The Theft Protection

Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

hello everyone welcome back to another devlog series I realized Levi isn’t really not fun to work on anymore but
that doesn’t mean these Devils have to be so fucking boring and I got muffins
so I’m pretty happy anyways as per usual five more levels that’s what we’ve done
so far that I worked on a click sound and a hover sound for the menu it makes
it a lot more like enjoyable to navigate the menu and all that so yeah a nice the
menu is still work in progress because we need to find fonts for all the
different languages and all that kind of stuff
so it might take a while it looks pretty bad right now but it’s it’s decent you
know next up I remarked the levels 9 to 10 hours to know that four and five
lights and quality so they’re gonna have to be like revisited at some point but
you know for now they’re ok we just want to make like a playable prototype
version of our game and then hey if everything sucks we’re gonna remake it
so that’s really sad next up I really want to work on the
respawn mechanic and get that working for each level
I think Golden Eagle the guy I’m working with was going to do that part like at
least a respawn part but the platform he comes out of and all the respawn
animations that’s kind of up to me so yes
I also want to integrate a color wheel because you know there’s some people
don’t like the color green and you know I get it I get it
that’s cool that’s how we put colorblind so yeah regardless of you know if you
like the color or not I think it would be good have like a color wheel so tell
the people can you know choose their favorite color I mean you know they can
see some colors right but not know all of them it’s kind of a point California
anyways short video as always because I’m a lazy piece of shit oh I forgot
something wait Peter quill I’m sorry I’ll do this just for you anyways thanks for watching I hope you
enjoyed the video thanks to my patreon Clementine
Sandra’s Dion and the dark reverse we have a new one as well
oh my god his name is Cyrus Wow thank you welcome to the club let’s
learn your name see it see us see you next time yeah

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