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Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

I have…. sOmE iTeMs *Green, Blue, Yellow, and Red grab their items* Red: What do we do? 🤨 First we have to put Minecraft! 😉 WHOOSH! I need something constructing! I got an idea! *steals the e* *steals the x* *steals the c* *steals the a* SIR BUDDY NICE THE EXCAVATOR BUN *Pulls up Timer for 5 mins and pulls it aside* VERY SIMPLE BUN READY GUYOS MAN PAT Red, Yellow, Blue & Green: Roger, roger Orange! (Star wars reference) SO MUCH 321 DDEMNO DSAS Friends: OK!! So much dropping items like MANAMME SADAM ERE KITTY CAT MEOW SIKE KEAKT S MY EXCAVATOR IS GOING TO BE MINE!!!!>:) And a block here, and a block here… Those noobs are gonna be sooooo amazed Green: Wait a minute.. Green: Thats not right. Green: Oh my goodness… Orange: *peaceful slumber* Orange: OH MY GOSH!!!! Orange: STAHP GUYS!!! Orange: Why in the name of Alan Becker is there a cat on your creation? Red: There’s the word CAT up there LOL Second Coming: Oh! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Yellow: Here’s mine! Yellow: It actually moves! Everybody: WOAH! Orange: AWESOME! Blue: ikr *Everyone is silent LOL* Green: Heres mine Second Coming: WE HAVE A WINNER! Green: *victory dance* Orange: Congrats! Here’s your trophy! SALT BOMB TNT: Wheee Green: OH MY GO- (New) Subtitles made by ProneHDGamez to celebrate over 10 subs Hey, thanks for watching guys! Special thanks to Oxob3000 for helping to animate this video. If you’d like to vote for what you want me to animate next, you can now do so by becoming a patron. I’ve got a lot of new rewards there too, so check that out here. If you like to learn how to animate, here is my tutorial channel, and click here for my Minecraft channel. And once the next episode is up, you can view that here, so thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys in the next video.

100 thoughts on “The Building Contest – Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep. 2

  1. Orange: Why in the name of Alan Becker is there a cat on your creation?
    Red: There's the word CAT up there LOL
    Me: Now i get it XD thank you substitler XD XD xD XD

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  4. кто русский – лайк (го коммент в топ что бы иностранцы думали что я что то годное написал)

  5. Anyone else turn on subtitles and notice that before the contest starts they pull a star wars reference?

    Specifically this: all but orange "Roger roger orange!"

  6. in this scene 1:06 the bottom right corner its 4 : 24
    but at this scene 3:18 it's still 4 : 24

    also 99% percent of the comments are
    "red puts cat ,orange okayyy…. "

  7. Gbhbhhhhgv🥺😭🥰👚😍🔥🤕💍🌈🐱🎨vhguj(gggggbhgbhhhhjijhhhyuyytttgjuijjyhj

  8. how do u make those videos, they are awesome I watch them all the time,my favourite video is the roller coaster attack of the spiders

  9. I couldn't stop laughing at red

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