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(electronic music) – [Jordan] Without
Tetris on your Game Boy, there’s no Candy Crush on your phone. Nintendo packaged Tetris, not Mario, with the original Game Boy, and basically invented the
idea of handheld gaming. The Game Boy that survived
a Gulf War bombing is running Tetris. While everyone has heard of Tetris, few understand its monumental
impact on the gaming landscape Depending on how you count,
it’s the best selling video game of all time at 170 million
copies sold since 1984. Tetris excels at that thing
that all great puzzle games do when you play long enough. They bring you into this
kind of hypnotic flow state where you stop thinking about
each individual decision and instead just act on
pure instinct and reflexes. It’s the reason that the
game becomes more peaceful even as the blocks start falling faster. You aren’t even seeing them anymore. – There he is.
– Took you long enough. – Just what we need.
– Hey guys I’m comin’ in. – Oh no!
– Oh god. But none of that would translate
if Tetris’ core concept wasn’t so mathematically sound. The Tetriminos represent every
way to arrange four blocks, from a T shape, to a life
saving straight line. You actually can’t play Tetris forever because of the way the blocks stack up. Eventually the S and Z blocks would create too many uneven lines over time. But part of the beauty of
Tetris is that you always feel like you could play forever
if you were just smart enough or fast enough, so you stay hooked. For all of its’ global appeal,
it’s actually really cool to remember how Russian Tetris really is, and not just the theme song. It was created by Alexey Pajitnov but it was owned by the Soviet
Union for like a decade. And they aren’t even hiding this. There are versions of the box art
that have a picture of the Kremlin and the tag line “The Soviet mind game”. And there’s something about
efficiently stacking blocks that feels like you’re
doing smart and proud work for some kind of populist
labor revolution. It’s like constructivist art. But once Hank Rogers, an
American, got his hands on it, Tetris became a mainstream phenomenon. Rogers put Tetris on Nintendo’s radar, leading to the Game Boy
Tetris boom in 1989. Rogers then co-founded the Tetris company, officially bringing the puzzle game to any and all platforms
that would have it. There are over 50 versions of Tetris, and that’s without including the bootlegs. There’s really a game called Tetris The Grand Master
3, Terror Instinct. Fortunately, these new Tetris games have found legit ways to
improve on perfection. The recent Tetris effect
is all about enhancing that enduring, addictive trance
feeling with trippy lights and sounds that sync
up with your gameplay. And other spin off like Tetris
DS and Puyo Poyo Tetris have tried to make that
familiar Tetris formula feel fresh again. – It’s called Trestling. – It combines the physical
strength of arm wrestling with the mental agility of
Tetris into the ultimate sport. – [Jordan] Tetris’ legacy is basically the entire puzzle genre. If you haven’t played it,
your understanding of a fundamental piece of video
games is basically incomplete. And if that’s not a game
to play before you die, I don’t know what is. (electronic music)

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