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Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

heard you the first time here yo dress
safe and through the top millennia maybe she didn’t see me I gotta find a new
place with a peephole and a back exit and a moat and a better looking land looking good those algae dream isn’t
really working out that crusted in one’s eyes almost cleared up don’t try to
sweet-talk me increase it bubbly little freeloader you only three months back
rent and I’m in no room for you Chris I got a hot tip on the seahorse today I
can’t tell you the name but it’s luck okay when that sweet baby comes in you
and me are gonna have a nice candlelight dinner for two we’ll get us some
escargot and maybe a harpist off in the corner
giorgia see their shape we white skills listening like molten whore
Roscoe I have had it up to here with you you fuckin fix it
vamos cousin with a big pizza close and exhaust to show you what happens to
those who do not that moves when so instructed I like you when you like this
spicy good morning once again reef city I’m Katie current and you’re watching c9
news don’t just Reef cities only TV news but
its second highest rate our top story tonight you’ve just been evicted you’re
out of money out of luck and out on your butt a tail did someone proof this copy
merged throw the whole suited towards in music news a rare collection of CDs was
felt by a hermit crab named Prince he was quoted as saying I got three
things to say that’s all sounds like crazy joke better get a move on you can
look around by moving the mouse and slim by holding the left mouse button use the
right mouse button to dart forward and smash things
and now here’s Stan with the weather it’s gonna be another wet one today
Katie hey just the fish I wanted to see I don’t have time for you Oscar I got
important things to do put put up important news flash Oscar no one else
thinks you’re important yet don’t take it personally
you just can’t top the sights until you get some fame and as we all know
fame is strictly the domain of the talented and intelligent
you earn Fame by doing jobs for other fish the better you do the more Fame
you’ll get try right clicking on this guy that icon over his head means he’s
got a job for you to do job equals fame and Bane equals fun you wash hey what’s up brother give me
some fin I get it I get it you want to keep things on professional level
you missed your last payment in fact you missed all your payments I hear what you
say amen and I’ll have your claims for you by the end of the day off in my
personal verbal guarantee which you just can’t put a price I got my order sighs I
don’t want money really all right there thanks man
well I’m on roll got places to see visions to be
oh you’re still paying it back in sushi sushi uh-huh oh I get it
that’s a pretty decent comeback actually wait a minute
sushi that’s fish me fins don’t fail me now oh all right before you go and give
me a kill let me tell you how it’s gonna work you see that big shark back there
see that big hole in his face with all the white pointy things yeah that’s his
mouth your job is to keep me out of it I’m gonna be swimming for the spell like
this when you see an arrow pop up that means
I’m about to hit something move the mouse to get me out of the way and if
you’ll see that jerk trying to bite on me move me as fast as you can take pay
attention I am NOT gonna be lunch just cuz you saw some shiny across the room
all right you got it Oh I think bet I know you hate spicy food nice as that sounds the gas devices a
little sneak ended a role basket let that be a lesson never try to space
baby flames tonight why I oughta Oscar aren’t you supposed to be at work
Oh Angie you said the W word so you can’t be bothered to do your job that is
just like you Oscar come on Angie pretty soon I’m gonna be the richest
fishing leave city can’t get into the details but today is my lucky day one or
two days of not scrubbing whale blubber hey gonna make much of a difference
whatever Oscar just stay away from Sykes today is in terrible mood I don’t think
I’ll even talk to you unless you’ve got something really important Hey that crab
pinched my purse don’t worry your pretty little head wait he might be dangerous on Crimewatch Breaking and Entering
Angie’s purse is somewhere in this warehouse which is for some reason
guarded by crabs with flashlights century crabs don’t see well but do
taste great with a shallot cream sauce if you stay out of the flashlight beams
you won’t be detected avoid the barracudas as well there are no tempered
and single-minded and prone to eat anything they come across reminds me of
my first husband guards can be temporarily distracted by
throwing urgent’s it’s practical and fun except for the urgent find out of my eyes in science news this
is a switch swim over and right-click on it yes now coming in yes it looks like
you opened a door a slow news day apparently check that out
it left the purse just sitting in this will be easier than I thought Wow
I’ve never seen so much jogger you you did it how did you you didn’t hurt
me buddy did you no I just tied all his legs in a nut pounded his shell and
poked him in the eyes stop you might really Wow huh
I’ll see you at work what you don’t think I could take on a dozen crabs with
my bare fins have you seen me dance that kind of
agility can be sure asked you get to work and try not to hurt yourself
filling the soap buckets Hercules yeah well what does she know I could
take on a crap if I knew how to fight oh is that what I think it is sometimes
you find money just lying on the street go ahead and pick it up finders keepers you can also pick up urgent’s like this
one and throw them at other fish just press the spacebar can’t early check
with legal in and make sure we can say that oh and just a touch more paprika on
this sometime today leave me alone Oscar I got bigger fish
to fry you need to earn more fame before you can talk to important fish like
Sykes sorry no such thing as a free lunch except for
all those sandwiches lying around Hey look a sandwich you know whenever
I’m hungry or depressor I got a broken tail a piece of pin missing or if my
health bars low a sandwich always fixes me right up gotta love them sandwiches hey Oscar urge you goddamn is rated man
that’s evicted there is a difference well it just so happens my
brother-in-law’s got himself an empty apartment you can crash there anytime
you like whoever it if your brother-in-law’s got an empty apartment
why you living in a trash can I sky don’t you question the way of the
warrior the street life feeds my kungfu and makes me strong all right don’t hurt
yourself I’ll take the ax but wise choice awesome
anytime you want in just come in and right-click on me they’re just get better way John these more clams you hey there’s buggy it better be good I have some important
things to do we just got a couple plans the war these prices of it in they’ve identified as gave us the other races are ready to go you win and now for sports the underground sewer
service competition welcomes race fans and thrill-seekers and all breathing
methods the goal get to the finish line before anyone else if you’re not sure
which direction to go just follow the Handy signs or your
swifter competition good luck and happy not crashing I’ve been handed a special
bulletin it appears these lightning bolts our speed boosts hit them and
they’ll shoot you forward with second about legal velocity it’s a great way to
stay ahead of the pack all racers with urgent’s in their possession have been
cleared by local authorities to throw them at other fish to slow them down I
guess that’s why they call it underground all right folks this mission idle wait at home homeless sinner and halibut it looks
like the new guys just taking the leap if he keeps this up we’ll all soon be
chanting uh which is me all right Oscar well you can just smell the excitement Tuesday’s is ladies night Tuesday’s ladies night Tuesday’s ladies that when we say for
the ground we mean on the ground the anglerfish in the front row please
turn his light off then coming into the final stretch and
it looks like the new guy might just and we have a winner his fans his furious
he’s he yeah and he’s standing right over what the other races are ready to go now
you what
we’ve evolved aapke I got bigger fish to fry you need to earn more fame before
you can talk to important fish like sites sorry
no such thing as a free lunch except for all those sandwiches lying around Aska Baba’s damage on delicious friend
I got your favorite CD and it even smells just like your apartment Yoda a little sprawled out the legal
looking dude what’s going on it’s all enough underwater what it really takes
is some smooth move sure you do everybody’s got some fuckin balls I’ll
show you some serious moves back it up now give us some room now in health and lifestyle dancing can
be a fun and therapeutic way to stay in shape but requires significant amounts
of coordination in addition to blessing that booyah flava g-funk while jamming
straight-up old-school ah hey don’t get all mushy on me now
keep practicing I catch y’all later and tell all your mama’s I said ha hey Oscar what’s round and shiny has
music on it and rhymes with CD who cares take this and feel that feat
you got to cut the dough well well if it isn’t the coolest boss
ever not now Oscar I got way too much on my mind
I gotta skip town for a while but a lot of fish here only some serious money I
can’t just leave it lying around all right try this up I go get your money
for you and then we talk you think that I’m gonna trust you with thousands and
thousands of clams yes all right you talked me into it
but only if you help me first you better bring me at least 50 bags before time
runs out when you’re finished got it fish sticks hey it’s me what could
happen okay I gotta grab enough moneybags before time runs out what
sizes almost done
stay on target Hey sites
here’s your money oh well this looks like all of it what did I tell you
it’s your alright Oscar so tell me about the seahorse lucky day is it the pride
of Davy Jones’s ranch seahorse lucky day tripped and spilled to the turf in the
homestretch of the reef City derby squandering a seven length lead in the
process track officials are confident no foul play was involved circuit spokesman
brillo McGillicuddy was quoted as saying it’s no big deal
fish trip all the time on a lighter note in the aftermath of the race a number of
unlucky better seemed noticeably upset Oscar you moron I’m gonna make you wish
you were never hatched you pathetic algae sucking Bob Frieda some less
savory elements in the crowd even grew unruly as one poor loser was pummeled
senseless by a pair of surly jellyfish and reportedly later dragged out to the
wastelands outside of Reef City track officials remain confident no foul play
was involved he had it coming come on guys I’m good for the money
you can tell Sykes I’ll get it so he’ll believe anything just between us he’s
not that bright oh it’s too late for that my boy you and us is going to party
all right if that’s how you want it we’ll do this the hard way
oh yeah I call this my shrieking wombat stop you don’t want to see my ball-peen
tornado scares me just thinking about good choice boys I didn’t want to hurt
you any more than you wanted to be I don’t know if I’m cut out for this
Frankie but I don’t like eating fish what’s it gonna take to make a shark out
of you we fish that’s what we do bada-bing hey hey hey what’s that hey
guys now that we’ve established who’s boss I could use a little help with the
untying it all look it’s like a TV dinner
you think you can handle that money make that proud for once sure Frankie
whatever you say okay I’ll get back to the ring pick up my paycheck
I got no job no apartment and I’m tied to a rock in the middle of the desk now
all I need is it no no wait wait don’t panic I’m not gonna eat you fine I’ll
eat him artist lunch hey hey slow down your stupid fish
ain’t gonna hurt you forget about it he’ll be totally painless Frankie
Frankie say something Frankie such now I’ve done it pops gonna kill me yeah that’s right try to eat me and know
you were messing with did you well I showed you nobody eats me without
permission not gonna make that mistake twice
cuz I’m like wait bow though and he’s like no not the good thought so I’m all
how about a little on the footer haha giving up but it shock sale Katie current here with the latest in
unavoidable exposition a local fish named Oscar has just defeated a shark oh
that’s right a great white shark in hand-to-hand combat Oscar the fish of
the city have begun calling you the sharkslayer how does that make you feel
well Katie I slay shots that’s my job I mean what else would they call me were
you scared scared that’s a good one Katie the shark didn’t even know what
hit him I was like you want to eat me come here big guy
I got a snack for you you’re so eloquent now about this shark you slew aren’t you
concerned that his father lino and his army of fearsome enforcers might seek
revenge his father lino the Lena the most powerful shark in
reef city you know what I think I smell a shark around here somewhere
got to go kick him a few times I’ll see you later you heard it here first folks
oscar the sharkslayer is going to confront lino and his goons head-on that
was Lino’s son now every shark in the oceans gonna be after me I gotta find a
place to lay low for a bit huh I seem to remember there’s an abandoned kelp bed
around here somewhere that sounds like just what the doctor
ordered behind those gates me let me see if I pull that switch the gates are on a timer and watch I
sneak it into places be easy anymore I can’t go back now face gazing this tuft
of kelp is a safe zone if you hide inside no one can see yeah spit me out I’ll kick you in the
ribs what Oh I got a consultation okay this quell bed is nice and done no
sharks don’t find me here except maybe that please don’t eat me stop it would ya I’m a vegetarian oh
whoa I know you you’re the shock I met in the wasteland I tried to eat me I was
trying to save you I’m not making tough like the other sharks
nobody likes me and now I got Frankie killed everybody I know thinks I killed
your brother nowaday expect me to fight every other
shark in the ocean just wish I knew how to slay a shark yeah well I just wish I
could disappear hey are you thinking what I’m thinking okay here’s the plane will stage a big
fake fight in the middle of town you make yourself look real scary and then
take a dive everybody will think you’re dead and I’m a hero
I don’t know a skit you might be a little famous but I don’t think you’re
famous enough to pull off a stunt like that not famous enough exactly how
famous do I need to be you need to make some more friends advertise yourself you
know once you got some more fame then come back here and we’ll fight yeah all
right I get it just stay here so nobody sees no Oscar I don’t think you’re
famous enough yet don’t you come back when you have more faith to your condo my condo I did a condo yes mr. science
bothered for silence oh yeah he thinks it’s my agent now I’m all famous and
everything so can I go up there I mean of course I can see it it’s mine right
of course it is a little empty at the moment but I’m sure you can afford to
buy what
hey Oscar what’s happening baby you know me everybody knows you you’re the
sharkslayer angel now me I’m an advertising fish port for Coral Cola you
heard the name I’ve seen it around well we’re sponsoring the race here in
reef city called Kona 600 anybody can enter but we’ve got a special interest
in you I’m listening you in this race and you’ll be in all
our commercials I can make us Tom welcome once again sports fans to the
coral cola 600 this is Stan from the c9 news we’ve got some of the fastest fish
back across the ocean I’ve been here for this momentous event and look who’s down
there with him it’s the sharkslayer gentle fish star joins the sharkslayer
has fallen to last place already could he be planning an amazing
come-from-behind victory the sharkslayer is starting to pull the
head but can he make it over wait whoa did you catch that the second clap a sports fan this is the final lap let’s you’re approaching the finish line I say
this every day but this time I kind of mean it you got the goods that’s what
I’m talking about now all we need you to do is hold a can
of coral Cola in your hand so the camera can read the label what’s a hand no photography those are pictures of me
Esther I’m headed to the newspaper Amish right now you’re at tomorrow’s front
page cool but you’re not gonna drop any this time are you sir I am a
professional I do not drop things parallel forgive
your insult in the name of comedic timing
okay this fool is dropping my pictures all over the city now I gotta follow him
around and pick him up before he gets to the newspaper office over lose all the
Wi-Fi just screwing around I need to find that dude and pick up my picture hey drop I like that that’s what I’m talking about stop power
right there I told you I get them all these celebrities just don’t listen yeah
good story Hey SAG’s
we’re cool now right I mean you’re not mad or anything yeah that’s what I
thought so what’s the play I gotta get famous
and I gotta get there fast get the line Oscar advertising costs
money lots of money and lots of people have lots more than we do money isn’t
everything there’s fame power chocolate well we
can’t afford to pay for any ends but there are some billboards downtown that
would look much better with your face on if you can sneak past the guards wait
wait wait wait wait what you want me to change other people’s billboards in the
middle of the night yep cool looks like all these billboards have
switches on all I got to do is flip those switches and I’ll see my face in
lights you can have drinks
come back there another one that’s warning Lauren stupid crap yeah oh man an elevator fish hate elevators
and I’ll show you what my head now those other billboards were nice but
there’s a big old screen on the side of this building if I can put my face up
there the whole city’s gonna know who I am all I gotta do is get past all this
security water you know compared to a whale’s mouth
this is kind of like almost okay how Oh Wow Oscar it worked everybody’s talking
about what you did to the billboards you’re not just a hero anymore
you’re a controversy now to get you a real bad-boy image will lead you to rob
a bank oh no way trash your hotel room yeah
okay Ringo look I’m the sharkslayer here and I already got something special
planned I’ll catch up with you later music is like a box of chocolates the
stuff from the trash can taste the best somebody get this stuff in here that
must be the spring are you kids get off my lawn now you
Oscar you are my lawn my CD Angie what’s a girl like you doing at a
place like this what’s that supposed to mean uh you know you just know hey you
want to come in with me no I was just leaving come on it’ll be fun
didn’t watch me get famous as fun as that sounds well you know what I think to be amazed you know what I like about
this Wow that was amazing
I am speechless of course you are now I hope you learned something from all that
watching and salivating I’m just saying maybe you could pick up
a couple tips from the master I don’t come cheap though cheap husker
you are the most self-centered why am I even talking goodbye
Oh Jules have fun Oscar and thanks again for yet another magical evening this is Katie current reporting live
we’ve had unconfirmed reports of a sort look it’s the sharkslayer oh I can’t watch dump dump dump dump dump dump hey lady
don’t you cut the music is creeping me out a little any juice you really are in
a friend’s folks this is the greatest news story
since the invention of the aquarium from this angle it appears that the
sharkslayer has just grabbed the much larger shark and hurled him to the rift that’s right you better scream and the
same goes for any other shock that might get an itch in his bins this is my city
you want to shock Rifai this place you got to go through me first ladies and
gentlemen this is truly truly amazing I am quite simply speechless
cut it I got a 340 let’s roll people how’s it look no my dorsal fin not my
tail I know my tail looks good that’s why it’s insured but we’re on thanks for
the heads up to pee this is Katie Couric we have just received word that Angie
the shark Slayers close friend and confidante has been captured by the
Sharks rumor has it that she’s being held in Lino’s old Ocean MITRE the
sharkslayer himself is going to investigate a chip see how I use the
word confident yeah it’s French I’m fine sneak in there get her out
all right I’ll be out here if you need me yeah that’s like Oh better stay away
from those plays don’t want to be a fish puree we’ve gotta swim so cold in children how can it looks like the gusto Angie Angie you in here oh yeah what are
you doing here trying to save you do the right thing or
got my character close we don’t have that kind of time I’m in the freezer the
door is that you see any other way out well there’s a dumbwaiter in here think
it happened open the door I wish you were joking it’s a kind of elevator
thing you can get to it from windows office oh you made that kind of
dumbwaiter right yeah I was just testing you this ice cricket going hang tight Oh shucks restaurant there’s been a lot
of unlucky fish in here hey there’s Lino’s masterkey over on that table and I always thought it was just I was gotta swim in a stupid circle I got ya out I’ll just you know spelunky now the piranhas are loose oh we don’t
have some repellent around here if you ever find yourself being attacked by
piranhas swim into one of these handy clouds of piranha repellant it smells
bad but you’ll probably prefer that to scores of razor-sharp teeth looks like
the dumb way to switch is over by his desk the dumb waiter is behind that
painting Oscar you made it quick we have to get
out of here don’t worry the Sharks have no idea what here she is the main course
and what kind of a side dish is you me I mean yes it’s me
the sharkslayer hmm well as you can see I’ve got your little
girlfriend if you wanted to live through the night you’ll leave the city right
now and never come back are you kidding that girl means nothing
to me okay blackmail that’s pathetic you might as
well just let her go and face me fish to fish well I would but you see my boys
just found Lenny hanging around outside the ship we know you lied Oscar you’re
no shock Slayer you are so she swept board auntie oh hi Oh Oscar there’s nowhere for you to hide
he’s right it’s over you’ll find me anywhere I have to stop himself get him
on my own turf where I can fight him fish to fish the Wet Ones that’s it Wow I can hardly believe I used to work
in this place just the other day one of the whales freaked out on us and we had
to pull out the whale travel hey that’s it the whale trap sharks can’t breathe
if they can’t move all I have to do is hold him still but first I got to get
all these machines working I think I can get in through Sykes’s office all right I need to go through that bit
and find the main power switch Hey Oh forgive you and also I’m pretty sure
I got man fish disease that wasn’t a power switch that’s just some door okay the powers on time to get all the
machines up and running Danka depression out of a nice shotgun
every way too soon big resolution right through that door is a big betcha
head red but all I gotta do is push oh haha
who’s the boss now lino Oscar it’s me Lenny Lenny I caught you in the trap
where’s Lena I’m gonna make it easy you might as well
give up Oh can’t fit through the doorway again but in the buffet table lately
that’s right think you can chase me around I’m the
sharkslayer nothing can touch me oh yeah I show that shock
ain’t no one gonna mess with me now I’ll get myself an even better apartment with
two lava lamps a big old tank full of the shacks that I beat up and you gonna
be the first a there let me out I can’t breathe now why would
I go and do a thing like that all you do is terrorize my reef and eat
my friends you’re also a bad father the letter you
don’t deserve to breathe breathing is reserved for the nights Lenny’s a good
kid he just needs a chomp to get a jump started now and then you know he’ll
thank me later well I never thought I’d get to say this
to anybody but y’all guess grown-up here’s a deal I let you go you let Lenny
make the decisions around here all right all right I’ve been thinking about
retiring anyway maybe a nice waterpark free room and board
couple of dog and pony shows a day if I ever change my mind if we just topped
the tank and eat some of the staff sharkslayer you’ve just caught lino the
greatest white in the ocean how are you going to slay him are whoa
I’m not really a sharkslayer well folks you just heard it here the
sharkslayer hero or broad and Katie current exclusive well either
I’m gonna have to tell the truth Mauro Katie current reporting live but the
cameras show Beast you’re more important than ratings just
kidding I had you going though ha what Asian things like get the acting I
certainly have a Benz boy Katie current here reporting live from
Oscar the former shark Slayers apartment Oscar can you tell us who you’re wearing
tonight the city is abuzz with frenzied conjectures what this this is all me
baby how excuse me I got some dancing right from the fish’s mouth folks this
is Katie Couric wrapping up the story of Oscar Slayer of
sharks friend of reef city and the first is dancing fins under this or any ocean finally in other news this game is over
feel free to explore replay the races throw a dance party uninstall spawn or

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