Strange things about this that make it basically unplayable
This is these are wheat seeds as you can see looking very realistic right there and having everything look exactly the same
When you’re holding it isn’t quite so useful having your for instance
Let’s pronounce a sword for instance having our golden pickaxe look exactly the same as our clock or something
It’s it’s not so useful. Also. The clock doesn’t actually function as a clock as you can probably imagine
and the golden pickaxe like I mean
There’s a lot of ridiculousness in how all these textures are done how all this stuff works. Look at this
I I love it
But it’s also ridiculous and entirely non-functional and this gets even worse when we move on to stuff like armor enchanted books like seriously
They’re all the same because we try to put on some armor. I did get some earlier
Let’s put on our diamond boots as you can see diamond boots because it’s using the maximum of the texture
it just goes all the way up your legs, which looks
Ridiculous, I mean beautifully ridiculous, but still ridiculous if we put on a, you know, some leggings for instance
they go all the way up to there because again like they just
That’s the max they can cover so the texture pack does and if it on a diamond helmet your head just goes diamond
So yeah
have you ever wanted to look like this minecraft like where it have you wanted to wear like
Minecraft armor but you’ve always thought, you know what, I don’t like the my arms are covered
I kinda want a short sleeve shirt and you don’t use any other texture pack the one by one texture pack might be for you
But the realistic practicality for this is like if you’re speedrunning and you really don’t care about details
You really just want to focus on what’s there what you can actually interact with
Then this texture pack really is is the one for you
there’s a lot of
Really wonderful things about it that you might be able to like and although they have really tiny benefits in exchange for the huge downside
For some people those downsides don’t exist. Some people like myself when you go mining
It’s not about the prettiness of the stone block you really you know
You’re only there because you want to see what ore and what’s not and again
It’s in this text pack. For instance. If we dig down or start a new world or something, also look at the skeletons
I just mentioned every muscle every every mob is like this
So this is a skeleton again much easier to see you don’t need to care about the detail
You just need to see them every single pixel that is sometimes transparent is turn non transparent for this which means everything is more visible
Oh, this is granite for instance
You can easily tell us so we dig down in fact if we go to
Gamemode 4 which now speak you have to type it all the way out, which is terrible these days
but if we go down to a cave for instance
You can see how lava much easier and clearer to see you can see how like finding ores for instance
It’s really really easy to spot them because they’re all gonna be the same color and there’s something about that
That is wonderful. Again the speedrunners or people who are just like trying to be efficient
I don’t know everyone who is like efficiently playing the game has to be a speedrunner
But it is something that just has to be worth mentioning
Also, actually I .. I .. I’m not a hundred percent sure that they did change the ore textures now
I realize like I didn’t actually check all of them individually. So maybe maybe the ores are just like go into the wall
We we don’t get to find them. I guess in the end we’d probably find out is to go back into creative. So game mode
Creative and we’re gonna do one last check and just see for sure
If the ores are actually all the same color because that’d be the final nail in the coffin
I know they are all pretty much the same color as the wall around them
Yeah, okay, you can see a slight difference. But still it’s next to impossible to find them
I probably be all the same color
But I guess I got that confused with another 1 x 1 texture pack.
Because there are quite a few out there and they all do have slightly different things in it some of these ores might be more valueble
Than others some of them don’t go as extreme and purist as this one again
This is most pure form of one by one
Everything is just in its lowest resolution possible and maybe that’s something you like
But ya know I really think 1 x 1 texture packs are a beautifully strange concept
There’s something about them, that I like there’s just something like it’s looking looking around it all of this
It’s um, it’s there’s something about this that’s hard not to be chomped by but there’s also enough popular. That’s hard
That’s a little bit disgusted like oh my god just can’t deal with this and it really depends on where the line between those two
things as to you
maybe I’ve just found your favorite text pack or maybe now after seeing this you have a new appreciation for
128 by 128 textures because after seeing that amazing ghast and all those other things from last video
Maybe saying this makes you realize that oh, yeah minecraft
A lot of the detail isn’t textures and maybe this also helps you appreciate textures now
The game’s better because honestly for the longest time and even to this day
I never see texture quality in games people always complain like all there’s some texture popping and mapping going on here
I never spot it personally, you know like I’ve never seen the quality of textures to be a big Bubba
But for some people it is and now you can understand why by lowering everything to minimum
So I hope you all enjoy this video because you know
One of the best ways to prove any point is to take it to its radical extreme. And in this case the most radical
Extremist texture pack you can imagine. So yeah. I hope you enjoyed the video
Like if you liked it, share if you liked it, make sure you hit the bell to see more videos daily your homepage
Thank you very much watching this video and I’ll see you ne –
Next time this is so ridiculous. Goodbye

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