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Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to ‘The General Fun Game Show – Season 2 Finale’! So how tonights going to work is we have five rounds not the usual four. Yeah! He’s like, “Ohh… I have got my money’s worth”. I was like 500 bucks! Aaah. But now I see why it was. 100 Rupees for each round. Yes that’s how it works. We have five fantastic rounds that are going to test the skills of these comedians and actors
like they have never been tested before. What is happening in their head? What’s is happening in their heart? And how is their body moving? You will find out tonight,
here on the ‘TGFGS S2 Finale’. Yes! Should we get the show started
and get our contestants up on stage? Alright let’s welcome on stage,
our first contestant for this evening Miss. Aishwarya Rai! Miss Aishwarya Mohanraj! Aishwarya Mohanraj, congratulations. Thank you. Aishwarya, you are the first
contestant on the finale. I am really sorry I said Rai. It’s just because you are as beautiful. This is the siksteine. What is this? cysteine I got cysteine done. She got cysteine done and as
you can see she didn’t have to blow dry or brush her hair because
she got that treatment done. So, alright we got it! You can stop.. we got it.. alright we got it! Alright give it up Aiswarya Mohanraj! Alright guys, give up Aishwarya one more time. And let’s get on our next contestant. Miss Prashasti Singh! Prashasti, welcome on the show. Would you like to say anything? Yeah, hope you all have a good time tonight And the best person wins irrespective of gender. Oh yes! Bringing up gender issues when it wasn’t necessary. Yeah! That’s what the show is about. Alright guys our next contestant… He is a part of the only surviving comedy collective. Wow. Oh my god! Give it up for Mr. Sahil Shah! Whoa Whoa! Yeah! I came prepared, Ya! Ya! Ya! Random enthusiasm for the heck of it. Ya! Ya! Aah! Could you please take your place and tell us, anything you want to tell us. Absolutely anything. I am honestly very excited to
win the grand prize of 25 Lacs. No! I have been like dying and waiting for this day. And I know you didn’t say it but
I know 25 Lacs is the grand prize, so and 5 lacs for compensation, so you will also get it. Don’t worry. Yeah very excited. You will get 500- 500 Rupees By one hand. Where did you get this 25 lacs… Like what made you come up with that amount? Because… I know Okay, she is kidding, It’s 50 lacs. Ah, very excited, Thank you so much Kaneez. It’s going to be a fun game show
and I can’t wait to go home rich tonight. Yeah! You know, you will go back rich, Rich with friendship and knowledge. And um… let’s bring on our
next contestant. Give it up for Sahil Shah! Our next constant, he learnt
how to swim but he also is the writer of the very awesome, incredible Netflix show ‘Sacred Games’. Please give it up for Varun Grover! Whoa! Whoa! Welcome to the show. Uh… yes. Thank you. Yes. Yeah, we are here. You are, we are here. Ya. Anything else you want to state that’s the obvious? Ummm… Nahi, mein bas yehi kehna ckahta
hoon ke bahot amazing hai ke desh jal raha hai aur hum
yahan TGFGS khel rahe hain. Kaafi amazing hai. Ye sahi hai. Aap sahi bola. Itna, kya baat hain! Our next contestant, He has been working on his ass, that’s what he said and we
can’t wait to see how it looks. So give it up for none other than and the other one that’s not the last one, Manish Anand! Whoa! Manish Anand! I got dry fruits because You got dry fruits? This show has five rounds. Right? So I need a lot of energy. Wow! Thank you for bringing
your dried nuts with you. Oh! And this is the ass that
you were talking about? Alright guys please put your hands together
and give a big warm welcome to our last contestant for TGFG S2 Mr. Biswa Kalyan Rath! Hi. Just a before the fireworks begin. Oh ho. Biswa, would you like to say anything? Ya… uh… by the time this show comes out, my stand up special called ‘Sushi’ is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Uh… please watch ‘Sushi’ on Amazon Prime Video. Guys, give it up for Biswa Kalyan Rath
and all the other contestants! Alright guys! Are you ready for the Round 1, called… Rapidly General! How fast are your unglis?! Yeah! Very well practised. Thank you. Alright guys the first.. oh sorry. Intentional, ya. Alright, question no. 1 “How many degree’s Celsius is
the temperature in Mumbai right now?” Who pressed first? I think she did. First was Manish? Aishwarya! Aishwarya, what is your answer? 28. That is the… Would anyone else like to go! Hey! 29! Huh? 29! Did you? God, damn it! See had you chosen me that
glitch wouldn’t have happened. It was pretty close. I am going to give you 10 points. Oh my god yeah! Yes, I will give you the 10 points. Yeah! Were any of you going to say 29? Ya. I was going to say 29. Were you going to say 29? Kaneez, I was going to say 29 outside. But it’s 300 degrees in here
because you are standing right here. Oh my god! That was actually the answer I was looking for. Aishwarya’s 10 points go to Manish Anand! That’s right! In the first round! Well earned. Wow! Stop it Manu! You want some of my dry nuts? Yeah, it’s so hot his nuts have dried. Alright guys, Question number 2 “1 weigh 156 pounds. How many kilograms is that?” Yes Manish. Sorry, yes Sahil? It’s around 65 kilos. Okay, is that your final answer? Ya! Okay, who else went second? Who went second? I was. Yes Varun. 80 kilos. Wow! WTF! Yes? 55. I can see it. You can see it right? 42. Now I am just malnutritioned guys. Like I am dying. Yes Manish. 66.6 Alright. And Biswa? I didn’t even press the buzzer man. I don’t fucking care. I don’t want to get grilled both ways. Guys, none of you are correct by the way. Would anyone in the audience like to have a go? 78. What?
-78! 78! 56.5! 78! Stop shouting 78! 79! So many times. it’s not correct. 78! 78! 68? Alright, I am going to give you sir, 68 is the closest.
The answer is actually … 71 kilograms! I know, it doesn’t look only. Sir, you are the closest, you said 68 Who would you like to give your points to? Sahil Shah. Sahil Shah he’s giving you… Le pachas rupya le. Hey, dam hai toh faik ke dikha? Kaha gaya? Sahil Shah, you got 10 points
from a very kind audience member. Congratulations. Alright. 78! Alright, the next question “Name any 2 substances that were put up
Kaneez’s ass at her 2 week Ayurvedic retreat?” Yes Prashasti. Haldi and Chandan. No! Who was next? Yes? Hot oil.
Okay and? And, uh… Just 2 substances? And water. That is the correct answer! Oil, water and warm milk. So congrats… How does he know? Ya, oil and water I can understand. Dudh kaha se aya? They put it up there and you know what? I didn’t question…
anything because I feel better You guys should all for a Ayurvedic retreat it was a wonderful experience. Ya, looks like ya. Well Congratualations!
Manish? you got another 10 points! Yay! Alright the next question
and you need to concentrate. Where is Mochar Ghonto from? Mochar Ghonto, Bengal Kolkata And what is it? It is one hour of mosquitoes. What? Ya. That’s very funny! It’s true. It’s true. Ae Mochar Ghonto. Mochar Ghonto! You said Bengal and what is it? It is banana flower vegetable. Well the correct answer is… Bengal, so you get 10 points. Congratulations. And Varun you get 10 points
as well for telling us what it is. So both of you get 10 points for this question. Guys, that means we have come to the end of round 1 Rapidly General – How fast are your unglis? Give it up for all the contestants! Alright, after Round 1, what are the scores? Alright, we are getting on to
the next round and my favorite round… Yeah Kiska Hey? All together “Yeah Kiska Hey?” Give it up for yourselves! Alright guys in this round I’ve taken
the best from all the episodes And made it into.. so it’s different
Yeah Kiska Hey’s, Yeah Hey’s! I have made a presentation that has different ‘Yeah Hey’s’ Alright, so the first ‘Yeah Hey’ is… ‘Yeah Kitne Ka Hey?’ And this is the product, This is the item that you have to guess. How much? These are the
most expensive shoes in the world. How much do they cost in American dollars? Dollars – My awkaat. No it’s worth way more. Manish, what’s your answer? 50 dollars on Linking Road. Also thank you for not wasting paper. Aishwarya, what is your answer? 2 million dollars. 2 million dollars. Biswa? 70 million dollars. Whoa. 1.8 million. 1.8 million dollars, Varun and Prashasti? 2 million. 2 million dollars! The correct answer is… 17 million dollars! Which means, Varun and Aishwarya are the closest We both have… I am so sorry. Prashasti and Aishwarya, you are
the closest. You get 10 points each! 17 million dollars? and may be the prize for ‘TGFGS Finale S2’… let’s wait and see. Alright! The third ‘Yeah Hey’ is
‘Yeah Kaunsa Dialogue Hey?’ We’re gonna play a dialogue and you have to guess which show or movie is that dialogue is from. The dialogue is… “Gareeb logon ka entry sirf mandir mei free hai.” This is a dialogue from
very famous movie and or series Oh! Alright, are you guys done?
You guys got the answer? Yes Biswa, you’ve written?
You’ve written nothing! My stand up ‘Sushi’.. No! No! You know what? Biswa gets -10
points for not even playing this round. Varun Grover what is your answer?
‘Sacred Games’ Aeeee ‘Sacred Games’! What is your answer?
‘Sacred Games’ Sahil? I wrote ‘Golmaal’ And Manish? I said ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham’ The correct answer is in fact,
‘Sacred Games’! written by our very own Varun Grover. You wrote that, did it take time? It could have been a disaster
if I would got this wrong, after writing the lines. But ya. Alright, the last ‘Yeah Hey’ is the following “Yeah Kiski Mummy Hey?” We will play a sound ‘Aawaz de kaha hai’ ‘duniya meri jawaan hai’ That is somebody’s mother. Whose mummy? ‘Yeah Kiska Mummy Hey’, write it down on a piece of paper From us? Just Yeah kiski mummy hey? Yes it is from us Alright, I would like your answers please Manish, starting with you. Biswa. Biswa’s mother. Sahil? I wish buddy! I wrote your mom. My mother. My mother. Yours. My mother Mother of sadness. Yours is close I am afraid nobody got the right answer because the correct answer is actually the mummy of these 2, Bumboo and Noonkies. It was me who sang that! Ya, so correct na Kaneez? No! Kaneez, I wrote Kaneez. No, I am the mummy… of these 2 cats. So you had to write… Okay Kaneez, can we give you 10 points for this? 10 points for Kaneez. Yeah! Yes Biswa? I feel like you could do this show without us also. Yeah! (all agree) I feel so! Yeah Kiska Aawaaz Hey? Mein. Good, I win Mera weight kya hey? Mere gaand mei kya dala? Is it just me or…? Guys, it’s TGFGS with Kaneez Surka. That is.. I couldn’t fit it here, but so I think it’s only apt that I am… in every single round and question. I just want to point out that
I haven’t sassed you so far on the show. Okay? good for you, okay so… Alright guys, that means we’ve
come to an end of the Round 2, ‘Yeah Kiska Hey’? And that means, we need to find out what the scores are… Now we are on to Round 3. Ohmagod! This round is a very complicated round because here you have to use your mentality Biswa! In this round you have to use
your mentality because this round is called WORD! In order to show you an example of how this game is played could you please get up on
stage the winner of Season 1 TGFGS – Zakir Khan! Whoa! Zakir Khan, ladies and gentlemen. Salaam, Salaam, Salaam Alaikum! My muslim brother. Mast jootey, bahot ache jootey hai. Wow! And this is the kind of shoes
you can get if you win TGFGS Season 2 Finale. Yeah, they’re worth 25 lacs. Zakir, tell us how your life
has changed after winning Season 1? One second, sorry… Tell us how your life’s changed? Haan, mere doston ne baat karna band kar diya His friends are not talking to him anymore. Oh ok! Kyuki unko pata chal gaya
ke mei aagey nikal gaya hoon Aah… Yeah! Who is laughing now? Ha unhone bola kya karte rehta hai? Bhai, ye toh humare samaj ke hi bahar hai, toh bas, I have new friends
which is Bumble and Noonkies. Wow, the name is Bumboo but anyway. I heard Bambil I was like oho! Kaafi aagey chale gaye… Nahi sakti barkar hai. Toh bas yehi hai zindagi…falsafa hai ek, ji rahe hain.
-Zakir! saas le rahe hai, aati..jaati rehti hain.
-Aur kya chahiye? Wohi! Aur kya chahiye? Ji. Zakir bhai thank you so much for joining us but we do want an example of how the Round ‘Word!’ is played, so I am going to get a ‘word’ from the audience Do any of you have a word? Any word? Aaah… Alright, Zakir, what is the word? Is it ‘Neend’? Ooohh… It is not ‘Neend’, the word is actually ‘Hypnotise’ So you have to explain to us
why ‘Neend’ is closest to ‘Hypnotise’. Dekhiye, aisa hai ki Ah… Ah… Ah… Har raat bhagwaan apna jaadu karte hai hum sab pe suraj ko chipa lete hai,
chaand taarien nikal lete hai aur bas uski mahima mei jo hai hum sab dekh ke itne chaka chaund hote hai ki hum hyponotise ho jate hai. Oh… Aur usi se neend aati hai fir sapne mei aapki therapy chalu ho jati hai bas uske baad bhagwaan
kehte hai mei bore hogaya ab uth! I think it’s spiritual, this is. This is beautifu, This is how the game is played. Oh my god! Zakir Khan ladies and gentlemen! Thank you so much for showing us how it was done, please give it up for Zakir Khan! We’re hoping we see him
later on in the competition. That is an example of how this round is played. Remember we want soul… which you don’t have, But others can try putting
that into this game. So I want to get one word,
we are going to do, yes ma’am. She is 78! 78! This is the WORD! Wow! Alright, contestants of the Finale… what is the first word? The word is… ‘Love’ Ooh maybe, Varun Grover, what do you think the word is? ‘Modi’ Biswa, what do you think the word is? ‘Sushi’ *crowd goes wild* Manish, what do you think the word is? I’ll kill myself if it’s ‘Sushi’ I think we both will double guess it, ok? The word is “is coming out on Amazon Prime Video” Aishwarya, what is the word? ‘Amazon Prime’ I cannot believe, this is
genuinely the first time this is happening in the history of the game show without anyone cheating! It is in fact ‘Sushi’ That’s because I have hypnotized you! Biswa, this is such a big deal! I know, how many points? Kaam ki baat pe aao. Bajao beh*chod taali! Biswa, for real you get 50 points
because this is never in the history of TGFGS ever happened! Now let’s get another not so
obvious word from the audience. Don’t make it obvious. Don’t say like dried nuts and shit. This is the word. Eh? Like what you see ha? Alright guys, What is the word? Manish we will start with you. ‘Balloon’ Oh! Guys also don’t do too much
drama then everyone will understand just keep it in your pants, okay. Sahil, what is the word? ‘Cat’ Ah ok! Aishwarya? ‘Saliva’ Biswa? ‘P- neumonia’ What! What’s that? Definitely can’t spell that!
What is ‘P- neumonia’ It’s pneumonia when you spell the ‘p’ also Varun Grover, what do you think the word is? Sorry? What do you think the word is? ‘Fun’ Oh! Wow! Prashasti? ‘Sex’ Oh! Wow so you have cat, saliva,
fun, sex in one statement It’s going down very quickly! Alright guys, the answer actually none of got in this one,
but the answer was ‘Sugar’ I mean the word was ‘Sugar’. Ya! And now you have to justify
why your word is closest to ‘Sugar’? So we will start with you Manish. Okay so, when I was a kid Ooh, Yes That was 50 years ago. Something like that, my mum, she used to buy me balloons and she used to be like “Sugar come here,
here’s some balloon for you sugar.” “Sugar, here’s a balloon.” Did your mother really call you sugar? Because it sounds like a lie. She did I swear! Ya? Ya! You wanna call her? Should I? its okay! Ok that’s why ‘Balloon’ is closest to ‘Sugar’ Okay? Alright, give it up for Manish. We still have to verify that fact…uh Sahil, why is ‘Cat’ closest to ‘Sugar’ Because, cats are not sweet
but they come in brown and white colors. Oh! Thank you very much. Yeah, yeah! That’s it. That’s it? Alright, Sahil Shah! That was a very well, very in depth answer to why ‘Cats’
are closest to ‘Sugar’. Prasha..Aishwarya, why is ‘Saliva’… How is she calling me Prashasti? I am sorry Aishwarya! Aishwarya, why is ‘Saliva’ closest to ‘Sugar’? I mean sugar…saliva… of all the.. balloon, cat, pneumonia, P- neumonia, sorry, excuse me! What’s this logic? Sex and sir aapka kya tha? ‘Fun’ and I have a very valid
reason for that but I’ll come to that. Ha, ok! Of sugar an saliva.. When you see sugar like rasgula, gulab jamun, kajju katri, son papdi Ha..ha? what is happening right now guys? Hai na? Mmmm… Aaammm… So that’s why sugar is closest to? Son papdi, gulab jamun, ha? Son papdi is lakdi ka burada. Kya? It’s fine, let Chandu halwai talk. Bolo bolo, menu mei kya hai? Bolo na, menu mei kya hai? Are you going to finish that sentence or
are you just ending it with aa..aa.. That’s the end of your explanation? Ras malai.. Oh man!
-Acha mei ghum ke aata hoon… kar lo matlab. Peda, motichur laddoo, jalebi, cham-cham… Cham-cham is? It’’s not what you think it is. Cause I’m like, that doesn’t
make me salivate from my mouth? Is that the end? Ek kilo ka bhaav kitna diya bhaiya? Ok, I just want an ending sentence,
I don’t want more sugary treats. Just a sentence that wraps up your explanation. Ummmm… Just say it no? She just wants you to say it. So it makes you? Salivate! Yeah!! Yay!! My friend Aishwarya you guys! And that’s all the time we have for the show thank you so much for coming ladies and gentlemen Alright Biswa, what is… why is ‘P-neumonia’… Ae! ‘P-neumonia’. Why is ‘P-neumonia’ closest to ‘Sugar’? In both p-neumonia and sugar ‘p’ is the problematic part What? When you have sugar you have diabetes! That was such a long shot alright… Ya, peeing is the problem in both. People are dying of diabetes have pee problems? Ya, if you pee too much
you should check you diabetes… I need to call my dad right now. And in p-neumonia, p is the problematic part, that’s why you guys are like its pneumonia. Oh, okay? Yeah! One person is clapping… alright, I don’t think he is going to win the round. I was thinking the whole time Cham-cham… vada pav… Alright, Biswa Kalyan Rath! Thank you, that was very… that was a lot of information, very informative. Thank you. Very scientific, very informative. Varun Grover, why is.. So I did a mistake What was your word? ‘Fun’. So I thought my word was ‘Balloon’… What? What! And I found a connection between ‘Balloon and ‘Sugar’ Unko jet lag chal raha hai aajkal. and just now… What are these contestents I have on this show? I have a very valid reason that’s why I was so over
confident that I told you ‘Balloon’ and ‘Sugar’ are
really very close for me. How? Because mei jab bacha tha.. no nahi..mei bacha tha tab mei chini nahi khata tha.
but muje gubarey chatne ki adadt thi, I used to lick balloons. Just as a you know…hobby? Hobby? Saturday ko kya kar rahe ho? And so my mom just to make me eat sugar. She would put the sugar syrup on the balloon… What is this childhood? Guys, I was way better than this. So for me.. Guys! I was way better than this. So when I think of sugar, I think of balloon and when I think of balloon, I think of sugar though my word was ‘Fun’ and I think this whole story is quite fun right? So it’s all connected ‘fun-sugar-balloon’ are connected. Wow! They all are connected it’s all connected, the whole universe is connected and ‘fun-sugar-balloon’ are connected and p-neumonia is also somehow connected but if you give me 2 more mins,
I will find a way to put that also in my story. Okay, we will come back to you after Prashasti’s, Prashasti, why? Varun Grover ladies and gentlemen! Can’t wait for Sacred Games Season 3 The writing will be.. Gaitonde will be licking balloons… Sugar balloons! Sugar balloons ya! Alright Prashasti? Sex! Yes! Ya so, as a single woman in
her early 30’s, very early 30’s… This story again. There are many times I have
to find a substitute for sex and uh… sugar serves as a
great substitute for sex… What do you do with it? Just satisfies my cravings in a different way… Ah, okay… Ya, Swiggy boy comes and… goes back with a 5-star rating! This is just! Hey! We don’t
judge on the game show…we… we say yes, you go girl! At least you are getting some – Sugar! If people were judging me for licking balloons? Yeah! What is this class system man? Ya?! Why can’t she have sex with a Swiggy boy? Okay! No! Ya, I was expecting a balloon
at the end of that sentence, so… Alright I think the winner of this Round ‘WORD!’ goes to Aishwarya! Sondesh, peda.. Alright guys, for the next round we are going to take Unfortunately two of you will
have to leave the competition… Ok cya! No…no…no! The two contestants with the
lowest scores unfortunately will have to leave the competition but not walk away you just have to stand here. Okay! For the rest of the.. Zalil hona padega yaha khada hoke. You just have to stand here, so after Round 3, the
contestants with the total scores Which means Manish and Prashasti leave our competition. Aww! I am so sorry guys… you get to stand there but um, you have to leave… Oh my God! You have to leave the competition I’m really sorry… It’s just… Oh shit… It’s just. You guys are in luck, these are
motichur laddoos from her shop. Aishwarya, Sahil, Varun and Biswa this round is called… BITCH PLEASE, I GOTS THIS! For this round we are going to get a special guest to come and dance for us to the music that I have chosen from the internet that is royalty-free. So for the first round we have
Biswa and Aishwarya competing against each other and second round we have Varun and Sahil and for that, could we please get up on stage one of India’s top dancers… ya, I know. We actually got her for TGFGS. Please give it up for none
other than Miss Boogie pants Sumukhi Suresh! What’s going to happen is
Sumukhi you are going to be in front, Yeah! Aiswarya and Biswa will start with you. Oh wow! Damn! *Upbeat royalty free music plays* Come on Biswa! Come on Aishwarya! Oh my god! The judges are currently
consulting on who won that round. Sahil Shah and Varun Grover, may the best man win. I came prepared for this! Oh! Yeah! Yeah! Are you ready? Are you ready! Right now! Now! *Same upbeat royalty free music plays* Where are you going? This side… Where are you going? That’s it. Wow! Wah-wah! Wah-wah! Give it up for Varun and Sahil Shah! I love how Sahil thinks this is Navratri. Guys, give it up for Sumukhi Suresh Thank you so much for these incredible
dance steps and Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Sumukhi Suresh ladies and gentlemen! Alright, Prashasti and Manish? Could I please get two garlands uh… guys? Because… Do we have to wear them now? No! No! For those who get eliminated I have two garlands because
two more contestants will not be playing the final round After this round, we will be
killing off two more contestants. So Manish and Prashasti who will be…
who do you think are better dancers? Uh… between Aishwarya and Biswa? Who was actually on it with everything? He’ll say it, he’ll say it.
I am in the industry, ya! Is… uh… Biswa! Oh! I can’t believe it. Aishwarya Prashasti Mohanraj Rai,
this means unfortunately you are Give it up for Aishwarya! I remember fondly one of your
best moments from this episode was Cham-cham. Cham-cham and pedas. Pedas. I love you guys, you have been really..
Ae, chalna! Give it up for Aishwarya! One sec, Aishwarya do you dance otherwise? Like do you ever danced? I learnt dance for like
12 years of my life guys. And that means she is 13 now so that’s her whole life…
that she’s been dancing for. Wow Biswa, that means you are
in the finale of TGFGS Finale! Oh man I wish I could go home and sleep. And Manish and Prashasti, who was
the winner out of Varun and Sahil? The winner is.. and I am already
apologizing to the loser because it was very close. Ya? Ya! The winner is…uh…Varun. Whoa! Oh my God! *Sahil cries like a baby* Varun Grover
I am so sorry This is unbelievable! Hum log as a Jodi Nachbaliye mei chalet hai. Yeah, these two need to go on reality show! We are the IIT Bollywood Boys. So congratulations! No not you guys Congratulations Varun and
Biswa for making it to the final round! And in the final round Whatever happens from here on remember my special ‘Sushi’… Alright guys, the final round is called BATTLE OF THE BAND KARO! Woo! Which means that you guys will
have to pick your own team members to be part of your band and
you will have to sing a song that you will make up right now but you have 10 mins because
we have to set up all the instruments. Biswa Kalyan Rath congratulations on reaching the final round called ‘Battle of the Band Karo’ What is the name of your band? It’s called Lagaan part 2 Alright Biswa, we can’t hear to wait..
wait to hear you guys rock out Best of luck Bar bar ha, Bole hum yahan, Apni jeet ho, Unki haar ha! Koi hamse jeet na pawe..General Fun Game Show
General Fun Game Show Koi hamse loot na pawae.. General Fun Game Show… General Fun Game Show… Haar jayenge wog log… ye log, ye log.. Varun,
Prashasti, Aishwarya Loot ke le jaa! Bandh gayi muthhi…Generally Rapid, Na na na na na, Jitinge hum hi! Thank you! Now you figured that out? It’s a piano solo! Guys give it up for Biswa Kalyan Rath’s team – Lagaan part 2 Alright guys, that was easy… that not going to be an easy act to follow. Aishwarya, Prashasti and Varun Grover please bring it Varun Grover this is your team? Yes! Varun Grover, what is the name of your team? The name of the team? The name of the band. The name of the band is ah…
P A V P A V? Prashasti, Aishwarya, Varun! Pav! It’s pav. Very Bombay, very Bombay, very Portugese… and uh… very very eclectic. Yes oh, I can’t wait to hear this song, best of luck. Hit it! Aaaaaaaaa…Aaaaaaaaaaa Yeah hai General Game Show, Isse jitunga jo mei… Yeah hai General Game Show, Isse jitungo mei jo… Toh mazza ayega, isse jitunga re jo… Bachpan mei gubbara chaata… Aaaaaaaa… Mummy ne mara fir chatta… Aaaaaaaa… Bachpan mei gubbara chaata… Aaaaaaaa… Mummy ne mara fir chatta… Aaaaaaaa… Tab mene socha ke ek din… Aaaaaaaa.. Kaneez ke show pe mei jaake, La-lalala… Jitunga jo mei ye… Aisa mazza ayega! Ra ra ra rarara… ra ra rarara… Second song in the medley. Oh wow! Prashasti hai… Prashasti hai chorus mei… Prashasti hai chorus mei… Aishwarya hai dhinchak mei… Dhinchak mei… Prashasti hai chorus mei… Aishwarya hai dhinchak mei… Aagey ka gana bhul gaye toh
we will go to no. 3 song… Wow! Woooooo! Orissa se aaya chora! Orissa se aaya chora… Orissa se aaya chora, stand up karne Bombay ko… Mast aadmi karke hit hogaya…pura sala… Agla stand up ‘Sushi’ naam se… Release hone wala hai Badtameese Biswa… badtameese
Biswa… mane na… mane na… badtameese Biswa… badtameese
Biswa… badtameese Biswa… mane na… Thank you! That’s our time. Give it up for Prashasti, give it up for Aishwarya. Give it up for Varun sir. Give it up for Varun! Give it up for Varun and his team ladies and gentlemen! P A V guys P A V! Alright Varun, could we have your team on this side And Biswa, Sahil and Manish on this side. Please give it up for Varun and Biswa This is a very tough decision to make and I will need the audience to help me decide so you guys will help me decide, when I point to that team you will have to cheer and then we will decide which team won. Varun Grover? *Crowd cheers loudly* Biswa Kalyan Rath? *Crowd doesn’t cheer that loudly* Please guys don’t lie, please, please! Varun Grover? *Crowd cheers even more loudly* Biswa Kalyan Rath? *Crowd barely cheers* Guys the winner of TGFGS S2 Finale and ‘The Most General Fun Person Season 2 is… Varun Grover! Congratulations Varun Grover. Thank you! Oh my god! This was… You cannot go empty handed because
we have a fantastic prize just for you. The prize that you win, Varun Grover is none other… is none other than a years supply of Paani Puri! You get a years supply of paani puri Varun Grover you have won! You are a winner! Congratulations! Suddenly… Paani included… paani included Ye Mahim ke nale ka hai? Nahi nahi, ye Bisleri water hai. Toh fir ye asli nahi hai! Varun Grover do you have any words that you would like to say? Haan! Mei sirf ye kehna chahta hoon ke paani puri mei moong daal kaun dalta hai? Everybody, we all put it!? Ae hello!? Kachchi? No you will have to put it in the pressure cooker for two seetis, little bit of hing and haldi, salt and water. Otherwise! Cooker kahan hai? Listen, I feel like you being very ungrateful for No, I am just asking because
you said paani puri supply of 1 year Ya! So there needs to be a cooker here. Basket hai! I will! I am just being technical. I don’t feel this behavior is
very General Fun Game. Yeah! Biswa! I am just trying to say here Biswa, who confetti khatam ho chukka hai. Okay hello? Now true colors are coming. Can we please get on stage… Thank you, no, thank you. I am very very grateful. And could we please get on stage
Zakir Khan and Sumuki Suresh? Zakir, would you like to pass on your um your… title? Thank you so much for being such
a wonderful title holder for two years, you are now passing on the title to him. Just do, a handshake? Congratulations for winning! Thank You Sumukhi! Oh Thank You. And the rest of the contestants don’t go empty handed, you get a ‘I Am The General Most Fun Person’ Prashasti there you go. Sorry Aishwarya. Not you Varun. Sahil. Ek hi toh kaam ki cheez hai is kamre mei…woh nahi? Gol Gappe?! Sumukhi, Thank you… And this is a memento for you to keep. I have an extra one? Oh these are banyan?! It’s not like… Theek hai. Chalo bahot badiya! Nahi abhi kya karunga mei? Gol gappe…gol gappe yaar! Please give it up for the winner – Varun Grover! Biswa Kalyan Rath! Sahil Shah! Manish Anand!
Aishwarya Mohanraj! Prashasti Singh! I am Kaneez Surka! Thank you so much for being here, God bless you and goodnight!


  1. Regardless of how good the show is, Varun Grover should not have conferred the honor to this show by sharing stage with these mediocre artists, except Zakir Khan. This stage does not deserve him.
    And specially this bitch Mohanraj , she is so overrated..

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  4. Where are winners from episode 7
    There are only 6 finalists
    But there has to be 8
    Waiting to see Sumit vyas on the finaleπŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

  5. I expect to see Varun Grover wearing that banyaan while selling paani puri at his very own General Fun Pani Puri stall at Chowpaati. This show really does launch you into stardom. Kaneez, please tell us there's a season 3!

  6. I swear had I not known you guys from previous shows and seen your past work, I would have reported this video as the cringiest thing ever. Varun and Biswa singing took the cake, it can put dhinchak pooja to shame. I feel sorry for Kaneez. Prashasti and shah were the only saving grace

  7. bhai yaha bhi modi…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    varun and biswa are my fav..
    one say funny things in serious way
    other say serious things in funny way

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