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Greetings, This is Vasanthan
In This week video let’s view a topic on Cryptic Puzzle This Puzzle Is similar to one of my previous cryptic video puzzle “who is the murderer?” the difference is, this cryptic puzzle is based on a Historic event If this Crypt remains unresolved, after a 1,000 views I will release a clue… If still the clue remains unresolved, after another 1,000 views I will release the answer I firmly believe, that this game will be interesting enough to provoke your crypts solving instincts Come let’s dive into the video… Jan 1981, Downtown of Bern, Switzerland Swiss secret service, Federal Intelligence Service (FIS) received a mysterious Postal envelope The Postal envelope doesn’t have any sender’s address The postage stamp indicates it is from Yerevan City, then under Soviet Province of Armenia When Opened, the envelope contains an artwork drawn by Pencil .. A Standing lion, an arrow mark leading to an angry wolf and an arrow mark leading towards words “Hepsi Senin” with some blood stains in between.. then at the edge of the page a Bell is drawn… No other details could be found, whatsoever FIS authorities ignored this mail at first as a prank, by some unkown prankster… Five months later, a shocking incident happened in Europe That incident shook entire Europe and many other countries around the world Due to that shocking incident, Swiss Intelligence came under severe criticism and embarassment That’s when the Swiss Intelligence service Authorities remembered about the pencil art postage they received in Jan That the pencil work was to warn them regarding this shocking incident Now the question is this..What does this art work indicate? What is the encryption behind this? Not Just Europe, but nations around the world were shocked and condemned the incident, What was that Incident? The artwork is this Have a clear look at the art for 30 seconds…Does it ring any bell to you? So were you able to conclude anything ? If you are able to detect something please provide your guesses in the comment box I will mention in honor, the name of the first one who guessed it correct, in my next video when I publish this answer If this Crypt remains unresolved, after a 1,000 views I will release a clue… If still the clue remains unresolved, after another 1,000 views, I will release the answer If you feel this game is interesting, please click on the notification bell icon, as I will release lot of such interesting videos Next week, I will meet you with another interesting topic Stay Tuned, Vasanthan, Thank You

7 thoughts on “Solve Mysterious Cryptic Puzzle l வரலாற்று மர்ம புதிர் கேள்வி சவால் l Tamil l Vasanthan l வசந்தன்

  1. சிங்கம் பலம் பொருந்திய ஒன்று நரி வேஷம் கொண்டு ஒரு சிறு கிராமத்தில் புகுந்து உள்ளது… bell அபாய எச்சரிக்கை…

  2. @Vsanthan sir…. Apo answer kedaika 2050vara wait pananuma……epo 1000 views vanthu epo 2000 views varathu🙄🙄🙄

  3. சிங்கம், நாட்டிற்குள் ஊடுருவிய ஓநாயை துரத்தவில்லை என்றால், திங்கட்கிழமைகளில் குறிப்பிட்ட நகரமோ, இடங்களோ ரத்தக்களரியாகும் என்று எச்சரிக்கையாக இருக்குமோ.?

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