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Hello, I’m Matt Cail and on behalf of Expert
Village I’m going to tell you all about Thanksgiving games and activities. The first sorts of games
and activities we’re going to cover are crosswords and puzzles. Crosswords not only can be a
nice activity for your commute but can also be a lot of fun to do even in groups. Sometimes
I’ve seen big crosswords up on walls and people are up there on a dry erase board even. I’ve
seen the little booklets you have crosswords on. There are lots of Thanksgiving crosswords
available. Often times if you go to a store, a big book store will often times have seasonal
crosswords available or also related crossword games that you can do. I mean, now a days
crosswords have gotten so complicated. It doesn’t even have to be where all the letters
evenly all match up, it’s more like a word jumble. But these can be nice mind games just
to keep your mind off of the food which you are waiting for. Or, also just to give the
kids a nice diversion away from you. Puzzles are another good way, another mind game, another
brain test that is really good on Thanksgiving as well. There are lots. You can find puzzles
that make turkeys, the make cornucopias. I mean, all sorts of different things, fall
scenes, which can easily take two to three to four hours to put together which is a lot
of time to be burned between say noon and Thanksgiving dinner.

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