The Theft Protection

Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

No got the same sound everything another
traffic and name now these are with ego never gonna be the same fucking game
down I snapped just like your girls
shiny like a quick snack like I’m up in it like a Winstead these haters all kid
wept when I spit in the but they don’t really know shit
high-speed raps like a heart attack fast fatal thought impacts fuckin fact I
blast castle box and pack I backed up my expecto mask represented with every
worth in that class they hear me said I got nothing to lose
cuz I bought and felt the bruise now I’m not the one confused call the shots and
they produce pick a new so birds do funny thing is suppose we drew a new
abuse to be in news everybody was a masterpiece that get dead to me so
please cell phone number your discrete ready for defeat now I’m gonna make you
bleed out listen no repeat now is weak father for your great cuz your life is
disabled and nobody’s gonna take everybody’s March until it’s over
and just like a soldier whiskey in concert
martien Phyllis ridiculous upset in this ridiculous and
limitless world under selfishness shit got hits upon the trucks did I see one
of their artists cringes people don’t go Varga shit they love to hate but hate to
live society you swinging minute promise me you won’t regret it wasted energy
forget it beau levesque we wanna get it right the bullet just a bit unconscious it’s on bond quest I quit till ten
thousand people going off without drop this I gotta make it that’s when it got
him break you now swear to god I’ll take your balance in the stage but the crowd
cuz I gotta sorta stand I’m loud say you’re modest but I’m proud no I never
had a challenge it I keep I’m moving forward marching to myself
and just like a small jar actually I’m moving forward like if I’m moving forward I was getting
closer just like moving forward I was getting close you you you

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