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100 thoughts on “The $55 Fortnite ‘POTATO’ Gaming PC – Is 1080p SMOOTH FPS Possible…!?

  1. I imagine all PCs Brian sold to flip have the TECH YES loving smell trademark, which actually a wd-40 subtitute… and then your friend come to your house and use your PC, suddenly "did you bought this from Brian?"

  2. One of the things that I like to do is to actually wash the heatsink part of a cpu cooler. Budget builds Official does it; why don't you give it a try?

  3. I've got a non-nvidia version of this case. Cleaning it is one of those things on the annual postpone-this list, although the removable motherboard tray should make it easyer it can take hours nevertheless.

  4. I have never seen a case that supports an array of fans like that! Just curious – were they all set up as intake or exhaust fans?

  5. honestly I think a really high end nvidia build should be in that case and sold off for a nice healthy profit the fanboys would jump at it

  6. Ugh, a floating time use the throwaway DVD drive as a shelf and secure it to that, if you don't have a 5.25 to 3.5 adapter.

  7. I think I might have pulled the motherboard and psu out of the case. Stripped the Case and sprayed it down with a power washer out in the drive way. Jesus that thing was filthy. Your persistence is admirable.

  8. There are really good cheap ssd's these days. Xstar is not one of them it's pure garbage. Throw it away and get an actual decent SSD I can think of a dozen others off the top of my head that I could get between 20 and 30 u.s.d off of Amazon. How can you be a tech channel and think that that thing is even worth your money?

  9. A couple of years ago I sold a computer with an i7 920 and gtx 750 ti for $200. This was during the crypto boom and GPUs were insanely expensive and so were gaming PCs. The person thanked me for selling that the PC to him, lol.

  10. Oh wow! i did the almost exact thing, picked up a pc for $40, i5 4440 8gb 1tb hd added a GTX 770 and a 600W PSU, total include taxs and shipment $151, ran Fortnite at 90 FPS (didnt feel like OC the graphic card) and worked flawlessly.

  11. I personally woulda opened that PSU and hit the inside with some compressed air. Almost every used psu i have opened were quite dirty inside.

  12. I hope the next X58 doesn't give you that much problem. I have the exact same board and I repurposed mine into a plex server and haven't had any issues.

  13. Yup had an old Gigabyte Core 2 DDR3 Motherboard I rebuilt recently & it too was the dirtiest one I ever had my hands on. First time I used soapy water to scrub a motherboard. Got it together with a RX 480 8gb, 500gig SSD, 2Tb Hard drive with a 256mb cache, 8 Gigs of DDR 3 & a 600 Watt 80+ EVGA PSU. Worked for a couple weeks & than the sound just went out. Reset the Bios nothing, updated the Bios nothing, re seated the RAM & Video Card nothing, redid Windows nothing. Did some research & a LOT of people had the same thing happen & solved it by adding a sound card. I have yet to try that but these older boards man they can be irritating.

  14. Do you know you don’t have to shot the bandages and than collect and use.
    You just have to hold the bandage bazooka point at the floor and shot and it will heal you.
    Love your video thumb up as usual.

  15. kinda a weird combination of hardware, case from 2008, processor from 2010, video card from 2013.

    I'd pay twice what you did for just that case, those stackers were great. I have a non-nvidia stacker 830 that I plan on building a modern system in soon. need to find some usb 3 bits I can stick in the front panel to modernize it, maybe stick a usb c where the firewire port is.

  16. Inherited an 1156 build with an i3-550 from a friend. Found a xeon x3460, stuck a gtx 750 I had lying around, and the platform runs surprisingly well! Oddly enough, it also had a Gigabyte board and I encountered the same weird crap you did when I was first tweaking it. I'm wondering if it's because these boards are just so old now? Anyways, appreciate the work you put in!

  17. Ahhhhh, that MB was an excellent MB back in its day. Those Ultra Durable MB's were awesome value. Its the only reason its still kickin.
    Also, it was so dirty because it lived near the coast and was likely sitting on a timber or concrete floor. The salty air is very corrosive, which is why so much of it was rusted.
    The PC, may be working now. But it probably doesn't have a long life ahead of it.
    Interesting video man.

  18. it's probably fucked cus you fill it with break cleaner, pooling up in the slots, with all the crap you don't clean out properly

  19. I legit had to pause the video to see what was being sprayed onto all of the hardware lol,
    multi purpose spray.

    •Water Dispersant
    •Squeak stopper
    •Rust preventative

    Question was answered.

  20. 14:25 – Ryan have you tried beginning the download, closing epic games, overwriting the download folder with the one from the other machine and then starting epic games again? It should then begin to verify the integrity of the games cache. Hopefully. Basically what we needed to do for Origin Games up until recently and Steam a few years ago. Don't get me started on Uplay.

  21. its old gigabyte in general Ive had so many problems with them in the past switched to asus and that cured all my weird hair pulling issues but now they seem to have figured it out been running an Aorus board and its rock solid.

  22. That would have been an amazing deal for parts even if it didn't POST, if only the RAM and heatsink were the only things that worked.

  23. So in Australia they threw out computers because of 'dust'…what a screwed up country. Give it back to the Aborigines and send the others back to England.

  24. Also…. Mr Tech YES City man – no-one told you the whole back panel and inner motherboard tray slides out on its own to make installs and cleaning easier. Srsly… (The top panel also comes off too)

  25. excuse me!!!!??? you got an x58 board for $50?!?! let alone other! I paid $50 for an i7 950 + 12gb DDR3 and have been scouring fb market place, gumtree and ebay for a decent board trying to not take the aliexpress knock off option. Even those are $80!! most people sell LGA 1366 setups for $150+ even $300 on the high end! what black magic is this?

  26. Bryan I would change out the old RAM for some newer ram from the Haswell era, like some 6x4GB 1600mhz DDR3 from Gskill, Corsair or Crucial, all 6 dimms benefits the bandwidth on X58 even if just a bit, and a 240mm AIO will allow you to overclock it to 4.5ghz

  27. a bit of ocd and neat freakish of me but I would have taken that cpu cooler off and run it through some water and clean all the gunk out but dang you went to town on that pc. great job man. tech yes lovin at its finest

  28. Gigabyte X58 boards were not fun for OCing – I too had from time to time pull apart my GTX 480 SLI and Sound blaster back in the day when the bios shat itself while the CPU was OC'D 🙁

  29. 🤔 WTH? 😒 Son, ur not going to find this pc for only $55 anywhere in this world, this is clickbait at its finest 🙄😡👎

  30. Matt, that's a wonderful thing, cleaning it up and getting things working, then donating it to the underprivileged. You're a good role model on how we can help others who may not have the money for a PC but would benefit from one. Happy holidays Mate!

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