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– Hey, guys, this is Austin.
This is the brand new Series 2 Edition
of the Xbox Elite controller,
which has got me thinking.
Kevin, what is the best controller
that I can buy right now?
– Well, we got a different
couple options to talk about here
so let’s round ’em up and see.
(imitates music)
♪ Kevin Kenson music,
Kevin Kenson music, ♪
♪ Kevin Kenson music, do do doo ♪
The benchmark that I compare
every single controller to
is the current generation Xbox One.
Now, it’s seen some updates
over the last few years,
like Bluetooth and an audio jack,
you also have the Design Lab.
But this is always what
I compare things to.
Kev, why am I wrong?
– I mean, look, the
standard Xbox One controller
is a great controller.
When it comes to just the baseline models
that come with systems
this is honestly my my
personal favorite as well.
– [Austin] Same, yeah.
– But there’s a lot of
room for improvement still
and there’s a lot of things
that have kind of become more
common and popular amongst pro controllers
that aren’t necessarily feasible
in an affordable regular
baseline like this one.
– Such as.
– Such as Microsoft’s
own Xbox One Elite 2.
Honestly, we could talk all day
about the special features and things.
I think the main kind of take away points
aside from just general build quality,
multiple sticks you can use,
multiple D-pads, back paddles.
Which are pretty common
across a lot of these ones.
The big stuff for this too though
is the unique customization features
that are in the Xbox Accessories app
where you can do things
like button remapping,
adding a Shift button
options, stick acceleration,
lots of crazy in depth stuff.
– And of course, this
works across the Xbox
as well as the PC and those
settings that you sync
will actually work
across consoles as well.
Or across, did I just call PC a console?
I mean, across systems, across platforms.
– Identity crisis.
So aside from the Elite 2
the other one we have
here is the Prestige.
Now, this is the newest one from Scuf
I’d mentioned earlier
and the main thing with this
is that this is a modified
Xbox One controller
so it still has the same core base in it,
which is really cool actually
’cause that means you can
use it with the Xbox One,
the upcoming Project
Scarlet, PC, whatever,
if it works with Xbox
controller it’ll work with this.
One of the cool things about it
is how you can further modify it.
If you wanna change the sticks or anything
you actually just pop off the faceplate.
– That’s cool.
– And this is how you
can swap out the sticks.
You can also switch out the D-pad,
although I think you can just do that
from having this faceplate on as well.
So this one has four adjustable paddles,
you can take them off if
you don’t wanna use them.
– [Austin] The problem though
is that this is expensive, right?
this is actually around the same price
as the Elite controller?
– So, it’s 20 bucks cheaper
if you just buy the base model unmodified.
But one of the big things about Scuf
is how you wanna customize
it to make it your own design
so depending on if you
want certain colors,
special designs, different sticks,
depending on all the things
you modify and do to it
it can end up adding up
to being quite more money.
– So I get that you’re really excited
about your controllers and everything
but really everyone knows the superior way
to play any kind of game is
using a mouse and keyboard.
Which I so helpfully have provided
with the Razer Turret.
– [Ken] You said this
was controller video.
– This works with an Xbox, I
can control my games with it,
I think that counts.
– [Ken] What is wrong with you?
– Can I bring in a racing wheel next then?
– There’s a cursor inside the game.
It’s almost as if I’m playing
on a PC called the Xbox.
– Now to be clear, this
is because the Xbox
actually does support keyboard and mouse,
it doesn’t have to
necessarily be the Turret
but the Turret is an
awesome controller design
specifically for the Xbox in mind.
– ‘Cause essentially you’re getting
like a proper Razer keyboard
that’s built into this little platform.
And then you have the
mouse which is magnetic
so you can actually kind of.
You have a little like mousepad.
So if I was sitting.
– Come on, do it, yep.
Yeah, squat work out!
– This is the way all true gamers play.
So the Turret is certainly not cheap.
At $250 this is probably the
most expensive thing here.
So the thing with the Turret is that
you really shouldn’t use this
as purely like an Xbox controller.
I mean, you can use it
like that, certainly.
But it sorta makes more sense
if you have like a PC and an Xbox
and you wanna have everything
kind of unified into one setup.
– Or if you just really love playing
just Fortnite all the time
and you wanna keyboard and mouse set up.
– And you don’t wanna use a PC.
– And you don’t wanna use a PC.
– Yeah, that’s really popular.
Now over on the PlayStation side of things
we of course have the DualShock 4.
A perfectly respectable
controller, it’s good, fine,
but it’s not really great,
it’s really super impressive
which is why I’m really curious,
especially to play with this Raiju.
– So actually, real quick
before focusing in the Raiju,
I think something that’s
interesting about PlayStation
is that on Xbox you saw some similarities
with the two controllers we were trying,
they were both based on
the standard Xbox design.
All three of these are very different.
All three pro controllers we’re looking at
are very different approaches
of how to make a pro controller.
– This doesn’t work.
– Does it not work or did
you not log in properly to…
– You would be correct, I
didn’t log in correctly.
– There you go.
– Kevin Kenson, PlayStation expert.
– So the deal with the Raiju is that
at least out of the
different pro controllers
we’re looking at today,
it’s the least physically customizable.
There’s a little bit you can do,
you can swap out that D-pad,
it does have some other sticks.
But the really heavy focus is on
just straight up the build quality.
– It’s so sturdy, this to me
out of all these controllers
is the only one that feels on par
with the Xbox Elite controllers
as far as just like, it’s
beefy, it feels heavy,
it feels like this is something
I can throw across the room
in a fit of rage after I lose in Fortnite
and it’ll be just fine.
– The table that it
hits won’t be, but yes,
the controller will survive.
– Now, you know, I totally get
that customization is great
and for some people, especially
with like the Scuf stuff
you can go really over the top.
But for me, I’m one of those guys
who wants to walk into Subway
and order the sandwich just as it comes.
When I go into Blaze Pizza I’m like,
I just want a pizza with pepperoni on it.
I get overwhelmed with too
much choice and you know what,
this doesn’t have too much choice.
I just pick up the controller, I’m like,
look, someone smarter
than me designed this.
Sweet, I’m on board.
– Of the controllers
we have out here today
I think this the only,
is this the only one
that we’re talking about?
– [Ken] Yeah.
– This is the only one we’re talking about
that is actually not available
normally in North America.
You can get it, you just have to import it
which also means you’re
probably gonna spend
a little more money than
the actual MSRP lists.
– How much is it if I wasn’t importing it,
like say if I’m in Europe,
how much does this controller cost?
– Well you know, that was
something I planned on checking
when we weren’t filming earlier
and hold on a moment please.
– That’s fine, I gotta kill some droids.
– Now the Scuf Vantage,
really almost the opposite
of what the Raiju is.
While the Raiju is focused on
minimal physical customization
but having lots of just
high build quality,
the Vantage is all about modular design.
Kind of like what we
saw with the Prestige,
you can take the faceplate off.
– That’s cool.
– But on this one you can
swap the sticks, the D-pad,
and even take out the
rumble motors if you want.
Kinda like we were talking
with the Prestige earlier,
with Scuf things are so customizable
there’s not really one set price.
There’s a starting price.
If you get a wired version
of this it starts at 170.
If you get a wired
wireless version it’s 200.
– I will say that so far
this is still my favorite.
– I will admit, personally,
that’s my top as well,
for the PlayStation at least.
And actually let’s go ahead and talk about
this last guy then.
– [Austin] So, you need a screwdriver
to work on this guy I see.
– Yeah, so there’s a
faceplate that locks in,
it keeps all the modules, as they pop out.
So you can do things like, lets
say you like offset sticks,
you can have this set up.
Or if you don’t, take that off, swap ’em,
and now you have symmetrical.
But I like offset so
I’m gonna put it back.
– [Austin] I’m afraid to ask,
how much does the Astro C40 cost?
– Well the C40 is $200 for the base design
and it does not include all
the different swappable parts.
So if you wanna get all
the different D-pads
and all the different sticks
it’s gonna be a little more.
We have fewer controllers
to talk about for Switch
than we do for Xbox and PlayStation
so I came up with a
solution, I got one more.
– Okay, I mean, you’ve done a video
on every like Switch controller ever so.
(electronic music)
What is this slime thing?
– That, my friend, you are
holding the one, the only,
HORI Slime controller for Switch.
– [Ken] I love that!
– Why?
– It’s adorable.
– This is not meant for human hands!
– It is not comfortable but it is amazing.
I should note that I
guess kinda like the Raiju
we were talking about earlier,
this is a Japanese exclusive
so if you want one of these
you are gonna have to pay
top dollar to import it.
– How much is this really?
How much did you pay for it?
– I wanna say I paid 80.
– Oh.
After these $200 stupid controllers
$80 for a joke is, well,
it’s actually wait,
no, that’s still a joke.
Can we look at some real controllers now?
– How dare you, how dare you.
– Insult me.
So for the Switch when it
comes to pro controllers
I think the one that really comes closest
to kind of at least
capturing the idea right now
is the SN30 Pro Plus from 8BitDo.
– That actually really surprises me
because it’s obviously a Super
Nintendo style controller
but it has the grips as
well as you have the sticks.
And this also works with
a pretty wide variety
of different devices, right?
It’s not just a Switch controller.
– Yeah, so 8BitDo controllers
are designed to work
with the Switch, with
PC, Mac, and Android.
– But you said this is 50 bucks, right?
– I believe so, yeah.
– That’s not bad, especially
considering, I mean,
I’ve got like $1,000 worth of controllers
on the table right now.
– Yeah, and in terms of what
kind of makes it a pro
controller versus say,
using the official pro
controller from Nintendo
is that this does offer some of those
special features that people
equate with pro controllers,
like you can do things
like actually remapping
what all the buttons are.
So if for whatever
reason you really want B
to actually be the right trigger button
you can set that up if you like.
– [Austin] Now, obviously
this is not as full featured
as the proper pro controller
since you don’t have NFC for Amiibo
and you don’t have rumble, or do you?
– [Kevin] No, this does
have rumble, that’s right.
– [Austin] Oh, that’s awesome, okay, cool.
– You do have motion controls though.
– Oh, that’s cool, okay.
– So this is the Split Pad Pro from HORI
and it’s meant to be an
alternative to Joy-Cons.
Now, because it is a third party option
it doesn’t actually have all the features
that you might get used
to seeing in a Joy-Con.
You don’t have rumble, you
don’t have the ability to use
Amiibo scanning, you do have
the motion controls still.
But the big trade off for that
is that you actually have a longer–
– It fits your hands.
– Yeah.
It’s a longer controller
that’s actually designed
to fit in your hands.
– I mean, look at the difference, right,
it’s not even close.
Now, that doesn’t necessarily
fit in a bag as well
or anything like that but these,
to me the Joy-Cons are
fine for a quick game
or if you wanna do some
like Just Dance or whatever
but this is not a super comfortable way,
especially when you’re using them
even in like a Joy-Con grip.
It’s not that great for
long periods of time.
– Well, and especially
being used in handheld mode
I gotta say that it’s not
just a matter of the size,
it’s not just that the
thing is simply bigger,
it’s that it actually
does have contoured grips
and is designed to fit in
your hands a specific way.
It does have remappable
buttons on the backside.
Because these are each individual units
you can only remap buttons
that are on the same side.
But still, that’s better than not having
any remappables at all.
And because it’s a HORI controller
it has a turbo function.
– Because turbo is what we need.
You can’t non-turbo game.
– I mean, if you like
turbo, the slime does it.
Wanna use that slime,
it’s got a turbo button.
– I’m good, you have at it.
Now, if you actually want to
use some of these controllers
you might find the sponsor
of today’s video useful.
This is the brand new Optoma CinemaX P1.
This is a 4K ultra short throw projector
which can go all the way up
to a full 120 inch picture.
And the cool part about this
is that you don’t have
to sacrifice your space.
Even if you have a
smaller room or apartment,
you can still get the
maximum out of the projector
by putting it just a few inches away.
The picture quality is incredible too.
Not only are you getting an
insane amount of brightness
for a projector but it
even supports HDR10.
You’re also getting an integrated
Dolby Digital 2.0 soundbar
with a full 40 watts of power.
Now of course, if you
want you can connect it
to a full speaker set up,
but honestly just the way it comes,
it actually works really well
as an all in one entertainment center.
It also supports a variety
of streaming services,
you have voice control using
Google Home as well as Alexa
and you can also take advantage
of the Info Wall app to fully
customize the experience.
If you’re looking to up
your home theater game
then you should definitely be sure
to check out the Optoma CinemaX P1
at the link in the description,
and again, huge shout out to Optoma
for sponsoring this video.
This excellent bit of consumer advice
has been brought to you by Kevin Kenson,
you can feel free to
subscribe to his channel
Kev, can you please play us
out with a little tune maybe,
a song and dance, perhaps
an ode to the slime?
– [Kevin] I can set things on fire.
– That’s a great alternative.
– [Kevin] Oh, this doesn’t have
super reactive environment, I forgot.
– Are you complaining about
the Witcher on Switch?
The greatest port of all time
according to everyone on YouTube?
– [Kevin] I mean, it does
run great considering.
– It does look like Vaseline
was smeared on my TV though.

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