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They called him.. Deathsinger.. I’ve heard rumors of a presence on the peak of Mount Velgrin. You think the Voltaris are at Mount Velgrin? Why would they leave their belongings where others might find them? Because they are still here… My name… is Tygren Voltaris. So many years… that we prepared for this, and you… are not about to interfere. There it is, Grim! If we pull this off, I’m about to become a very wealthy man. We did it, Grim! I’m gonna be rich! Grim! Now we have to find it again, before someone else does… What is this thing? We’re farmers, Abigail. It just like your parents were, and what’s this you are rolling up to the house? Oh, that? Nothing much. This is a dragon stone, Abigail. Put the stone down and leave. Not bad kid, but I don’t have time for this! Whoa, I was about to send for a doctor. I’m going after that stone. If we try to alert Atheria, it will be too late. That’s not just the dragon stone, Abigail. It’s an ender dragon egg! the Enderknights used to protect the land alongside their dragons. that was years ago.. Both the Enderknights and their dragons have vanished. This is as far as I can take you, Abby. Be safe on your hunt. Alright Lucan, you’re being assigned to mining duty near the basalt coast. Stop! Would you be quiet for a second? Zombies! Eddie! There have been rumors of.. Necromancers. Who seek to control the undead and use them as an army. Lucan, I am tasking you to investigate the situation. You’ve got to be the worst necromancer I’ve ever seen! I need your help.. Fine.. But once we locate the necromancer base, you’re out of here. Well, what’s the plan now then? Just put on the robes! Hey… Good luck. I’m going to need more than luck… Your father… would not approve of this training… Songs? For us? In the old days, It was common for Ardoni of your age to wield songs. I have… reason to believe the Voltaris clan will return… and when they do… They will hunt down the Prime Songs and destroy everything in their path. I’m moving this song to a safer place. Welcome to Crown Peak. That would be K’arthen. Not so long ago, They attacked their neighboring kingdom, Cydonia. I need you to safeguard a Prime Song. Thalleous, do you know where I’m from? Your parents were both killed by the Voltaris… I understand.. Thank you… for being honest. Senn, wait! Thalleous Sendaris, we meet again..

100 thoughts on “Songs of War Recap & Teaser (Minecraft Animation Series)

  1. Songs of War Episode 6 releases this Saturday on February 29th!
    Become a redstone patron to watch the episode TOMORROW!

  2. Hey the guy who tried to steal the dragon egg is ambidextrous so uhhh good luck Abigail. Also the Ardoni aren’t all dead. Good to know.

  3. If you ever noticed, one of the voltaris in the first episode carried the same staff as the Deathsinger.

    Edit: Later on you can also see a voltaris being helped away from the battlefield carrying the Deathsinger's weapon.

  4. I would live if somehow bps involved herobrine from the animation life arc as that would tie in and maybe give a oppertunity for vid ideas in the future

  5. While watching this, all I could think about was "hey this is the part where a fun blooper would happen!"

    But in all seriousness, OMG I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

  6. new episodes every weak yo awesome love this. I saw senn in the teaser / new section underwater. I'm excited to follow him and the rest of the characters as they grow!

  7. YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!!! I have been waiting for this for, no idea but thank you I can't wait!

  8. This is an amazing series! I love how the voice actors actually express emotion, how the animators got the characters to move and got the lip sync right, and how the map builders built such such appropriate builds for this, it’s all great! Keep it up and I’m sure Mojang will notice you and ask for help on the eventual Minecraft movie

  9. Look at 5:24 and 5:31! In the first one there is just some obsidian. But in the second one it looks like a portal!!! Did the vultaris send for the nether again?

  10. Can we all just thank BPS for giving us the Minecraft movies we were promised but never given… btw anybody else notice that there were teasers to songs of War in previous animations

  11. 5:20 omg i cant…..this line sends a chill through my body but it also makes me exited to see more! songs of war is such a great series i love it so much! 💜

  12. Summer of 2017: BPS hits 1 million subs.
    Summer of 2018: BPS hits 2 million subs.
    Summer of 2019: BPS hits 3 million subs.
    Spring of 2020: BPS will hit 4 million subs. (Songs of War really sped up it up, didn't it?)

  13. Alguien pondría agregar los subtitulos al español por favor, llevo siguiendo esta serie desde hace tiempo.
    cuando agreguen los subtitulos al español me avisan.

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