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79 thoughts on “The Challenge of Ice and Magma | Minecraft Mini Series | Episode 6

  1. its good but i also think you put to much action into it because i had a nightmare of the last island it was freaky so next time try no to but to much action and this is what i think will happen at the last island: I think that the other teams will be held prisoners for trying to kill the other teams on the last round while spawning mobs and more i'm kind of scare so Mattel im ready for what happens next

  2. Derango is funny because he is selfish and i like how river is so scared and likes flowers. Team stone beach cheats and is YAWN

  3. Mo,will help Team Stone beach win the last Island btw have anyone ever seen a stone beach in Vanilla Minecraft?I have not yet……….

  4. It's not fair that I'm always I'll be cuz most still in the game mow like Moe and like him like her I meant she the host doesn't know she's still in so she is a really bad host

  5. Sacha's a girl!?!
    ._. Well I guess I should have known since it was a boy and girl on each team…

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