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100 thoughts on “Surface Studio 2 review: This pricey AIO PC puts a capital ‘P’ in premium

  1. i get that Microsoft is conservative when it comes to cooling, but come on, just put a desktop processor in that thing smh. its a pc not a laptop for crying out loud

  2. Your computer reviews are always top notch. No one does better Surface reviews than you. The Surface Studio 2 looks awesome. May get one.

  3. One one hand, Apple offers nothing but USB-C thunderbolt 3. On the other hand, Microsoft offers everything except for a USB-C thunderbolt 3.
    Why Microsoft? Why?
    Pros need TB3.
    Also, there's no excuse for missing the hexacore CPU when you target your flagship for Pros.
    Disappointed tbh.

  4. this pc is really beautiful i hope microsoft should have improve the performance by making that base larger to put much powerful processor and graphics even the cooling and for the ssd they are actually SSDs with 3500/2500 w/r

  5. what I hate about studio 2: poor CPU, terrible cooling, poor connectivity, rubbish in the package (netbook grade "keyboard" and unusable mouse that should clearly get raided by treehuggers for littering our planet with useless stuff)

  6. 11:00 they simply had the common sense to accept the fact that 6 core cpus are a waste of time with such thermal-power constraints and it would provide a marginal improvement over a quad core which could just be clocked higher to compensate

    on the other hand, 8gen cpus come with more pcie lanes which could've made TB3 possible

  7. I mean every one forgets to mention that it is not jus an aio with a huge screen…. It is an AIO with a HUGE HIGH RES 1000 nits THIN, COLOUR ACCURATE TOUCH SCREEN… I mean who is selling that big a touch screen attached to a PC???

  8. "if you are like me who wants awesome PC, awesome resolution screen and a pc to game on"…. Yeah you are stupid to even think about it as a gaming PC or an entertainment PC. It is not even campaigned as such either.

    It is definitely for architects. Engineers. Graphic designers. And I am an engineer and I think I it perfect for my purpose.

    Yeah. Price is costly, no doubt, but don't think of buying it just to show off and game on. That's some Apple bullshit.

  9. I love the Surface line! I've had Pros and now I bought a Surface Book to get the extra power. I considered the Studio but I really needed something mobile. Having said that, every time I see one of these I drool a little 😅. Maybe by next gen.

  10. Hello, please help I am going crazy with all the options for laptops out there! I need a portable laptop that is powerful. I do a lot of 3D modeling and rendering as well as some photo editing. I also draw with a stylus but not too often. I used to have a vaio z canvas but it is broken and looking for a new one has been a nightmare. I know it needs to be powerful like at least a core i7, 16gb and 512gb but I honestly don´t know what the best choice is. I dont know how durable and efficient the surface pro is or the book 2 which is super expensive (my budget is $1,800 at most but cheaper would be better). So please help. what do you recommend?

  11. Love: The screen!
    Dislike: Glossy hinges and their round shape; the grey colour of the base, back of the screen and accessories — black would be awesome!

  12. theres a lot of potential in this category of product, ms shouldnt waste this opportunity. they should reengineer this product to put a real desktop processor and push it thru its limits with a 120 or 144hz display this could be a real beast..

  13. Someone may argue that the screen and the additional artist-architect oriented functionalities make it worth the price. However, it's disappointing not to see a 2070 or a 45w 8th gen hexa core cpu on a 3000$ + device.

    They could've put a 28w quad core cpu or a 45w hexa core cpu to increase the multi-threared performance.

  14. No thunderbolt 3 !?! There is just no reasonable excuse not to add that to help extend the units lifetime by allowing external gpu. Microsoft seem to have taken a leaf out of Apples playbook on how to gouge your customers.

    Still want one though ! 🙁

  15. 1TB, 32GB Ram model is $6,599 in Australia. That is genuinely ridiculous. I want it so bad, but it needs to be iMac pricing. Even the top end regular iMac is usually 10% off most of the time for $3090.

  16. Saving processor for the last is a good idea dude… So that we won't get a negative first impression at the beginning of the video

  17. Unpractical, overpriced, overengineered. Surface Studio is just like them 90's sportscars. Expensive? Yes. Practical? No. Overengineered? Yes. Stupid? No way.

  18. No Thunderbolt 3 or 8th Gen processors is a dealbreaker. I still think this should've been a monitor rather than an all-in-one

  19. Can't you exchange the processor? (sry if it's a dumb question but i've never built a computer before or know how does stuff work xD )

  20. dont buy this now man, wait for surface studio 3 or 4 when they have i9 cpu's and u know that u can keep it for 10 years… if u buy this u will regret it and within 3 years it will be outdated

  21. I would love to get this but wish it had thunderbolt 3. I wouldn't mind a slightly wider and thicker base unit for at least a 1080/1080ti or higher and the latest gen CPU from Intel like the i9 9900K or HQ versions

  22. Gostei muito, mas importar um produto desse para o Brasil e ainda mais impostos absurdos que pagamos fica muito inviavel, tá na hora da Microsoft começar a esboçar um interesse pelo mercado brasileiro…

  23. I love, love the monitor. That said, I will most likely upgrade to a Cintiq Pro because of not only the far better pen but, I can upgrade my own workstation.
    Why, why did Microsoft stop working with Wacom. It's the reason the Apple pencil is better than the Surface pen too!
    I love my Surface Pro & the pen is okay but, for my main workstation, I demand the best! This includes tons of nibs & not having to worry about pen batteries & upgrading as previously mentioned.
    If they sold the monitor separately, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
    Oh…. and the monitor needs to rotate on the stand. How did they not think this is very important?!?

  24. Surface studio … 32 GB ram and geek bench is 15915 multi core … 4600 single core for $3,499
    iPad Pro … 4 GB ram and geek bench is 18000 multi core … 5000 single core for $799

    LOL iPad Pro is fully portable in 5.9 mm device which gives much more better performance than surface studio 2 which is huge pc and overpriced
    People who complain about iPad Pro is overpriced are stupid now
    (I’m not a fanboy)

  25. I have the top of the range SS1. Have to say the 980 just isn’t powerful enough for the screen. High res, multi-layered photoshop files kill performance. Really can’t justify this after spending 4K 2 years ago

  26. I know the selling point is the touch screen, but it probably would make a ton more sales if they made a model without a touch screen to make it cheaper.

  27. It’s using old for early 2019 hardware. Struggles with 4K60FPS video editing. Should use the 8th gen i7 processor. It uses a kaby lake processor.

  28. Dumb question, do you need an Xbox to play Xbox games on this or can you download Xbox games from the Microsoft store? Never gamed on a pc before.

    I’d like to play the new gears of war when it comes out on this. I just ordered the 4700 studio 2

    Good review by the way. I’m pumped to game on this now.

  29. I just love how this looks. It looks like something from a futuristic sci-fi movie. I just want the bezels to be thinner. It would look amazing and I would definitely buy one.

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