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I’m sad I didn’t wear like a zookeeper head I feel very underdressed that tropical dad going on vacation hey everyone it’s me minecraft Jarrod that’s what I’m doing now for my job today I’m gonna be trying the zookeeper challenge in RL craft I found this video as I was scouring the internet the other day of this guy explaining the RL craft modpack the video was titled the hardest minecraft mod pack you’ll ever play and I was instantly like let’s play that we’re gonna tame and house every tamable beast in this minecraft mod pack put him in a zoo for preservation its fur they’re good there’s a lot of little rules we’ll get into it as we go also in the description down below specifically for the zookeeper challenge you can check those out if you want to follow along with me it’s gonna kill me a hundred times but it’s gonna be so worth it because I care about the animals there are so many things making horrible noises around me let’s respond hopefully some are very far away from where we are right now OOP first of all I just heard it’s Bob Ranger Bob he’s here to start a zoo RL crafts ponds you randomly every time you die so today we’re in a beautiful forest and we gotta find a place to set up shop we got to get out of the forest into the frying pan here’s a tower I’m not gonna go in it I found a pig also this this is an RS or their docile forest creatures often seen bunching on the tallest of trees what’s hurting me oh no no I didn’t even see what that was okay well take two now we respond in a nice open plains area we don’t even know what decade were in it’ll be fine but one thing we do know about Bob is that he’s a family man and that’s why he’s set out to build this Zoo bob has a daughter at home who cares very much about the planet and about animals and he’s making this Zoo for her there’s there’s a dragon that is a fire dragon they’re super mean and super dangerous we’re not taming any dragons for our zoo they are jerks get out of here you floozy there’s also storm elementals I just want to find a house you can’t open at the chest what was that it was smoke it’s weird I was turned into KFC by a dream I’m sweating already Wow so basically an RL craft you can’t just punch a tree to get wood you got to use the proper tools for the job every time before you even chop down a tree you have to like find gravel get flipped make a flint knife then harvest the grass to make a hatchet and then you can start cutting down trees I’m not even worrying about that until I find a house this is cued the orchestral John Williams soundtrack with this is a beautiful island we gotta find a place to park it here my dudes also there’s love in the middle of the forest which is catching the forest on fire it’s fine we’re fine everything’s fine oh I see civilization Bob let’s go there’s a lot here dude run faster he can’t run cuz he’s hungry this is a giant tower by Bob bobs poor legs I can’t live here Bok Bob can live here and be ok there’s another room over here with more chests there is a cooked chicken in this chest hallelujah God is good look at her we got chickens we got fish I’m so happy let’s eat this chicken right now I’m vegan Bob’s not if I was randomly spawned into a world full of dragons and elemental creatures just beggin to kill me there’s a dragon side the wind and like like you talk about me if I saw this outside the window I’d be like I’m too low on the totem pole to not be eating every animal in sight I got to assert my dominance in this world so we’re eating these finger lickin good chest meats that sounds so much worse there’s a cake in here this is the best fine that we could have hoped for truly honestly this is magnificent you get at it it’s night time which means I can go to bed which means I can set my spawn and we did it fam we established a base and it was in the place that I said was so beautiful I wanted to make a zoo anyway like is this challenge what’s happening sir sir what are you that is a cinder they’re very aggressive fire elementals whose bodies are formed by combusting the atmosphere around them good my vision is going very blurry I’m thirsty okay we have to do something about our thirst right meow or else I am going to start dying that took forever I’m doomed it’s gonna take me until I am dead just to get back out of this room that I trap myself in which I just realized I don’t have to do because the stairs to go down are here focus charity you could do this I’m on the quest for water one of the most mmm innate human quests one could ever dream of questing that dragon didn’t leave when I asked him to I’m honestly so horrified of him but Bob’s not huh iron ingots can you give me these give me these this is a great find oh my gosh cobwebs bones why are there so many chests over here Bob found diamonds and gold Bob dibala coming through town Bob dibala he supplies man around he don’t got flow though but you know it’s 2019 you could be a rapper and not have flow people like like that no it’s just my scout it’s okay this dragon just doesn’t like us so that’s definitely a Patricia move sorry for watching this and your name’s Patricia you’re awesome but Patricia the dragon you know why it’s because that vine where that dude just yells butcher shop that happened in my head when that dragon killed me let’s go get those chests meat honestly this is just gonna be me I’m worried I’m trapped in a Groundhog Day loop now I’m just gonna keep running I’m not gonna stop moving for a millisecond Patricia might not have the best aim she’s shooting from pretty high up if I’m if I’m Swift what God I don’t know what to do I don’t know what to do here okay you know what we’re calling those chess meets officially lost we didn’t need gold ingots we’re just starting out a zoo we only need dreams so I found some gravel we got gravel hey Siri how do I kill Patricia oh there’s actually a GT a character named Patricia Madrazo interesting unhelpful please tell me it’s a new day it’s a new dawn it’s a new run Patricia is still here how do we kill Patricia I really think that’s like basically endgame move and we’re on the beginning game so I’m gonna just run as far as I can away from Patricia and start doing something find a home base check second mission is to make a knife that’s all we got to do we just gotta make a knife I found some sticks easy peasy that’s half the equation now we just gotta find some gravel punch the crap out of it gravel hi gravel best thing about this place is sure she can find us maybe Patricia is just having a bad day but that doesn’t give her an excuse to take it out on poor little Bob he just tried to start a zoo to think Bob’s died like a thousand deaths already can I think the only thing that’s keeping him going is knowing just how much of a smile will be on his daughter’s face when she sees this and I gotta say that’s the only thing keeping me here either at this point fam I’m sick of Patricia my knife broke let’s make this string also I memorized that recipe for string bow down I’m a Minecraft me okay we got a flint hatchet we’re gonna make another flint hatchet we’re gonna make a third Flint hatchet because something tells me those aren’t going to last very long either now we can make whatever we want I heard you can make a rain catcher no yes rain filter rain collector how do I make this I need an iron ingot a bucket and some don’t I don’t have a bucket but I can make a bucket with the iron ingots that is a dark Tim these sweet creatures will heal all around them with the rejuvenating song I offer you seeds do you like that she’s like singing to me with her Bell voice and it’s kind of nice I thank you for not killing me I don’t think that that’s a table piece she can’t be tamed okay well that dark nymphs name is Miley then by Miley see you around is Patricia still around by draw distance isn’t like long enough to see where she’s I just saw her she aimed at me she missed okay we’re gonna make a run for it this way Patricia Patricia Patricia so then we asked ourselves do we give up this beautiful palace with chests meets galore or do we just hope some day Patricia decides she doesn’t care about this place she’s ready to move what do we do what do we do what do we do oh my god bottle of enchanting cobwebs okay I still don’t see Patricia every time I open a chest I then look right back up to be like this Patricia oh my god nights coming I’m putting all of these iron ingots and Golding it’s in a chest because I want to keep these and Patricia can’t take nothing for me if it’s in a chest in my house okay I keep going out to the right I’m just gonna go this way there’s meat ground meat cooked chicken on the floor I’ll take it I hear Patricia she’s mocking me look at her shake okay I think she left we see her and we can hide fast enough we might not die what is this first impressions this would make a great reptile house for our zoo let’s see what our second impressions are this is a very interesting structure it’s like floating their chickens on this floating rock no I’m on the floating rock the chickens are off the rock oh is this a pumpkin okay what we’re gonna do is we’re get one of those chickens we’re gonna get another one of those chickens and then we’re gonna have a chicken exhibit but before we have that we need to build it so we need to go make another hatchet Miley’s here just be and Miley go ahead and twinkling around with a little Bell voice I love her she’s there man I really love this games this is also know I’ve been alive for so long I simply can’t die like this are we far enough okay if I can’t see Patricia Patricia can’t see me I think that’s how the rules of this universe are you wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait hey hey want some of this you want some of these seeds come here yeah you’re gonna be a show stopper the star of the zoo your name is gonna be back Beth the bok-bok chicken lady come in don’t drown oh my god run Beth also run I’m poison today’s forecast we have a 99.9 percent chance of Patricia but right now the skies are clear are you Beth do you respond to the name Beth she said yes Beth I need you to stay right here I promise I will not forget that you are here back in a box to Thursday to date they intended to take a day to get in here yes good job Beth oh gosh no she’s gonna get out again I didn’t I put Beth in a hole in the ground so that I could make sure she’s there for when I am ready for her the ground here is known for being very porous Bob knows that from his vast knowledge of the land so he knows Beth can survive days buried underground how does it keep getting nighttime so fast where’s my house if there’s my house that’s not my house where’s my house it doesn’t matter cuz we’re dead I feel rejuvenated ahh it’s a new day a new dawn no creeper I want this hatchet and I want it bring you by hand I need at least two pieces of flint okay we got it now we need sticks oddly enough Patricia has left am I surprised yes am I disappointed no the recipe for a hatchet is one stick one plant string and one Flint chard we’ve done it I feel like I’m gonna barf like just waiting for her to come out of nowhere and be like gotcha me and that’s causing anxiety deep down inside my tummy what we can now do is chop down a tree this is unheard of she’s gonna or hiding okay I think Patricia’s gone she’s really got to find something better to do with their time dudes no she’s back where is she she’s over there okay we’re gonna she’s looking in the other direction what’s gonna run as far this way as we can I literally just want to chop down one new tree just one chop chop chop chop chop chop chop chop chop chop chop wait and climb back do you see that I just chopped down a tree with the tool I made with my own two hands are you proud take that as a yes by Miley I’m gonna go home and turn all of these pieces of wood into wood planks because then I can turn them into a fence and then I could put a chicken in that fence and then called a zoo and then we’re done the whole video is done the whole series is done we can go go home and we can forget about Patricia and pretend like she never happened because she’s people and I’m gonna dream of her tonight and cry don’t mind me just crafting wood planks in my room because I am too wait do I have to use a different tool shut up Patricia no one cares about your blog should I be nicer to Patricia maybe oh I need to saw two iron ingots and three sticks oh wait I think I I think I have this whoa yes Beach wait how do I make a crafting table so I need a saw to turn wood into planks but I need planks to turn planks into a crafting table to craft a saw we can try to make planks out of this this is a plank it is beautiful we’re putting this crafting table right here on this altar it is that’s not a crafting table that’s the block okay crafting table whoa bow down Bob down it’s like late into the night we’re working like a crazed madman because we’re finally seeing potential in ourselves and our future I just have to go to bed though because I have to go outside and punch one more tree to get on their stick I’m going blind again because I’m so thirsty we have to go drink some tainted water ready mmm I taste the sepsis Yee it’s kind of funny you have to crouch to pick things ups it’s so real what are those that is an effort they are not very nice salamanders however aren’t really that bad that looks like a hell spawn so I’m just gonna no no no no no I hear her wings there she is just end me I worked hard for those sticks and I want them because I want that saw because I want to make wood blanks because I want to make a fence because I want to put my chicken in my zoo Patricia still here Patricia still scary but we got the steaks and we’re gonna make a run for it I run so slowly no Oh [Music] oh I think we’ve made it wait when I died earlier that I have think it’s in my inventory I don’t got any more iron because it was in my inventory when I died whistle oh no she’s a mean I need those ingots I’m going back to get them and there’s nothing any of you can do to stop me he please stop me I hear her flapping above me I’m just gonna ignore it oh she killed me surprise this is testing me as a human here’s a dealio is there more than one Patricia is that how I keep dying her she was really following me around she’s like I smell that Bob character and he smells she which I don’t know why I’m a really nice guy okay I died all the way over there by dragon there’s more than one Patricia in this story I’m just now learning okay there’s a lot of tree cover in between me Todd just go somewhere else Queen you got friends you got hobbies I don’t I got this zoo how did you see me cut there’s so much death and destruction around me I just want to make what you leave me alone sir please why I’m just put a humble Bob golden NIMS you were generating my health oh oh I found out more more more z-order okay cool I found a way stone but now it’s getting to be nighttime again and I’m starting to think that we’re just gonna have to leave that in that hole for longer than we anticipated doo doo doo okay ah I found more chests this is the moment that we’ve all been waiting for okay I found 22 iron ingots the only problem being it’s now nighttime I can’t let that faze me we’re just gonna take like a really whoa I forgot that I we respond near the way stone oh no something picked put me down what are you this is a rock they’ll pick up anything from eggs to people so you better watch out Patricia’s got bully friends put me down where are we going I don’t I I I don’t know what just happened by clicking on that way stone I set my waypoint when I died to it instead of my beds so now I keep spawning in the middle of Death Valley USA that sucks so I got it actually before I do anything I gotta go back to my bed and set my weight point I just wanna be home and everything in this world is working against me and I literally feel like I’m trapped and it feels bad man is this what sea monkeys feel like they’re trapped they can’t go home they’re in a bowl in like a four-year-old’s room being neglected and forgotten about because they’re so small my house is right here oh Jesus we made it okay so moral of story is don’t click on the way stones they’re dangerous I’m so nauseous okay [Music] our L craft the hardest modpack you’ve ever played yes at the end of the day we do have some wins under our belt today we found a bitchin house we got Beth in an enclosure zoo is already happening throw me your zoo names in the comments down below and also if you have any pesky dragon tips [Laughter] [Music] you [Music]

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