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Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

Hello one last time. My name is Marilla! And
welcome to Ten Things You Didn’t Know About – oh wait, my true name must never be spoken. Hello there! My name is [MODEM SOUND VARIATION
3582] and welcome to Ten Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The End. Wait….but not
the end of this series, right? [TEN] Just like this series, The End wasn’t initially
designed to be bleak and horrible. It was originally going to be a sky dimension! But
when we we were trying to figure out how the sun would work in a floating sky dimension,
it was drastically hurting the game’s performance. So we realised it would be way easier if we
just got rid of the sun. (Screams) And so the nightmare that is The End was born. Totally understandable
design choice. Everything in life would be better if we got rid of that sun, the stupid
overrated orange orb! For example: having trouble sleeping? Just get rid of the sun! [NINE] Did you know the Endstone texture [Drumroll
Sound] is just an inverted tinted Cobblestone texture? [Cricket sounds] Oh cool! I didn’t
know there were crickets in Minecraft! [EIGHT] We still can’t believe how many awards
this series won. Zero. But if we had won an award, it would have been for revealing this amazing Minecraft fact: the game has a secret musical ending! Did you know that if you defeat
the Ender Dragon with nine noteblocks in your hot bar, then you unlock the secret ending,
where Jens raps over the end credits! Take it away, Jens! [Jens] Hello, this is Jens Bergensten, beloved
Chief Creative Officer at Mojang, and I’m here to ask you to stop watching this video.
It’s all lies! And what wasn’t lies, you already knew! For the last ten months, this terrible
show has slandered my good name. Just look at this! [Jens] If you love Minecraft, then I beg of
you, never watch another episode of this again. Frankly, I deserve some respec – [SEVEN] Did you know that all the blocks in
The End feel pain? Here, let’s turn up the sound a bit. [Sounds of crying] We even released
this educational album to try and stop you mining down there. [Sounds of crying] [SIX] Since adding The End to Minecraft, we’ve
never given it a substantial update because all our developers are too scared to go down
there and update it. [Developer] Uhhh…anyone want to update The End? [Sound of crying] Wow, what a bunch of cowards! [Offscreen] What’s that now? They’re watching this episode? And get a say in whether we get a second series? [FIVE] And now, a brief In Memoriam segment,
in tribute to the surprisingly high amount of people we lost making this series. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. Steve. And Steve. Me. Me. Me. And me. I think I’m gonna miss me most of all. No offence, Steve. [FOUR] “The End” might seem like a slightly humdrum title for such an important location in Minecraft, but it ‘s actually a clever anagram! One that hides a secret message. Re-arrange the letters like this. Have you spotted the secret message yet? It’s easy! Just add the letters C, O, G, R, A, T, U, L, A, T, I, O, N, S, a comma, Y, O, U, V, C, O, M, P, L, E, T, E, M, I, N, E, C, R, A, F and T! Pretty obvious in hindsight. [THREE] This might be our very last episode. So here’s an exclusive preview of our brand new idea for a series, Ten Things Our Lawyers Wouldn’t Let Us Tell You About Minecraft! Uhhh….. (sigh). [TWO] You might have noticed this episode contains fewer facts than usual. Okay, it’s not much worse than usual. But that’s because of my retirement chip. Once I reveal a certain number of facts, my purpose will be complete, and the chip will activate, retiring me forever. And, well, I’m not ready to go yet. (Sniffles) So here’s another outright lie about Minecraft. You’re welcome! [ONE] When we added the Ender Dragon to Minecraft, one of our developers made it indecisive. It’d keep changing its mind, whether to go attack Endermen, go sit on a portal, or simply fly away. Problem is, because the dragon would endlessly cycle between these three options without picking one, it kind of ended up looking like it was dancing. Okay, that may not look like much of a dance, but that’s just because it needs a sick beat behind it. Let’s watch it to my favourite album. [Jens] Yo to the yo-yo. My name is Jens and I’m here – Wait! No! Stop! Guys, that actually happened. Like that is an actual fact. No! Nooooo Oh! I’m not dead! That’s nice. [Obsolete Computer] Well done. You have successfully given the human race enough Minecraft facts to potentially prevent the squid uprising. Speech! Speech! [Obsolete Tech Crowd] Speech! Speech! Um, okay. To everyone who watched this show, from the bottom of my heart, thank you SO much for watching. Oh and don’t forget to like and subscribe. Cheers!

100 thoughts on “The End: Ten Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Minecraft

  1. Listen I understand why minecraft is soo bad because they had servers on every platform apart from PS4 so they want ppl how have a PS4 to buy an Xbox or other consoles that have it,unbelievable 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️what was the point of making bedrock on PS4

  2. Muito top o seu canal Minecraft bora trocar inscrições?… Tenho vídeos muito bacanas no meu canal de Games…

  3. minecraft why cant you just add so that in creative you respawn where you place beds?
    cuz my sister is only 4 yrs old she is crying everytime she dies in the void and loose all her stuff and spawn in a new place.
    same problem for many people.
    and i try to teach my sister how to sleep on beds, but she always forgets it. (she's on a computer java edition)

  4. But i want more fatcs like
    Top 10 you dint know about fish :c
    :,( dont go Marilla pls
    Or season 2 of top 10 dont go :"(

  5. Hey mojang! I love minecraft but I recently noticed that a marketplace order must not have went through on bedrock because I have not received a cape download. If you could email me with a download link or let me know, that would be amazing! =÷) I think the problem I've been having must have been fixed in the last update, but I have not seen the cape yet…

  6. Rip lounia Marilla
    Queen of the minecraft facts

    She will return…

    Top 10 Things You never knew about minecraft's developtment

  7. Nooooooooo!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭why did she have to die and go to computer heaven.

    Also I have noticed a lot more squids than usual. Meh its probably just a coincidence.

  8. I'm gonna miss Marilla's sense of humor about us humans and all those cute little jokes about our distruction and slavery under computers :'c

  9. Nether update arrives

    Oh, by the way, we won't be updating those useless nether fortresses.
    Oh, and you only get three new biomes to so be happy.

  10. So, today I went to raid the end… I went far out with diamond armor and tools (all with mending and good enchantments) and I died because I jumped on a shulker that latched to the side of the end bridge, killed it, and fell to my death…

    I’m not mad, just disappointed…

  11. Why would I want the stop it's so funny I love it slamming your good name I'm literally laughing every time the computer mocked you please make more

  12. could you guys make it so that the egg can hatch if its warm and people can get the achievement to who ever was in the end when you fight the dragon

  13. this is the final series of the season, there is also an end of a season of my minecraft server which Im playing and also an end of hermitcraft season 6, too much changing in one month!

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